Alaska Trip Recap Cont'd

I still haven't managed to finish uploading my photos for the trip so this is part two of what will be a three parter.

Our next stop was Skagway which is a more traditional frontier looking town.

We didn't schedule an excursion here for whatever reason. The big attraction here is the "white pass" railroad but sitting on a train for a few hours didn't appeal to us so we just walked around town. The main drag is very touristy and polished but go just one block one or another and you get to see a glimpse of what life in a remote town is like.
This photo was taken outside of the local supermarket right before the three dogs (there is one sitting on the roof) scared the hell out of me by growling and snarling at me. I made a hasty trot far away. Inside the market, a sign read that milk would be arriving next Tuesday!!! Another flyer posted on the bulletin board alerted residents that the pediatrician was coming in 3 weeks. Clearly, I'm not made for frontier living!!

Back in tourist town, there were many more examples of stunning taxidermy. I know its not very pc but I'm loving it anyway.
This guy was in the middle of a jewelry store.


One of the highlights of the day was taking a tour of the Red Onion Saloon former brothel.
For only $5, these tour guides really take their work seriously and told some pretty amusing stories about the history of the building. Maybe I'm just a sucker for old structures but I definitely recommend it if you have 20 minutes.

We didn't do too much else here but walk around aimlessly. Soon enough it was time to sail off to the next port, Sitka, AK. It was around now that I start to kick myself for not bring a telephoto lens! Not sure what I was thinking but I'm a moron. Also, I have a large forehead. See exhibit a

Anywho - our excursion is Sitka was a wildlife cruise around the area. Another fabulous weather day and we got to see lots of whales, eagles and sea otters.
If I had brought my telephoto lens I could have shown you all sorts of great close up shots of a cute otter bellies and eagles nest. Instead I have loads of photos of tiny dots that looked way cooler in person. You'll have to take my word for it.
Whale Tail!

The town is quite pretty too.

So that was Skagway and Sitka. Only one more port to go, Whittier/Anchorage... (continued here)

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  1. How exciting! I am going on a New England cruise in October. In my mind I keep on thinking "cruise = bikini" but not so. Can't wait to read about the rest of your adventure. Also! My brother (the one on Samantha Brown when she featured Brooklyn) hosted his own Mustache contest out at Coney Island. I think it's going to be an annual thing. :)

  2. MrsL, your forehead is dainty compared to my cro-magnum forehead. Just google images "cromagnum man" and you'll find something similar to mine. =]

    Is/was Skagway a mining town (looks a lot like the old mining towns here in Colorado)? It's so quaint and charming, brothel and all.

  3. Your forehead might be big (or it might be the camera angle) but your eyebrows are impeccably groomed!

  4. Yes, impeccably groomed eyebrows, and a really cute guy right next to you.

    We did the bus tour that crossed into Canada briefly. Really, you made a wise choice in just walking around the town.

  5. Your photos are just breathtaking. I would love to go to Alaska someday.

  6. Wanted to let you know I just "awarded" you a blog award over on my blog -- so glad I found you on Flickr and now enjoy your blog! :)


  7. Your photos are gorgeous - they make me wonder why I've never gone to Alaska!

  8. Oooh, the Red Onion Saloon intrigues me! Love obscure places like that! You take the best photos!

  9. Anonymous12:12 PM

    great recap and pics!

    may i ask what lens you were using for these photos? was it the 50mm?

  10. Loved the photos. The Red Onion tour sounds fantastic!

    Wonder how often the pediatrician comes through. I could NOT live like that!!!

  11. I am so amused by your love of taxidermy!

    and is it just me, or is frontier life occassionally appealing on some levels?? I could stand some time away from this dang computer.

  12. Such great photography!!

  13. Telephoto lens or not, your photos are fabulous!

  14. I used to live in Sitka! I traveled to Juneau, Ketch from there. Also lived in Kodiak (twice - DH, helo pilot for USCG), saw much of Anchorage and east. So beautiful...looks like you hit it right with the weather!


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