Alaska Trip Recap

I hope you don't mind but I'm going to do a stream of consciousness sort of recap. If you're like me, all you care about is the photos anyway! But if you have any questions, just shout and I'll be happy to answer them.

The deets: 7 day Northbound Alaska Cruise departing from Vancouver on May 13. Ports visited: Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Sitka and Whittier/Anchorage.

Obligatory airplane window shot

We didn't get to do very much in Vancouver - it was raining and time was tight so I didn't take many photos there. We just putzed around until it was time to depart. Getting on the ship feels sort of like cattle to the mindless, snaking line after another until we are finally allowed on.

The first of many sea planes take offs I was to see that week. I stitched this one together for a sequence shot.

We got a balcony room which I would definitely recommend. We would have missed so much without it. wasn't long before we were off to open waters.

Some gambling but no winning took place.


Our first stop was in Ketchikan.
Weather was overcast all day which threatened to put a damper on things but thankfully the rain waited until we left for the evening. I really liked the taxidermy shop. If they weren't so expensive, there would be a large stuffed bear coming home with me!

We just so happened to be traveling with a large contingent of the World Beard & Moustache World Championship participants. Who knew, right? I got lucky and got three of the most creative moustache guys to stop for a photo with me.

Overall, a nice day under gray skies.

And then we were off to Juneau and woke up to gorgeous weather. We got so lucky and the weather stayed warm and clear for the rest of the week. Yipeee!

These photos really don't do the views justice. Pretty much everywhere we looked from this day on was just jaw droppingly beautiful.

In the morning we took a float plane tour of the ice fields
JuneauIcefield3 Fromthewing2Fromthewing3

And then that afternoon we took a helicopter to actually walk around on a glacier. That was definitely the highlight of the trip. Totally amazing!


We finished our day off by strolling the streets and having some yummy king crab!

Before we knew it, the day was over and it was time to get back on the ship. Off to Skagway we went... (continued here)

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  1. I took a trip to Iceland in the fall. Amazing trip! Seems like a place you may like.

  2. We went to Iceland about 10 years ago and it was amazing. A lot smaller and closer than Alaska but still manageable. I wonder how much cheaper it is was crazy expensive when we visited.

  3. Absolutely amazing! It's on our list for our round the world trip. I went to Iceland / Greenland last year and your photos reminded me so much of the scenery - which is a dream.

    Thanks for sharing those!

  4. The pictures are amazing. I have always wanted to visit Alaska and now I will definitely book the trip. Do you have a specific time of the year you recommend?

  5. Yansy - We got really lucky with our weather. It was gorgeous and warm and sunny most days. As I understand it, that is pretty rare for May. You have a better chance of good weather in the summer. That said, Im told there are huge mosquitos there in the summer so that is a definite con.

  6. Ohhh, you had me @ ' moustache championship' & 'crab legs'..... The one of you all walking on the glacier is so surreal.

    Mr. FC's a geologist and his dream trip is Alaska! I'll have to show him your pics.

    Welcome back!!

  7. I love seeing all your wonderful adventures. I always tell my husband about them... and I can't wait to get to that point of our lives where we can do stuff like this too! We are definitely going to do lots of traveling before kids.

  8. Wow, what an amazing trip! Those pictures are beautiful and I believe you when you say it was even more beautiful in person- I hope to get to that part of the world oneday, it would be a trip of a lifetime for sure!

  9. Moustache Guys are hilarious! :) What a fantastic trip. Once again, love all photos and the helicopter ride must have been so exciting!

  10. Beautiful! I've been meaning to do a similar trip myself for quite sometime. Silly that I haven't done it yet - I'm in Seattle, so I can actually see Alaska-bound ships from my window! Glad to see the western states blessed you with good weather in May!

  11. Anonymous3:59 PM

    wow! love the story love the that you and your hubby take these unexpected (at least to us, the readers) getaways to places that are so interesting and different....can't wait to read more.

    this cruise sounds awesome and like something i would totally be interested in!

  12. your pictures are absolutely beautiful!

  13. WOW! What a trip! Gorgeous photos. :)

  14. We have taken an Alaskan cruise twice and I would do it many more times. Alaska is phenomenal. The first time we sailed out of Vancouver, the second out of Seattle. For anyone who is thinking of taking this cruise, I would definitely recommend going out of Vancouver, especially if you are doing inside passage. And please DO consider taking an Alaskan cruise. You will not be sorry.

  15. You HAVE to use that mustache picture for a Christmas card or something, it's too hilarious and amazing to waste.

  16. WOW. Those pictures make it seem as if I am really there! My husband lived in Alaska just short of 2 years, and I'm begging for him to take me there someday. What a beautiful place!
    P.S- Long time lurker of your blog. =) I love it!

  17. Incredible! Did you take those on manual settings? This is a trip I've been wanting to take! These photos will help me seal the deal with the hubby! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

  18. Anonymous11:28 PM

    what remarkable shots! (except not into the bears strung up on the wall) so clean and lovely.

    carrie @

  19. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Great, great photographs! What an amazing experience.

  20. Fantastic pictures and it looks like you have a great time there. Totally loved your experiences there.

  21. Your photos are beautiful. What lens did you use? I am off to DC next week and I want to TRY and take some really nice shots. (I'm new to photography so I don't know how good they will be:)

  22. Most of the photos were taken with the kit lens that came with the camera. (With the exception of the fish eye ones that were taken with a fish eye lens)

  23. WOW! What an amazing place!

  24. Wow to an amazing adventure.
    Stunning shots and I must admit, you had me worried,
    I was expecting to see you with a!

  25. This looks like an amazing trip! What fabulous photos (love the one with the red wing -- the contrast against the sky is terrific). We just helicoptered (verb?!) down into the Grand Canyon and it was amazing...I would totally sign up for the Alaska chopper trip!

  26. Great shots - a place I would love to travel to. I had no idea the towns were so cute, xv.

  27. I'd love to go to Alaska, it looks amazing.

  28. Rocio7:30 PM

    I know it has been a few years, but do you remember who did you guys use for the helicopter ride in Juneau?  And about how long were you on the Glacier?
    Beautiful Pictures.
    We are going soon and would love recomendations.


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