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Not sure what I was smoking when I estimated I would have a finished nightstand to show today. Clearly, I vastly overestimated my ability and underestimated time available. But I am not deterred! I just need a little more time to finish up. In the meantime, he is what was done so far.


I'll apologize for my crap photos. The lighting in the box room (which you will notice is no where near cleared out. Oh procrastination, you are my nemesis!) isn't ideal and I didn't want to reposition while I was painting. I'll get a better photo when its all finished.

First off came those beautiful little handles. After a brief pass with an old toothbrush, I let them soak in hot water to loosen the paint.


Then I turned my focus on the nightstand. I started off with a rub down of TSP solution. (Sounds sexy, doesn't it?) Thanks to Jennifer for the tip. I'm not sure the scientific explanation of what this stuff does but its certainly a good cleanser. After the cleaning, I broke out my hand sander and roughed her up (Again, hot furniture loving!) to prepare for the paint.


As for the paint color, I thought about going out and getting a medium gray shade. Then I remembered I had an unopened can of a gray laying around. Back in April, I bought a quart of Martha Stewart's Bedford Gray to use on the guestroom desk.
I guess my procrastination is a theme in this post because I never did get around to painting that desk. So this can of paint was waiting for me. It's a little lighter than the chip would suggest or what I would have preferred but so be it.

After the sanding dust cleared, I used a brush to get into all the nooks and crannies that a roller wouldn't cover.
Then I put on two coats with the roller so it was entirely gray
I'm pretty happy with the color as a base.

Then as I was watching paint dry, I got the idea in my head that I might as well paint the chair too. I always meant to paint this chair a solid color and then reupholster the seat with the custom fabric from Spoonflower I ordered as a test many months ago. (See what I mean about procrastination!)
What a pain in the ass! There are so many crevices in that chair.

It was at this point I had to decide how Im going to detail the nightstand. Should I use a cream or gold paint? Despite my obsession with gold paint, I picked cream in honor of my inspiration photo. So once that was all dry, I broke out a container of cream acrylic paint and tiny brushes. Trying my best to keep a steady hand, I started to apply some highlights to the details.

This is what is really holding up the works. Its slow going. At about 6pm last night, I realized I needed to put the brushes away for now as I had a stiff neck and Mr. Limestone was ready with dinner and a movie. I'll need at least another day or two of focus to get this all completed but its coming along. I'll be sure to update you when I'm all done.

After the movie was over and I checked that the chair paint was dry, I decided I should just finish this one project for my own sanity. I quickly cut and stapled the batting and fabric to the seat and voila.
Its the exact same color as the nightstand but I'm not nearly as pleased with it. Scratch that, what I really mean is I hate it! The color is all wrong. So after all that, I now know I need to paint this chair black. I guess that doesn't mean the work was entirely wasted but its no less annoying!

Oh well, try, try again.


  1. Anonymous9:31 AM

    You're right- that chair is far too beautiful to be gray (even though I do love it gray). It would be AWESOME painted black! The fabric is beautiful.

    The table is unbelievable! I love the edges painted cream. I have lots of unfinished projects around here, so when you finish your home, if you get bored, you can finish mine...

  2. I agree, black will be better. The chair is great. But you know what you are doing! I cant wait to see the final look.

  3. I hate when that happens - painting furniture only to learn that it really should be some completely different color :) I am sure it will fabulous in the end...if you ever get around to it (jk!)

    I can not wait to see the end result on your table - and you must let me know if you have any issues getting the drawers back in with their new coats of paint. I am constantly plagued with the post-painted tight fitting drawer syndrome.

  4. The table it looking perfect. TSP is a great degreaser .
    That is a great chair and I agree with you , the black will look much more graphic.

  5. Ha! We painted our little nightstands gray this weekend too. My husband thinks the gray is too light though for our light-blue-green walls (not enough contrast) so I guess --like your chair-- it is back to the drawing board for us too. Love the idea of the cream highlights though. Gives me much to think about!

