Style & Skill Crush: Luckett's Antiques

On our semi-futile road trip last weekend, we stumbled upon Luckett's Antiques in Leesburg, VA. The name is a bit of a misnomer as most of the place isn't really antiques but rather a mix of old furniture restyled, vintage finds and new things that might appeal to an antique shopper. In a word, wonderful.


The store is set up in an old home. There is room after tiny room of great pieces and their merchadising is beautiful. I'm pretty sure Anthropologie comes here for ideas because it has a very similar vibe (except with actual old things rather than hipster repros*).

I wish I had taken more photos but I was too busy drooling all over everything. There is just so much to explore here and I'm sorry I didn't have more time. Ultimately, we left empty handed but I'm still regretting not purchasing a couple of items Their prices are not cheap but they aren't heart stoppingly overpriced either. Even if you aren't looking for anything in particular, its a fun place to get lost.

As if their store weren't cool enough, I am in love with their website design! I wish I knew more about web development because I would love something like this for my own business site.

*For the record, I've love Anthropologie's home section so I'm not opposed to hipster reros when the mood strikes.


  1. Long time lurker here, but had to speak up when I saw that you'd stopped by my favorite store RIGHT down the street from my beloved home of Leesburg VA! Glad you liked Lucketts - it's a treasure!

  2. They do have a super cool website. I love the way the tags move and the buffalo is breathing while loading the page. Yeah, REALLY cool. And your pictures of the store were great also.

  3. How funny that you were in Leesburg! I actually live somewhere near there, in Lynchburg, VA :)

  4. I love everything you post up and love looking at the photos of these shops that you find. Yep, their website is great!

    I just had a look on to see where Leesburg was. How long did it take for you to drive there from New York?

  5. What a fantastic store!!!! I love it! Alot of the stuff I clicked on said sold. Thank goodness. I'm a 3 day drive from it! hA!

  6. lucky me, each time I visit here, I am always blown away at how you share such finds.
    Fun site and finds. :)

  7. I would never expect some a homespun looking place to have such a super cool web site (homespun in a good way -- I'd be in there weekly if I lived down the street like spymommy :-) I love the flash "loading" image of the buffalo. HA!

  8. Anonymous3:15 PM

    You know what? I live in the DC metro area and I want to go to Luckett's so bad. My husband, unfortunately, has zero interest in this very fun idea. I'm going to keep trying. Your post has inspired me.

  9. a-mazing blog and layout! love the colors.

  10. I live right by this store ... it's worth the trip!


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