Junktiques gold!

When Camila of High Heeled Foot in the Door posted about a fairly close thrift store, I bounced in my chair with excitement and let the Mr. know that we HAD to drop in.

So a few weeks later, off we went to ETG Used Furniture & Antiques in search of treasure.
If you recall my whole rant about junktiques, you'll know I was happy to find this place was right up my alley. Old pieces in need of a little love and at reasonable prices. I also have to note that this place is EXTREMELY organized. By far, the most organized place of its kind so thats very refreshing. On the other hand, their prices aren't quite as good as my absolute favorite place, Englishtown Used Furniture. All in all, a great place so thanks to Camila.

I know you want to know whats inside so I'll keep you in suspence no longer. My favorite piece was this set
that would be absolutely amazing in a child's bedroom with the right makeover. Alas, I have no children nor do I have an extra room for my make believe child so I moved on.


This painting stopped me dead in my tracks. I can't really say I like it, just that I thought was interesting.

And finally Mr. Limestone pointed this chair out.


Love the shape but I could do without the 30 years of dirt and stains. I hemmed, I hawed but walked out empty handed. But my dear better half knew I wanted it so he went back to the store and surprised me with it later that week! Isn't that sweet?

Up until now, I've had a strict hard good only policy about thrifting. The idea of carting home something that has bedbugs or other nasties living in the cushions never really filled me with joy. And then there is the absurdity of the costs of reupholstering - and you all know how cheap I am! So I'm on the hunt for a reasonably priced reuphoster. Not having much luck so I guess I'm just going to have to suck it up and shell out.

I think this chair will replace the wee one in the bedroom (I have other plans for it which I will be blogging about soon.). Not sure what fabric it should be recovered in. What do you think? Gray velvet? Beige linen? Part of me thinks I should pull some yellow or gold in the chair to pick up on the fireplace tiles and the artwork but I'm not sure if Im ready for a yellow chair. A yellow pillow might do the trick. Any suggestions?

Edited to add:

Thanks for your comments. I know the photograph makes the chair look like a true yellow but its more of a rusty yellow with a heavy dose of baby puke green in there. Not sure how much of that is dirt and how much of that is the original fabric but ultimately, I'd want something more gold than yellow (if I went that route). But Im sort of leaning toward neutral b/c upholstering is too damn expensive to get crazy with.


  1. If you are REALLY concerned about bed bugs look for a Natural Pyrethrin Spray such as Zeposector that is EPA registered to kill bedbugs. If it's not an EPA REGISTERED product it won't kill them and their eggs.
    You have to spray the item down GOOD then once it's dry you are good to go.

  2. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Ack I LOVE this chair! Absolutely love it. The curves and tufting are perfection! It puts the Tar-jay chair to shame. Mr. L is so sweet for going back and getting it for you. :)

    I think a beautiful gray linen or velvet would look just lovely...then you can snazz it up with a fun pillow, maybe using a fabric like this (since you already have the sewing skills!)? Can't wait to see what you decide!

  3. kelly2:45 PM

    If it were me, and it's not, and if it were my bedroom it was going in, and its not, I would cover it in a grey velvet and then use a fun pillow as a punch of color. That way you can change it with the seasons, and since you are now a master seamstress, you can make your own pillow for it.

  4. Nice chair, looks similar to your dining room chairs (which are to die for). DH found one in the alley along with a cute little side table.

    If I were you I would test it out in the corner (its fabric looks yellow). Yellow would definitely bring out the pics and fireplace. However, it would look fab in gray velvet (nice neutral color). Yellow and gray work really nice together (colors in my basement thanks to your suggestion).

    But heck, do whatever you want since it always turns out spectacular!!!

  5. Oops, that should have read my DH found a chair similar to the one Mr. L purchased (think mine is more hollywood regency) along with a cute little side table.

    Mrs. L your chair will look great nonetheless in that awesome bedroom.

  6. Go for a grey fabric and maybe punch it up with yellow welting or yellow buttons. Something bright and cheerful to perk up the mellow grey.

  7. I'm with everyone else. I vote for grey velvet chair and a fun pillow to tie in the yellow. On the other hand, I think the beige linen could look nice too, but I agree that a yellow chair would be too much. I have a hard time making up my mind too, can you tell?

  8. Fantastic find! First thing that came to mind is a dark gray velvet fabric! Divine!

  9. aww, your husband is so sweet- what a great guy!

    Love the chair BTW- its beautiful!

  10. I have never noticed your framed TV. I love it. I also love the idea of pulling gold from the fireplace for the chair. I think it will add a really nice pop of color to the room.