  6. I also like the idea of painting the chair black. It is a fabulous chair and black will really make that great fabric pop.


  8. Think of the gray as a really good base- and I too think black is the way to go. That's a great little chair- love your fabric!

  9. Great job for one day! I think the chair will look better black also, to bring out the details. The nightstand will be lovely.

    TSP is trisodium phosphate, a strong cleaner (household detergents also have phosphates, which are an environmental no-no). It is used to remove grease and dirt before painting - not neccessary unless (a) dirty or (b) in a kitchen, but I have a friend who cleans all her walls with it before she paints and swears she gets a perfect coat!

    Great work!

  10. if the chair has a lot of crevices, try spray paint. i just painted 4 wicker chairs with a glossy indoor / outdoor spray paint and it took me maybe an hour to do all four. (when i originally painted them with a brush, it took me at least a full day to fill everything in.)

    the nightstand really is gorgeous. the off-white accents really take it to the next level.

  11. Ive spraypainted furniture before but it doesn't hold up for long. It always looks great at first because its oil based but the thin coats lead to a lot of flaking. At least thats my experience.

  12. Anonymous1:46 PM

    The nightstand is looking great! I think black would be perfect for the chair especially with that fabric, which is beautiful by the way!


  13. Yeah..... spray paint that puppy girl! It will look lovely. While the black is still wet you could even take a wet rag and wipe some edges off to reveal the gray below it. That "Pottery Barn distressing". Just a thought. LOVE the fabric! Have fun!


  14. I love your blog and have secretly been following it for some time. I really like the gray on the nightstand. I inherited a French Provencal triple dresser from my grandmother. Looks just like your piece. This post has given me inspiration. Thanks! Sorry about the chair but at least you can spray black. Hopefully it will not take as long :)

  15. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Ohhh...your nightstand will be awesome. I love the pop that cream paint gives it. Very nice.
    Yes, paint that chair black. It will complement the details and the lovely fabric. :)

  16. LOL! Love the furniture porn comments! The chest looks great and I think painting the chair a bold black will be smashing!

  17. Don't you just hate it when a color doesn't work out? It has happened to me many a time. But a little black paint always helps. Love the fabric though, and I'm sure with some black paint on that puppy, it is going to be fabulous. Can't wait to see both finished products.

  18. I can't wait to see the dresser finished!

  19. Looking great so far and the chair in black will be just FAB! Thanks for taking us through the process, you are the best!

  20. I actually like the chair that color, but it might also be how it's appearing on my laptop (more beigey than gray). But black would be oh-so-fabulous and I think the black would go better with the fabric. I can so relate to procrastinating... I don't know what it is, but I have all these grand ideas and then I just can't seem to finish any of the projects.

  21. I'm sure it will look great painted black, but I'm just so lazy that I'd buy different fabric just so I wouldn't have to repaint the chair again.

  22. Pat on the back to Mrs.Limestone - the nightstand looks lovely - and it would look lovely in black too.
    I do love the idea of the chair in black. A woman's work is never done.

  23. Black is always my go-to color for furniture, but I was thinking this was looking really good in gray. Love the nightstand.

    Can you tell me what the color is on your wall in the background, the blue/green shade? Very pretty! I'm always taking notes on that color.

  24. I hate to agree with you....but that chair would look fabulous in black, especially with that (amazingly cool) fabric. Wah WAH. :-( But...turn that frown upside down, because the gray will make a great base for black! The going to look totally delicious in gray when you're done.

  25. That is one fabulous chair, but black it is!

    I can't wait to see the table complete. What a great find and it will look very high-end when it is all finished. Like something right out of a fancy-schmancy shop...!


  26. Sorry the grey did not work out on the chair. That fabric is great btw!

  27. I guess I'm the dissenting vote. I think the chair would look great if you used the same idea as on the nightstand. With so much detail on the chair I think adding accents of another color (perhaps even black?) could be just enough. I think black wouldn't show off that great lattice work and instead would let it fade in the background much like the gray is doing right now. But, that's just my opinion.


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