Closet Heaven & Hell

I'd think the rest of my house is pretty neat most of the time but for some reason, anything behind a closed door becomes a complete jumble! And the absolute depth of messy hell is my clothing closet.

This was taken on a pretty good day

Doesn't look so bad you say? Well take a step inside::


Gah! Im a slob.

Don't get me wrong - I love my closet. Its huge by any standard of comparison I've ever had. Its more than enough space for me but I just don't use it effectively. Look at all that great real estate on the top shelves that go unused. Its just so high and I can't reach so I never put anything up there!

What are your closet oganization strategies???

After seeing the uber fabulous closets series over at Coco & Kelley, I had to do something about this sty. So I got rid of a few things, trashed most of the dry cleaning hangers and moved things around a bit. Much better!

And inside

But who am I kidding? Its not going to stay like this for long. I need a system. Or maybe I need a closet dominatrix who will force me to straighten and fold every morning and night. Nah, lets try the system thing.


  1. You should get a little step that can slipped away 99% of the time but easily pulled out to reach top shelve. Put fancy purses, hats, bin with scarves, and anything else that is worn only once every couple weeks on top shelve. This way the items you need daily have more space to breath and will not get jumbled.

  2. Good idea MrsC but I haven't found one that I can put in my closet. Have you seen something like that?

  3. I do love reading your blog. Your home is simply stunning. Great job.
    We had California closets installed and I can't reach the top of ours either. Found inexpensive folding (1-step) step ladder at Bed Bath and Beyond. They also carried them at Storables, Container Store and I think Target had them. Definitely worth it to make use of valuable closet real estate. Here's the link:

  4. I have to admit, mine's always been like the first. I'll organize and then it completely falls apart again within 2 weeks. I just can't commit to keeping it tidy.

  5. I am with Rachel. It always seems to be an if money drops from the sky, I will.....kind of thing. I love spiffy closets outfitted with the best organization possible, but sadly, it seems way down the road.

  6. Oh, wow! What a difference. :) I would be SO embarrassed if anyone saw our closets right now...I need to read that series you linked to. :)

  7. this is the step stool i have in my kitchen

    it folds closed super easy and takes up practically no space. it's stronger than it looks :) and best of all i got it on sale for $4.99!

  8. The 60 second rule: If it takes less than 60 secs to do something (hang up a jacket, put away a pair of shoes etc) do it straight away because it will take twice as long if you leave it.
    Buy a step stool and extra hangers and if there's room attach a couple of hooks on the wall for the coat you'll wear tomorrow or a dressing gown.

  9. I'm right in the middle of cleaning the area under my eaves... BAD!!! So far, I have purged 5 bags of things that I have not touched in two years-bags, shoes, clothes, things that I kept...JUST IN CASE. In case of what-I loose the rest of my things??? Outta here!

  10. Me too! I need a closet dominatrix too because it all goes to hell a few days after it's clean and organized. :(

  11. Ditto on the stool -- I have a little folding stool in mine and it is a lifesaver. Also, someone mentioned hooks... I bought cute ones from anthropologie. I have two affixed to the inside of the closet door for coats (saves me space in the closet too!). In the summer, I can hang purses on these. Also, I have hooks on the inside walls of the closet and I hang purses on them. Makes for easy organizing. Otherwise, I don't think there are many tips other than just keeping it tidy as you go. I try to do it and mostly succeed, but sometimes I just have to bail the whole thing out like you did!

  12. I am on the same mission. I am going through items and trying to live with much less. I think if things are in categories and then hung on nice hangers they stay better. But mine is a mess at the moment.
    My husbands is nice and tidy....

  13. You are one step ahead of me by having a closet you can actually walk into.

    I manage to keep pretty organized closets. One thing that has helped my drawers - I separate all my folded tops, t-shirts and sweaters by colour. All the white t-shirts and tanks in one pile and colours in another. All the white/beige sweaters in one pile, colours in another. For a while I had a white pile, black pile and colour pile for t-shirts. Prevents having to go through a stack. No tips on hanging except I use all wooden or chunky plastic hangers (with soft edges).

  14. Anonymous9:52 PM

    What a difference some organization makes! I love it. You're lucky to have such a nice closet.

  15. Anonymous10:02 PM

    I have my clothes organized first by color then by type (sleeveless, short sleeved, 3/4 sleeved, long-sleeved) then pants/skirts/dresses. Absolutely NO wire hangers (do I sound like Mommie Dearest?) Only plastic or wooden hangers. When something comes out of the wash, hang it up, color code it then hang it with its brothers and sisters.

    I'm terrible about shoes are all over the house and my room. Can't help ya with that one. Sorry!

  16. I like the step stool idea...or just baskets of winter/summer clothes that you will only have to pull down 1-2 times a year.

    Frankly...doesn't look half bad to me. What closet system is it?

  17. Your space looks delicious! I think my favorites are the green walls in the bedroom and the oversized scissors.

  18. Am also loving the cool style (E)scapes from Cassandra at Coco & Kelly!

    Whenever i buy something, I always 'try' (being the operative word) to ditch something in my wardrobe so it doesn't get filled with too much stuff i don't/haven't worn in a long time.
    I also hang or organise all my clothes in departments: Jackets/coats, skirts, trousers, shirts, jumpers, tops etc and also if they are printed or plain, long or short sleeved, so I can see clearly what's in my closet. (Also speeds things up when i can't decide what to wear!) Sounds like hard work but once it's done it'll be so worth it!
    Given that i have a bit of space, I tend to store my winter/summer clothes separately too when it's not in season...those clear plastic airtight bags come in handy at times.

    Being such a hoarder I'm not very good at parting with my clothes, so my friends do a 'Bitch & Swap' where we all bring some of the stuff we haven't worn for ages (can incl. designer or non designer pieces but in good condition) and basically have a good old girlie catch up over cocktails. We all walk away with something new for our wardrobes! Yay!

    Hope it helps!

  19. wow - this looks awesome! SO organized!! and those upper shelves could definitely be used for some seasonal/less used items. love it! (and thanks for the shout out!)

  20. Yes...a step stool is key. I have a full on step ladder folded up in there. :-) That said, my WIC is a total freakin' mess right now. I'm embarrased! I like -- and try to adhere to -- the "one in, one out" rule when I buy something new. And the stuff I haven't worn/used in over a year -- SERIOUSLY I just need to let go.

  21. Ever tried those slim velvet hangers? they are amazing and so addictive. You see them on HSN but I found them most department stores. It keeps those shirts with big necks from sliding off and also gives you more hanging room. I need to buy more in fact.

  22. One more thing. You may not have room but I keep a plastic tub (with lid) in my walk-in for clothing/items that I will sale/donate. That way I dont have a place I can instantly throw something and not wait until "cleaning out closet" day.


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