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You may have noticed my obsession with all things that can be classified as "art". I have more things to hang than wall space but that doesn't stop me from buying more. What can I say? Despite that, my bathroom walls are lonely and bare. Its not my intention to leave it that way, Im just a little bit sidetracked with other projects.

While I was innocently browsing last weekend, I spotted a series of 4 paintings that caught my eye.

I don't know why but they reminded me of the work of oft mentioned and admired, Janet Hill. They don't really look like her work but rather have that everyday-object-is-beautiful quality about them I find fascinating. If I could paint, I would paint with this in mind.
I must break here to post some of Ms. Hill's most beautiful pieces (in my humble opinion). I have no clue what she charges as they are ALWAYS sold out well before I get there.
Ok, back to reality. The paintings I purchased are not one of a kind of originals. They were probably done up in a huge factory in China. Nor were they painted by someone who has a repetoire of mesmorizing pieces. At least not that anyone knows of. But they are mine. So there!
Now I just need to decide where to hang them. I'm thinking in the parlor bathroom.
They are about a foot square each. What about the set of four horizontally positioned on the short wall over the tub?
Parlor Bathroom
I never intended to outfit this room with something so literal. My original plan was to hang a few large, matted, black and white photos of New York. (Marble bathrooms remind me of old world New York sites like Grand Central, thats where I got that idea from) So what do you think? And if I do hang these in here, how to I address the other walls once these paintings are up?
PS: In case you're curious, the soap paintings were from Home Goods at $13 a piece.


  1. Those are so great! Yaaay for inexpensive (yet chic) art. Okay, you're probably going to think I'm crazy but here goes...if that bathroom doesn't have a window in it I would use some other art...something like landscapes or your idea of the NYC photos to create a "window" psychologically. I feel like landscapes or any sort of art that conveys the outdoors can become a virtual window in a space therefore making it feel more open. Does that make any sense or am I kookoo? : )

    BTW, that necklace tree in my bedroom is from Urban Outfitters.

  2. I'd rather see the photographs in that room.

  3. Nope, no window in here. (And it doesn't look this green either..its just the lighting)

    Do you think I can marry the photographs AND these in the same space?

  4. Oh those are very good , what a great bargoon.

  5. Those are lovely, who cares where they're'll rock them!

  6. Sometimes you have to go chic and cheap. They will look great in there.
    Btw, your bathroom is gorgeous!

  7. Oooh. I like those. Might like them better in four (like your first pic) rather than in one horizontal line.

    I think a sepia toned NYC print would go fine with them (say, over the toilet or something)

    Talk about NYC...I have a piece of an original subway roll in our bathroom!!

    What a beautiful bathroom!

  8. Is there a smaller wall when you first come in the door to the bath? In terms of scale.... they make take up more of the wall which would be good.

    They are great! Jennifer

  9. Those pictures have been at my Homegoods for a while now...I pass them up every lunch hour. I spot all kinds of art there that I see on blogs. Treasure Box!

  10. All lovely - I especially like the one with all the square soaps.

    I agree with the Stamford Wife - I would still put the New York cityscapes or other worldly photos to bring the outside into this interior space. What about if you put these vertically (all 4) on one wall? Then they don't take up as much real estate and you can still put photos on another wall. That being said, I would then want the photos to be related (soap photos...hehe?)


  11. I do have some smaller walls in there but then I feel like Im cramming a lot on a smaller wall and leaving the rest blank will look unbalanced.

  12. I too like to collect a lot of stuff even though I might never get to use it all....maybe you could keep a closet and just change pieces to suit your mood.


  14. I would love to see some sort of Audobon looking botanicals - something softer and lighter. ( I know you would find a place for the other 4.)

  15. I love the bathroom artwork ideas you came up with. I found some more great ideas at


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