Bob's Your Uncle, Fanny's Your Aunt.

This post's title is completely random but I just like the saying. I always though it meant something dirty but evidently I was completely off base - it just a phrase added on to an obvious statement to indicate "there you are!" (Brit and Ausi readers: feel free to give a better explanation.)

Our weekend in London:

Hilton Tower Bridge Room 903
We stayed at the Hilton Tower Bridge.
Naturally, we walked across the bridge a few times. The weather was gray and drizzly all weekend. I really wanted to see the Tower of London but the crowds were INSANE! So much for being quiet on a holiday weekend. We'll have to go another time.
Borough Market is located a few blocks from the hotel so we had a good time browsing the food stalls and grabbing lunch there.
Most of the food stuff sold here is more appropriate for someone living here rather than a passerthrough. That didn't stop us from having a taste of parma ham and homemade cheese.
My latest obsession is chandeliers made of unexpected materials. Case in point above at one of the wine sellers stalls.

We ambled around central London for a big part of Friday but because of the rain and packed crowds, I didn't take out my camera much. Aside from a lot of walking, we also became very familar with the underground system. Even though we happened to visit on a weekend when a lot of the lines were not operating for repairs, we still had very little trouble getting anywhere we wanted. Kudos for that!

Then on Saturday we set off for the infamous Portobello Road market.
Did I mention the crowds? Holy hell!
Thankfully it didn't say quite this crowded for the entire length but it never got empty either - even when the rain came down harder. I have to be honest, it was a big disappointment because while there were some lovely shoppes to browse in, the crowds made serious shopping impossible.
Which was a terrible shame because this store, Alice's, had some fun things.
Like these wooden containers that would be great display/storage pieces. Ridiculously overpriced at 29 pounds each but still cute.
As Im apt to do with wall decor I have no place to hang, I had my eyes on this faux vintage sign. Something about the peepers had me mesmorized. But with the crowds, I couldn't find anyone to give me a price so it didn't come home with us. Probably for the best anyway. They had some very lovely painted dress forms inside but because of the no photos policy, I can't share them.
Just a random collection of pretty pieces I saw.
Then I found this nightstand. I don't have any immediate use for the idea but I'm putting this away in the bank for revitalizing an old piece of furniture. Using dictionary pages for a library, medical textbook pages for an office or vintage children's books for a nursery would all work.

We eventually left the throngs on Portobello and explored the entire Notting Hill area. This store caught my eye - note to shopkeepers - fushia really pops!
I think we can all agree with this sentiment.

And I just love this front door color combo. The white, the gray, the wisteria...lovely.

We spent the entire day exploring the area on no particular schedule.

On Sunday, we went to the Britain at War Musuem. Its a lot hokey but Im fascinated with this period of history. Not so much the war itself but with the impact on civilian life. Plus I find the fashion and style of the 1940s to be one of my favorites.
BlitzBillboardLetUsGoForwardTogetherWarMusuemHitlerWanted copy
The only purchases I made were these fun postcards. Tea Revives me indeed!
And before we knew it was back on the train to Heathrow
And back to the big apple. Until next time, Cheers!

Counting the days to our next trip!

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  1. Wow Mrs. L- those are fabulous pictures! I can't believe the crowds- that's just crazy! I have been dying to visit London- seems to chic and fabulous! Lucky you!

  2. Borough Market is the BEST. Mmmm, delicious!

  3. As always, lovely photos. How did you like the Hilton? Everytime I've looked into going to London, that's the most reasonably priced "nice" hotel, but I'm always wondering about the location.

  4. great photos and commentary! ugh those crowds! that must have been miserable! where were they all coming from?? what a shame!

  5. I'm glad the title doesn't mean anything dirty-- I actually have a great aunt Fanny and great uncle Bob. They were dairy farmers in Ohio. Everytime I'd visit as a little kid they'd name a cow after me (I hate to think now of all those Alicia cow hamburgers out there).

  6. The Hilton was a nice enough hotel. Not wow nice but a solid place. The location is a little out of the way in terms of central london things but its right near a tube stop and has its central in terms of being in the south of the river neighborhood so plenty to keep you occupied there. I would recommend it if the price is right. London is pretty spread out so no matter where you stay you probably need to take the train a lot anyway.

  7. You always stay at the most chic hotels! :)

    Awesome finds, Mrs.L! The dictionary nightstand is such a cool idea! Lurve all of your photos!

  8. I am so excited to read this! My husband and I are going to London for the first time in September, so this was definitely a great read. Thanks!

  9. Fantastic shots. The "Bobs your Uncle" part is all Ive heard used (Aussie) - Your meaning is spot on - its usually after an explanation of something.

  10. What beautiful photos - you have such a great eye! I love London - as soon as my boys are old enough, I can't wait to go back!

  11. I love the dresser covered in the newspaper. I think that idea would be great in a kid's room if you covered it in pages from a vintage children's book particularly one in French or Italian.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I have a wine glass chandelier!! My husband purchased it for me as a wedding gift, and we are going to hang it in our first home. There is a wine shop down the street from us that sells them, and I have been enamoured since day one.

    Glad you had such a wonderful time!!

  14. Your trip looks amazing and as always, your photos are gorgeous! Am so glad you had a great trip! :)

  15. Anonymous2:13 AM

    Beautiful pics!

  16. love being right there in your pocket.
    "Ilovegorgeous" too.

  17. Beautiful photos! You captured the city very well.

  18. Ohhh thank you for this!!! My old neighbourhood!!!
    I haven't been to London is 2 years and after having lived there for over 5 years, it aches my heart to see all these photos (aches in a "good-I-miss-it-everyday" way")!!!

  19. Oh I miss london! Not sure about that British boyfriend says Bob's your uncle to mean, already, there you go, done, taken care of. Fanny alone refers to the ladyparts (he found the idea that my great aunt was named Fanny hysterical) but perhaps in combo with Bob it's not so bad?

  20. love your photos


  21. FUN! Great photos. And OMG...I can not believe how crowded Portobello Market was! I went there quite a while ago...2001...but I had my run of the joint. I scored a working antique mantle clock for about $50 U.S. (keeping in mind...what the dollar was worth in 2001. :-)

    I would love, LOVE to go to London for a weekend!

  22. I've just seen this on my Google Reader, glad you had such a great time, I love the pictures! Borough Market is my favourite, just lush!

    "Bob's yer Uncle, Fanny's yer Aunt" - just means done/finished but having had a google no one seems to know where it came from I suspect it's from an old film or Music Hall though as all my older relatives say it.

    "How's yer Father" is the rude one..

    Oddly I didn't think they were weird until I thought about it LOL!! ;)

  23. Of all the places to travel London is my all time favorite. Have a small obssession with British boys. Your photos make me want to return there.

  24. This is the first time I've read this post...I'm glad it was in your "Best of 2009" or I may have missed it. That optician sign reminds me of The Great Gatsby!


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