Domino Memorial

As if losing Domino mag wasn't enough, the website is now completely kaput. In memory of all the beautiful styled rooms, Cassandra of the very fabulous Coco+Kelley has put together a Flickr pool to soothe our mourning souls.

A few choice cuts:

If you have some Domino images hanging around in your Flickr account, here's your chance to contribute to the collection!
Thanks so much Cassandra!


  1. Will miss Domino so much! :(

  2. it's so sad. i'm glad people like cassandra are sharing their domino files at least!

  3. Truly, the most depressing news. Thanks for sharing about the site.

  4. SURELY...DOMINO had some of the best images out there.

    Jen Ramos
    'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

  5. What a great idea to compile the pictures. Thanks for sharing!


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