  11. Anonymous4:39 PM

    If it's not worn, why not have it professionally cleaned and fumigated. The colour is lovely and will complement your fireplace.

  12. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Oh. What I said above and also paint the legs black.

  13. Anonymous4:48 PM

    I think a gray velvet chair with a yellow pillow would look amazing. And I'd paint the legs white. :)

  14. LOVE the big armors! They would look devine in a child's room! Since I don't have any children, I can see them in my laundry room and would put linens in them, tablecloths, quilts, sheets, blankets, etc. They would make my dream room come true!

  15. I'd paint the legs dark brown or black and cover it in an orange cloth/pattern that picks up the deepest orange in the art. I think it would pop against the grey walls

  16. What a terrific treasure!

    As much as I love a bold, colorful pattern for an occasional chair, it's just not practical when the expense is in the re-upholstry.

    I think a soft grey velvet would be so lovely and timeless. The pillow options are endless - especially if you can sew.

    But I'm with you, I have a hard time with other people's dirt that can't be hosed off!

    Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  17. Love your new chair. I think grey or linen with a fun pillow would be great. Your husband was a sweetheart to go back and get that! :)

  18. Anonymous9:10 PM

    I vote Beige/Khaki Velvet

  19. I vote charcoal crewel or burnout velvet with a bright pop of a pillow - what's that color in your print? Burnt orange? Brick red? Go with that.

    LOVE the new chair.


  20. I LOVE that chair. Such a good find; I'm jealous!

    A burst of yellow would look great in that corner. Maybe if you're not ready for a yellow chair, a cream or ivory chair with yellow or gold rope edging would be nice. Though, I do like Centsational Girl's idea about using a pillow as well.

    Good luck!

  21. Love the chair! I love the idea of the Grey Velvet with a pillow with yellow in the pattern. Can't wait to see if all finished and in your room! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

  22. I love the chair! Great shape and style.

  23. Hey, if you are considering yellow, it's YELLOW...follow sharpiegirls advice and spray it down good with the bug juice. Yikes, can you imagine wanting to sit in it after that!? Actually, gray velvet or linen would be devine. Janell

  24. Love the chair! Since your bedding is black and white, I'd pick up color in the tiles or the art above the chair to make it "pop"...or if you do a grey velvet (velvet looks soooooo nice when tufted) a "punch pillow" would be great. Whatever you do, I know your thrifty find will look like a million bucks.

  25. Gorgeous! A grey velvet would be lovely. Would black silk be too heavy?

  26. Grey velvet, your art work is already pulling out the fire place colors. Then the chair will be more versitle in your house if you decide you want to use it some where else.

  27. Ah! I'm behind on my reading and just saw this!!! So happy that your hubby went back and picked it up!!!!! That is so sweet of him.

    I contacted a company called www.drsofa.com and sent them a picture and measurements and got a quote within 24 hrs. I'm not sure how they were priced, but it totally changed my decision of wanting to reupholster a loveseat I had bought to simply getting a slipcover made.

    There is a little shop by my house that does reupholstery as well. Send me the measurements and I'll go ask how much it is.


  28. Okay, yes. The chair is lovely. (Or at least it will be soon enough.)

    But I can't get over that yellow armoire set. I'm stealing this photo for inspiration, if you don't mind. My boy friend will be moving into my place soon, and I'm putting together a bedroom for his two young daughters to use on their visits. Can't tell you how perfect something like that would be. LOVE it. You have such a great eye for things!

  29. There is a little upholsterer on the corner of 13th ave and 69th street in Brooklyn (they're just up the block from me) that DH used once to do a quick upholstery project for one of his construction jobs. They were dirt cheap, quick and the work was fine. We haven't used them again (no need) but you might want to check them out for pricing. Gus's Upholstery. (Apparently there's a second one too - Howard's at 71st but I've never used them).

  30. Anonymous12:53 AM

    Good call on replacing the modern sleek white chair. it will definitely blend with the elegance of the room better.

  31. Love the chair! What a sweetie to go back for it for you. Whatever you choose will be lovely, I'm sure.

  32. Great chair, I just found your blog, so glad I did. That shop is the most organized I have seen. Will be back often.

  33. I just found your blog today, and I love you. Please adopt me. I'll shop Junktique stores with you AND I can make purdy cakes. No pressure.

    -Monica :)

  34. That chair is absolute gold! I love junktiques... I'm thinking gray velvet sounds amazing, especially since it's got that type of richer-looking fabric on it already.

  35. The products are obviously good in appearance might as well in its quality. But in all the items are beautiful!


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