I want to finish the bedroom. No, seriously!

Have I bored you all to death with dribs and drabs of my master bedroom plan? I'm sorry. I guess I have a one track mind sometimes.

New Comforter Bedroom

So if you don't mind indulging me (tm Kelly B. of RHofNYC - I'll rully rully miss you already!) for just a little while longer, I could use some assistance.

I've got the chair decision out of the way. The big frame for over the mantle is in progress of being painted. The left nightstand remains bare but will get painted on the next free weekend. The prints Ive been yammering on about are just about a done deal. And I'm just waiting for a little Internet coupon magic before I order those lamps.

So what's left? It all boils down to my inability to mix and match patterns. Its not an easy job but someone has to do it. Can you help me find a rug and throw pillows? I'm at a total loss here.

My current front runner is the ever cushy underfoot, goes with everything, cream rug. It works for Nicole of Making it Lovely, doesn't it?

I heart my damask bedding so I don't think a rug with too bold a pattern would work. I want to create a serene and restful space here. No black and white zig zags or oriental mish mashes will do. At the same time, I'm sure I'll have the rug longer than the bedding so I want it to be workable with whatever comes next. Ideas? (Note to anyone new here: I'm pretty cheap but feel free to lay on some expensive items and I'll search for the dollar store knockoffs on my own time. )

And then the big question of throw pillows. Do I really want to buy items that I'm just going to throw off the bed before I sleep on it? Keep in mind, Mr. L and I are really the only people who come in here. (Us and the cat of course - he is very much in favor of pillows!) But I do think it needs a little something to break up the damask. Where do you stand on the issue? Are you pro or anti bedroom throw?

And because it literally pains me to do a post without photos, I'm going to show you some more decor porn from the master of fabric mix and match, Sarah Richardson. The woman has an eye!

I think its safe to say Sarah comes down strongly on the pro side of the throw pillow debate. How do you feel?


  1. Do you make your bed everyday? If so, then yes, I'd definitely side with Sarah (as I usually do) and say go for at least 3 throw pillows. If not, have you considered swapping out your damask shams for ones in a coordinating black and white or grey and white fabric?

    My first reaction is that its worth the work of layering fabrics and textures, so soldier on and it'll definitely be rewarding.

  2. On the rug issue, I think cream would be great that way it won't compete with anything else going on in the room. If it were my bed, I would try to find a solid euro sham in cream (maybe with a solid embroidery for the trim that matches a color in the damask) for the back and that will make your damask shams pop. I would then add a raw silk cream throw pillow for the front maybe with some pleating to add texture. Restoration hardware has some beautiful euro shams. The only thing that gives me pause about the euro shams is that it will hide the tufts in your headboard, which are beautiful. It's coming together well!

  3. There is a chunky braided wool rug at Target that reminds me of Making It Lovely's. It only comes in 5x7 but is probably inexpensive enough to buy two and sew them together.

    Check it out:

    My only concern is that it seems like it might get dirty under foot traffic fairly fast - but if you don't have pets or dirty feet it might do alright.

  4. How about:

    http://www.westelm.com/online/store/ProductDisplay?partNumber=WE-PRODr657&storeId=17001&langId=-1&catalogId=17002&viewSetCode=E&parentId=WE-SH1SLERUG&retainNav=true&cmsrc=WE-SH1SLERUG In person, the Iron color is Gray. And it is soft, although not cushy.

  5. My thoughts (for the days when you make the bed =]..........

    -Fold the damask comforter down a bit further (to show your sheets to break up the damask just a bit).
    -place your plain, standard pillows (all 4 of them) against that gorgeous headboard
    -place the pillows w/ the damask shams in front
    -leave it at that OR place a solid colored throw pillow in cream or black in front.

    Sort of like this:

    I'm a HUGE fan of throw pillows but your MBR has such great architecture, a spectacular chandelier, and that damask speaks for itself, so I think the simpler the bed the better in this case.

  6. And I actually really love the space w/out a rug....but I can see an ivory shag or nubby rug there too.

  7. Sorry I cant offer anything..Heck I think I reach out to you for help with rugs...Sarah has a great eye..all her room always look so rich and well put together! whatever you do will be great! I mean its just what you do..

  8. Anonymous3:56 AM

    I love FLOR, and I think it would work really well as a rug in your bedroom. You should get a neutral tone with a pattern, like Checkered Past or Velvet Rope. I bought the last lot of giraffe-print FLOR tiles in cream and love being able to use them anywhere in my house...

  9. I'll never tire of any of your room decrating projects...rully. (damn that Kelly)

    Pillows always add a finished feeling to a room, as does a rug. I'd choose something solid to compliment the comforter.

  10. Ugh, I go completely blank when it comes to mixing patterns. Which is probably why when you look at my house it's practically all solids and textures. I like the idea of a cream rug under the bed. Sounds nice and serene!

  11. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Love the cream rug idea - Room and Board has some nice ones with woven textures (but are not easy on your wallet).

