What was I doing at midnight on New Years Eve 2009?

Staring out of my bedroom window!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have an unusual love of fireworks for a grown woman. Of course I've known about the fireworks that Prospect Park puts on in Grand Army Plaza for years but I've never been brave enough to stand out in the cold waiting for the show.

So Im only a little embarassed to admit that I squealed with glee as I peaked out of my bedroom window at the stroke of midnight. Thanks to the trees being bare, we got a great view of the entire show right from our toasty bedroom.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to 2009!


  1. Mrs. L--I love me some fireworks, too.

    Such a great view : )

  2. You are not alone. When we went to Disney World, I was in awww. I would just stand and watch as my kids ran around. I would look at everyone like "YOU DONT LOVE THIS AS MuCH AS I DO"...

  3. I ♥ fireworks too!

  4. What a treat to be able to see them from your toasty bedroom. I join you in your firework love.

  5. I am mesmerized by fireworks. Lucky you to be able to see them from your house.

  6. I absolutely LOVE fireworks too and I won't miss them for anyhing if they're going off somewhere close by. I would prefer a quiet place to watch them like you did :)

    Happy New Year!

  7. Can I just say - I love your blog! I have just read your last several posts and I love love love your Holiday greeting cards- beautiful!

    I agree - I also adore themed wrapping paper, I usually stick with different print and same color theme. Also - I agree again with your statement about the dying breed who put time, thought and effort into entertaining, gift giving, decorating and I also have to add sending a message via snail mail.

    Wishing you a great 2009!

  8. Aw! Great view! I spent last New Years in Brooklyn visiting friends and we decided to stand out in the freezing cold waiting for the Prospect Park fireworks. It was a good show...but MAN was it cold! Hope you had a lovely NYE!


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