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Continued from this Moscow recap post.
So we had finished a full day of touring. We got that peak of blue sky but that was the last we saw of the sun until were back on American soil. Jet lag was hitting us pretty hard so we went back to the hotel for a little bit of a late afternoon nap. I know, I know, this is a mortal sin of traveling but we couldn't resist.
After a little rest, we braved a little nighttime stroll despite our concerns of being hassled. I just couldn't resist taking a peak in the dark.

The next day we met our tour guide again for a trip to the market and a little peak around the famous metro system.

The market was interesting to visit but I wasn't blown away by anything to purchase. It seems odd to me the market is essentially entirely for tourists but its sort of out of the way of the major attractions. I was hoping for a little more flea market rather than 100% souvenirs.

That said, there was plenty to look at for a few hours.


I did purchase a book of posters of vintage soviet advertising. My favorite is the galoshes ad seen here on the left.

After we were done browsing, we got to see some of the more amazing metro stations. Really stunning.

On our way back, we got to see a "rally" (using the term loosely) to bring communism back. As we were told, these people are allowed to protest because they pose no real threat to the administration. That wouldn't be the case for most protestors.

Back to hotel where we had the most amazing but outrageously expensive brunch we've ever had. I'm still dreaming of those blinis.
The view wasn't too bad either.

That night we had tickets to the circus.
Photographs were prohibited so even though I tried to document it, I was too afraid of being caught by the scary babushka ushers to compose a decent shot.
OldCircusPlayers OldCircusBear
It was an entertaining show - extra points for cat tricks and a zero count of scary clowns. But the most amazing thing was that you could take photographs with a full grown bear, leopard or panther in the lobby!!
There was no chance in hell I was going to be volunteering for the next edition of When Animals Attack but I was amazed that locals put their children next to these wild animals for the photo op. I love a good photo too but this is the fruit of your loins, people! Seriously amazing to me.

And then it was time to pack up and head back home. A whirlwind trip for sure but I'm so glad I got to experience being there. It's nice to be able to fulfill a childhood wish to yourself if that makes any sense.


Hope you enjoyed taking the trip with us. Countdown til the next locale begins now :)

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  1. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Oh wow. May I just say that I'm so glad you risked life and limb to capture a photo of the cats tricks in the Russian circus. It seriously had me cracking up. I'm a huge fan of your blog - and thanks to your travels, my list of "where in the world I want to go" has tripled.

  2. Wow! What an amazingly fabulous trip. I have to admit I never had a desire to visit Moscow, but your photos and narration make it seem so romantic and beautiful. I am intrigued.

  3. Looks like a wonderful trip. Your pics are always great.

    RE: those shutters, do you have any indoor window you could frame with them? I think that would be really cool & you could paint them to go with the room. If not, then just hanging them on the wall as one piece, like an art piece is also a great look.

  4. Love the photos- the metro stations unbelievable!

  5. What a great trip! Looks like quite the whirlwind, but so great that you packed so much fun and beautiful pictures into the weekend.

    So where to next? :)

  6. Wow!! Sounds like a fantastic getaway. And beautiful photos, too. Are you planning to do anything special with them?

    Love the vintage advertising you found! I'm sure you'll do something amazing with those as well. And the circus looked so fun!

  7. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Thanks for being such a great inspiration to grab even short periods of time to travel!

  8. I LOVE vintage posters! And those ones are even cooler since they're in another language. How cool.

    I have bought several calendars of vintage posters (I wait until January when they get marked down) I have high hopes to get them framed but I'm stalling because I think i'll be expensive. I'd like to get them all framed and matted the same, rather than run out and grab some IKEA frames or something like that.

  9. Anonymous8:51 PM

    I totally understand what it's like (i.e. how great it is) to fulfill a childhoold dream! I lived in Scotland for three years and left when I was nine. I promised myself I'd be back someday. Well, it took 22 years, but in 2006 I got to go back (with hubby!) and see my good friend, the house we lived in, and even the little country school I attended! Very special! So congrats on living your dream too!


