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Guess who asked me to be featured on her "Design Your Life" series? Jess of Makeunder Your Life. You won't find much wisdom in my answers - I'm not that deep. But check it out anyway :)


And if you are wondering - yes, I love that houndstooth shirtdress and I wear it all the time. I only wish I had bought 4 of them b/c this one is looking worse for wear.

As the fates would have it, I designed her logo ages ago when she was just launching her jewelry site, Jess LC .

sonicstef designed jess lc logo
I stumbled upon her fab blog by total accident, saw the logo and was super happy to see how her business has blossomed. Particularily loving these pieces from her.

If you have the chance, give her blog and her business a look!


  1. Thanks so much for participating, Stefanie. I love your intentions and think they are super practical. And getting Tivo is an incredibly 'wise' thing to do!

  2. I loved your answers and I could relate.

  3. Wow that was a really nice feature of you...and I don't know what you're talking about. You come out great in your pics!

  4. It's a very small internet world because I just realized I've "known" you for years - we were both posting on WeddingChannel (and then CC) at the same time. Your designing was famous over there. LOL

  5. Thanks Newburgh - but I only post the good photos. I'd never show the fuglies :)

    HSP - Yea, I have an internet past although I hope its mostly good stuff :) What was your WC handle?

  6. Ditto the "small internet world" comment. I too just realized who you are by seeing the Sonic Stef reference. You actually designed my sister's wedding invitations and also the logo for her business: I loved you're designs then and enjoy reading your blog now!

  7. Great post! I love your bits of wisdom.

  8. I love the jewelry. And the banner sign for Jess is very unique and pretty!

  9. Great quote from you that needs reminding:

    I tend to think life has a way of working out okay even if I didn’t imagine it quite the way it happens.

    Fabulous picture of you at the Brooklyn Bridge. I loved it!!

  10. Thanks Naz. (But thats not the Bklyn Bridge - it was taken in Budapest)

  11. Wonderful post, I really enjoyed it.

  12. ignutzz. All positive. I'm also the one who emailed about 203ks. Completely bizzaro coincidences. LOL


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