Guest Post: Kathleen's Fab Kitchen Reno

Weren't you impressed with Jessica's transformation? For the past few years I've been going through a gray phase and its still going strong so that kitchen was a fav. I love how gray is becoming the new beige. Anywho...back to the main event, another guest blogger!

This time, please welcome Kathleen of the very designer DIY friendly blog Jeremy & Kathleen. Back into the heat of the kitchen with this before and after. Without further ado, here is Mrs. K herself.

First, I am so excited to be guest blogging for Brooklyn Limestone! I came across Mrs. Limestone's blog about a year ago when I was knee-deep in my own home remodel projects and her (ah-mazing!) before and afters definitely gave me motivation to keep going.I am now happy to share my very own before and afters.I knew when Jeremy and I bought our home together that the kitchen would be the first thing to get a makeover.Check out the before shots:



The cabinets were unoriginal to the home and the craftsmanship felt like a middle-school play set project. The green was a little too mid-1980s for our taste and the layout was slightly awkward.We checked out the pre-fab cabinets available at Home Depot and Lowes but nothing felt quite right. That's when we called up Bob the Builder. He came out with a ruler, wrote out a contract on lined notebook paper, and the process felt JUST right.He got started the very next week.


I will never forget coming home after the first day of demolition. I think I threw up in my mouth a little - I had never seen the guts of a house before.I'm not sure what I was expecting but in my mind it wasn't quite so... Ugly. Bob the Builder finished out the framing and the doors. From there Jeremy and I did all the painting, tiling and finishing touches like drawer pulls and cabinet lighting.And here is the after:



And for fun here is our breakfast nook before and after:

It's amazing how much brighter the space feels.This entire remodel cost us between $8,000 and $9,000. We contracted out the big stuff and did everything else ourselves which saves a lot in the long run. Check out more at


  1. WOW! What a great transformation! That green was, um, interesting. I actually like how they left the windows in the breakfast nook. They work for me with the updated look. :)

  2. I love the tile on the backsplash.

  3. I like the changes. I myself am planning on getting new cabinets for the kitchen this year. The ones I have currently are gross. I would suggest that you replace the floor tiles because they don't match the new updated look in your kitchen. Other than that, great job.

  4. Thanks for the feedback!

    Ania - We didn't really have the budget to replace the tile but it's definitely something we'll consider in the future. For the most part - the white with black grout is unoffensive and something I can live with until we can switch it up.

  5. Bob the Builder to the rescue- he did a fantastic job!! You kitchen when from 80's blah to 2009 Chic- very very beautiful!

  6. Fantastic, Love the tile backsplash!

  7. I'm crazy for the backsplash (the new backsplash, in case that wasn't obvious). Awesome work!


  8. Love the lights!

  9. I love it and the backsplash. It looks so retro and cute. Well done.

  10. i love those chairs!!!

  11. Nice post,.. Im bookmarking this one. More people should read this.

  12. A lot of work, but it was worth it. It looks great!


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