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I know everyone in bloggerland already knows about HGTVs Rate My Space but I just have to give credit where it due. I love peeking into others peoples homes whenever I can so this is the ultimate porn for me. Ive wasted way too much time lurking and finally threw myself in for the peanut gallery's comments.

Take a look at some of the fabulous rooms Ive been spying

I added my own office on the site - if you happen upon it, please leave your vote or a comment.

A small complaint: Whats the deal with them not having an office category? I had to post in "girl's rooms". Not that far of a stretch as I am a girl and this is my room...but I dont think thats what they had in mind.

Maybe if I ever get close to feeling Ive finished any of the other rooms in the house, Ill add those as well.
Please be gentle:)


  1. I am gonna go check it right now .

  2. I just visited RMS and I was happy to rate your stunning office a 5. It well deserves the high rating.
    I notice you've posted nyclq's room which have always been a favorite of mine. She's very creative as you are.
    I'm not sure why they don't list offices as so many people do post their home office. I hope your room gets the recognition you so well deserved.

  3. I have been to Rate My Space a few times (love the show) my complaint is it loads too slow on my computer. I wonder if everybody has the same problem? Otherwise I would be spending my whole day looking at everybody's rooms. MB

  4. I rated both of your spaces 5* without hesitation.

  5. I'm convinced that some of those homes aren't real. As in, they're designer showpieces or they're not really lived in. Some of them are TOO perfect.

  6. Love those rooms. I know, they are very limited in room categories! Left you a review yesterday! :)

  7. I'm not sure if I've commented on your blog yet, but I have to tell you, I LOVE IT!

    Everything you've done to your house is 5-star.

    Kindest Regards,

  8. It looks so so so good! Sigh. I've been stumped by my office now for TWO YEARS. I'm so glad yours looks so fantasic.

  9. RMS is slow for many users. The HGTV admins have said that they are going to improve the speed and add categories to include offices, but that announcement was made month ago with no change in the site. We'll see!

    I've started to use micasastyle.com, a similar site, instead. It's much faster and the comments are scattered around as much as they are on RMS. Searching for things has been easier on Mi Casa Style, too.

  10. RMS just completed their site redesign and finally added the home office category.


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