Giveaway: Breaking up is hard to do!

Based on the feedback I got to this post, there seems to be a good number of renovators and self declared decorators reading so hopefully this giveaway peaks your ears up.

Two years ago I picked up a pair of these in my travels. I've had this one brass sconce collecting dust in the basement for more than a year now. It's mate now lives in my first floor hallway. I admit, I have some reservations about splitting up this couple but sometimes a good clean break is the best for all parties involved :)

excuse those too big bulbs - not sure how that escaped my attention
To enter, comment or email me with one of the following:
1. How you plan to use it - photos & inspiration boards welcome!

2. Your favorite reno or decor transformation in your own home.

3. Let your own blog readers know about the giveaway by posting the first photo in this post with a link back here. (Don't forget to let me know you did it!)

Enter as many times as you like!

I don't know much about it other than its old and heavy but its been rewired. They don't make them like this anymore!

It would make a great asymmetrical statement in an entryway or any other little 'nook'. Personally, I think it would look equally lovely in a traditional or contemporary space. To prove my point, I photographed it against two backdrops.


How will you use it?


  1. it is so crazy ...and by crazy, I mean awesome ... how you can totally use ornate pieces like that in a contemporary way. I just love it. It really opens up so many options. I'm gonna theorize and blame it on the return of the chandelier a couple years ago. I dunno ...maybe it's the culprit. Your welcome for this novel. I love your blog design. it's gorgeous. I could stare at it infinitely :)

  2. unfortunately we are redoing our bathroom I don't think it will go with our decor. Thank you for thinking of us! I can't wait to hear what others will do with it!

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  4. I love the sconce but I think my friend (her birthday is coming up) will love it more. I am hoping to win it for her. She has such a cute style, a little vintage, a little anthropologie, a little lilly pulitzer and a little antebellum charm. I know she will find a great place for it her home.

  5. I am much more of a matchmaker, than a home-wrecker. I could never break them up. I love them a little hollywood glam with a black shade, gold flecked interior and a pink bulb. Let me repeat, they look like a perfect pair, side by side or flanking some sort of mirror.

  6. I agree with Patricia at PVE... I don't think you should break them up even if you only plan to use one. Someday you might find a place for both.

    However, if I was gonna use just one, I would put it in this really unique little place I have in my very old house that was made into a "phone closet." It's a small closet with a little desk and chair and towards the back is the area under the chairs. It needs some antique bling. But, I still think u should keep both.

  7. Thanks pve but I now that one is in place, I won't be taking it down. I have no intention of moving but even if I did move, I'd have to leave the light fixtures in place.

    So it seems better to give it away than just leave the other in a box forever, don't you think?

  8. Ohh! I would *LOVE* to win it!

    It would look awesome nestled on a wall of architectural salvage I have started! I have a couple casts of antique Victorian foundation grates and I am on a never ending hunt for quality gilt plaster corbels too. And I had been wondering how to light the collection! *wink* *wink* :D

  9. Love it! Assuming I get the refi I'm after, the long awaited basement renovation will be underway. The ceilings won't be high enough for traditional lighting, so I was hoping to put together a collection of "rescued" sconces to adorn the walls for a little extra light - and to bring a touch of the old world to what will otherwise be the newest part of my old house.

    So nice of you to offer it to the masses!

  10. Oh LOVELY! I wish I had a home for it!! I can't think of where it could go...hmmmm...

  11. I would also hate to see them split.

    But you got me daydreaming about where I would put it. I would put it in the double parlor (as you enter the room). As you enter the room it would be on the left hand side and in front of it on the opposite wall is the fireplace.

    I currently have a sconce that does not look right in the room. That sconce would be moved to the staircase that leads to the kitchen.

    I have to buy a new digital since DH broke the one we had (so I can't really take current pics of the space).

  12. I would definitely use it in my entryway, it would be perfect with a rather ornate mirror I have there, and I do need more wall lighting. I have had to remove all my side lamps due to my rambunctious toddler, and we recently switched from white lights to a more yellow set, so the hall is a little dim.

  13. Gosh, I'd love it for my daughter's room, but I hate the thought of splitting the pair.


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