    If it were me, I would shy away from the throw pillows - mostly because I don't like making the bed. (Once I heard on some random morning show that making the bed actually increases the number of dust mites, etc in the bed, since it leaves them warm and cozy for the day... I have since used this as an excuse not to make the bed. See http://www.healthyhouseinstitute.com/a_771-Stop_Making_Your_Bed_Banish_Dust_Mites).

    Anyways, I agree with Freckles Chick - leave the duvet folded over more and just stack your standard pillows. Good luck! Can't wait to see what you decide to do!

  12. I like the rug and agree- definitely stay neutral.

    re: pillows- I'm a fan of one long rectangular or bolster pillow on a bed. you could easily have one made in any fabric you choose. I agree with FC that the sleeping pillows should be in back, followed by damask shams, and the one long pillow... and show a little more blanket.

  13. I love FC's idea...definitely move those lovely shams into the front...and fold your damask duvet in thirds at the end of the bed or folded back to show less pattern.

    Good luck in your rug search - I know it will be fab in the end! Can't wait to see it!

  14. i just love that headboard!

  15. I think a simple ivory-colored rug would look perfect in your bedroom. There's nothing like a nice soft rug to step onto when you get in and out of bed. Especially during the winter.

  16. Anonymous3:02 PM

    What about a muted oriental that picks up the blue in the curtains? I think if it's low contrast enough it won't fight with the bedspread.

    I like to buy rugs on overstock:





  17. Love the idea of a neutral rug and I say NO to throw pillows in this space! The gorgeous headboard is the main focal point in this room and I love the crisp, white pillows!

  18. Throw pillows are kind of a slippery slope. There's something about a mound of them that makes me visualize a mound of stuffed animals. Which leads me to assume that the bed beneath does not see a lot of action if you know what I'm saying.
    NOT super sexy.
    On another note, i agree that the headboard is awesome and should remain the star of the show. Go with minimal, crisp pillows and linens.
    That's my two cents.

  19. What about one of those cool looking faded/muted oriental rugs? I love your bedding, please do not mar it with pillow. I'm am totally anti on those throw pillows.

  20. I recently won a giveaway on This Young House and I won throw pillows that actually have a corset that goes around the pillow so you can easily make changes as your mood/taste changes. Fresh Leaf Designs makes the pillows and the link below has some ideas for you. Also wanted to let you know that I blogged about your wonderful blog today and I hope you check it out.


  21. I'm with FC, too. Then maybe all one lumbar pillow in front, and if you could bring that pretty wall color onto the pillow it'd look great.

    It's coming along!

  22. Hello there,
    I am a fan of Sarah Richardson and her rooms appear frequently in the Canadian Magazine 'Style at Home' and I have been watching her shows long before she was know in the US. She would definitely say 'yes' to the pillow debate. My suggestions is to buy a whole slew of pillows and bring them home and try them out....maybe take pics and we could vote on the 'best' look for fun! I took a quick browse around Pottery Barn and here are a few thoughts. Since the coverlet is already very busy..I would suggest putting the matching shams away for another project and layering the bed with first with plain white pillows in regular covers for sleeping, then pillows in PB's Pearl Embroidered Boudoir Pillow Covers in Sandalwood. Then a layer of two 20" square pillows in PB's Frame Textured Pillow Covers in Black with Ivory (they are on sale now for $19.99 each) and then the final touch is PB's Kylie Pillow covers...set of 3 for $59.99. I would place the black background on the accent chair with the art, and the white print on the bed in front of the black Frame Textured Pillows. Or I would make the front pillow a "pop of color" as Sarah would say. This would give you lots of layers, texture, shapes and sizes. Just my 2 cents...
    LOVE your blog and I don't think you need any help at all in your decorating tastes..!!!!

  23. I am so pro throw! You can change the look and feel of the room for dollars, and if you get tired of them it's not the end of the world. I tend to switch them up -- I like to buy/sew covers instead of pillows so I can just store the covers in a drawer.

    I'm with you on the netural rug for kind of the same reasons...you can easily change the room around a neutral rug.

    Good luck! I'm now just a a "need to paint the closet doors and make curtains for them" away from a finished (or as finished as it's getting!) MBR so I know what you're going through. :-)

  24. I agree that a neutral rug would work well. But a little pattern would look good alongside the bed. How about this from Brocade Home?


    It's laser cut so it would complement the bed but it doesn't matter if it's not the same pattern exactly. In this color it's on sale - but you'd have to get the 3x5. Two of them either side of the bed could be good though. There are bigger sizes in other colors.

    Or have you tried Woven Ground? It's a British company so you'd have to pay for overseas shipping and convert the price and measurements. But they do custom sizes for a reasonable price. Here's one that would look great:


    Good luck! Thanks for sharing your progress - it looks great!

  25. Two questions that maybe you could divulge your secrets for me -
    1. where did you get the fab headboard?
    2. What paint color is on the walls? It is divine!


  26. Okay, I realize I am late, but I am new to your blog and if this dilemma has been solved, then please ignore...

    Etsy has some fantastic throw pillows. Perhaps a black throw pillow with a monogram or even a silhouette (I saw your sewing project) on it. Just a thought.


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