A New Years gift for you.

Here we are again. Another year gone by. How can 2008 feel so brief and so long at the same time?

In case you're new here or just looking for a little recap, here is the year that was with my most popular posts (based on Googles stats). Its a little bit of a surprising list - I wouldn't have guessed these were the most read but what do I know? It certainly gives you a feel of how much has (and has not) happened this year.

Jan - Backyard Peak
Feb - Ideal Headboard
Mar - Parlor Bathroom
Apr - Coffee Table (that never arrived)
May - Goodies from the Garbage
June - Guest Bedroom
July - Magnetic Chalkboard Door
August - Pretty Patterns
Sept - Lemon Yellow Inspiration
October - Halloween Decorations
Nov - Holiday Blog Header
December - Rate My Space

Now here comes the gift part...

As a tiny thank you for reading all year, I'm having some extra sets of the blog giveaway photos printed up.

One set will go to one lucky random winner. To enter, please leave a comment with your favorite blog Brooklyn Limestone post. I'll pick a winner next week.

One set is for the woman who gave me such a wonderful surprise this year - Patricia of PVE Design.

The other sets are for the 9 blogs that have been my #1 referrers this year. Thanks so much for honoring me with your mentions and blogrolls.

Mabel's House
Sippycups are for Chardonnay
Newlywedisms by Bryn Alexandra
Door Sixteen
Restyled Home
Making it Lovely
Rambling Renovators
Just Beachy

If you'd like the photos (no pressure, of course!) please email me at bklimestoner@aol.com with your addresses and I'll get them out to you next month.


  1. I'm obsessed with your kitchen renovation. That is what a kitchen should look like or at least in my little opinion. I guess my favorite post of yours is your before & after of your kitchen.

  2. Anonymous4:42 PM

    I absolutely love your post about using yellow and lemons while decorating. Yellow is actually one of my wedding colors for my wedding next June, and you gave me a lot of inspiration! I am actually going to use actual lemons in the centerpieces and I am beyond excited. Thanks!

  3. I'm in love with your office reveal. I lust after the giant scissors and think the frame set up is just perfect! Someday I'll get around to setting up something similar over my desk. Thanks for all of the great inspiration. I look forward to more in 2009!

  4. Your office reveal was definitely my fave as I look back through!
    I love how you weren't afraid to mix gold and silver in that room too. I'm always sheepish about doing that!

  5. I really enjoyed "catching up" with your fantastic posts of 2008! I am sad that I did not serendipitously find your wonderful blog and home through flickr until the end of this year, but I look forward to spending time on your blog for all of 2009!

    I wish you a splendid and very happy New Year!

  6. My favorite post/series for 2008 was what you did in your office. The stenciling on the window was quite clever and something I adapted into my own home!

  7. I have enjoyed watching your blog!! thank you. Happy new year!!

  8. Anonymous10:52 PM

    My favorite post is the one on April 22, 2008 where your precious kitty came home!!
    But my favorite design post was June 30, 2008 because it inspired me to get a staple gun and I want to try your mesh and frame project for my earrings too.
    I love your blog as a whole. I showed it to my coworkers and on a slow day we sat around, read your blog and discussed it. Don't tell the boss!!
    Have a Happy and blessed New Year.

  9. Anonymous11:13 PM

    I of course loved all the before and afters and the shopping details, where you got items and the cost comparisons, very helpful. I also loved the kitchen reno. BEAUTIFUL! You have done a great job restoring your home to it's original beauty and beyond.

  10. Thank-you! I will cherish the photos!

    Well, my favorite post of yours is truly going to be a hard one to pick, but the trials and tribulations that one goes through such as the "couch" scenario seem to be all too real which is what I love. (not to dismiss the entire renovation of your home)
    Making a home and all that one does to endure the process, the pain, all leading to unique choices are what I love the most. I love that you share the pain and pleasure of decorating.

  11. I'm a fairly new reader & just love your office space. It is so stylish & I love how you did it on a budget (as you did with all your spaces). I loved taking a look at your top posts. I'm doing a little Best of 2008 party next Wed. & I'd love for you to come join & put a link to this post.

    I will definitely be reading in 2009! And, btw I'm doing the shopping trip with Eddie Ross in Atlanta next weekend. Can't wait for that!

  12. Backyard PEak is my favorite post listed here. I do, however, envy your office! It's beautiful!! I am so glad I found your blog.

  13. Thank you - I would love to get your photos! Paris is my favourite city :)

    Its so hard to pick my favourite post, but I would have to say Halloween Decorations. Not many people put as much work into the exterior as into the interior, and what you did was so unexpected and magical. Loved it! Can't wait to see what you're up to in 2009. Happy New Year!!

  14. I love all of your posts but I have to say you went all out for Halloween so it is probably my favorite! My kids would love to live there on Halloween!

  15. I have a ton of Paris photos, so I really don't need a prize (although I really like that Arc shot!), but I think i should mention that I loved your Halloween post the most - the one with the giant spiders. All your posts have been sooo interesting, and I especially enjoy the ones were you struggle to find just the right thing - from wallpapering that bookcase to finding the right bedding. That is my favorite and most frustrating part of decorating - searching for the piece de resistance!

    But that Halloween post knocked my socks off with those spiders. No one is topping that post for a while! I also liked the post with the beehive cake as it was simply adorable. I asked for that mould for Christmas but didn't get it because it was $80 in Canada! ; (

    Thanks for your career thoughts too. I appreciate your insights, those of anyone who struggles with the pull of creativity versus the almighty dollar. I am thinking of several small business ventures too!

    Happy New Year, xo T.

  16. I really enjoyed the post where your office was pretty well finalized. It's gorgeous, and I have a special affinity for working spaces.

    I'm most looking forward seeing your bedroom completed :)

  17. Anonymous7:45 PM

    i really can't pick just one post. i love all of your before and after posts - or just showing the process of a renovation/transformation (bedroom/bathroom/kitchen/parlor). but i also enjoy your entertaining posts - the lovely yellow themed soiree you recently held, the halloween party, the shower (baby or bridal..can't remember)...everything always looks so great and pulled together.

    happy '09 - here's to more transformations & renovations! & parties!

  18. Isn't it amazing to look back on everything you've accomplished in a year? I feel like we never get anything done in the house...but, we closed on it a year ago last week and now as I look around I'm pretty amazed at what we were able to get done. Huzzah!

    I love so many of your posts but I'm going to have to vote for Goodies from the Garbage. In part because of how you've turned the trash to treasures.

    A happy, successful and healthy new year filled with more fantastic memories in your home.

  19. What a lovely idea!! I'll email you my address later today. Thank you. :)

    Your blog has been so inspirational for me this past year. The renovation work you've done is truly stunning, and seeing the progress along the way is so encouraging. Thank you for sharing so much.

    Happy 2009!

  20. I only recently found your blog, but I loved your posts about your holiday decor - beautiful!

  21. Yippee!! I won something...and something good!! I just knew stalking your blog would pay off someday!!

    Thanks for the great gift. I'm off to send you my address!!

    Happy New Year!!

  22. I love love love your office! As well as how you are the hostess with the mostess! Everytime I have people over I feel that I just throw everything together! You give me hope that things could look great without having to have a degree in interior design.

  23. The lemon yellow because it just makes me happy. I love it!

  24. I am looking forward to being regular reader - I just linked over from the Nester and love what I've seen already.


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