  10. Your photography is so stunnning!!!!

  11. Fascinating, really...the photos of the metro struck me as insanely ornate and beautiful, and the night photos were striking!

  12. OH. OH. OH

    Those are some truly fabulous shots!

    Talk to me about your lens...your camera?


  13. I feel inspired that you are able to get the Moscow box checked from the list of wants. The pictures alone were glorious.
    I loved the rows of nesting dolls.

  14. Very nice pictures! Looks like an awesome adventure!

  15. Just marvelous! Thank you for sharing your trip through such splendid images!

  16. That looks so fun! Mu husband lived in Moscow for 3 months so its always fun to see the places he went and things he did. He had a lot of the same comments/feelings as you! :)

  17. Anonymous1:37 PM

    I love all the detail shots. The metro looks so beautiful. The lights just get me.

  18. Anonymous4:46 PM

    You go to such awesome places Steph....was it Japan just a bit ago ??? I think I guessed Florida LOL how mainstream....

    Great pics by the way....

    Where to next ???....have us guess again with a few clues thrown in perhaps....

    You could use your shutters as a bulletin board to hold some of your neat pictures....

    All the best,
    Kathy :)

  19. Anonymous9:03 PM


    I have stumbled upon your website and love it! I am in awe of your photographs. They are amazing and breathtaking!! I was wondering what type of camera you use?

    I never knew I wanted to go to Moscow until now!!



  20. Those metro stations are beyond amazing. If you wouldn't mind sharing them, I'd love to have copies for my Mr's office. Would you email me if so?

  21. Absolutely a visual feast. I love looking at your home reno - but these travel photos are amazing.

  22. Amazing photos! I've admired your blog for a few months now, and just had to tell you that while I regularly admire your photos, these are simply outstanding. LOVE them!!! Thank you for always sharing your adventures!

  23. What great photoe's cannot believe how glam that Metro is, that's Russia for you!! Been to St petersburgh & other few Russian place's but never made it to Moscow which is such a shame by looking at thoughs gorgeous picks you have really captured your journey well, keep enjoying!! :)

  24. Stunning photos, as usual! Russia is such a fascinating place. I took the subway for a few stops with my Russian colleague and it's amazing how beautiful it is under there - so surprising! It's wonderful you were able to see the circus. My favorite souvenir is a circus bear Christmas tree ornament.

  25. Thanks for posting the pics. looks like it was a lovely trip :)

  26. Your photos are beautiful. It looks like an amazing trip.

  27. gasp! I wish I could see the cat tricks!

    and your "fruit of your loins" comment made me laugh out loud!

  28. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Just catching up on your the trip! But since you used the word so many times, I can't help but say...its "take a peek" not "take a peak". Sorry for being so picky.....

  29. moscow is a beautiful city with wonderful museums, buildings and metro, of course. your photos are very nice.
    just a small correction though, the 'galoshi' poster is not soviet. all soviet started in november 1917 and that ad comes from many years before. there was no way a poster like that would make it at soviet time.

  30. Meghan Petrovna12:33 PM

    I realize this post was made a few years ago, but I would be careful about advertising or making a profit off of prints from the subway stations. Photos of Russia's underground transportation is strictly prohibited. Before I lived there, a friend of mine told me that you could be shot for taking pictures--it is not that extreme, but I would strongly suggest that you do not broadcast that you were able to take and post photos online of the metro stops.

    As a small side note, I lived in Moscow (right off of Belorusskaya Prospekt), and got to know a few people, including some policemen. The majority of the ones that I met are not threatening; in fact, they are more lonely than anything else. The guards in Red Square in particular feel pressure to put on a tough face for the tourists... although the first time I went into Red Square the guards by St. Basil were very, very drunk.

    I'm glad you liked Moscow! And you weren't missing out on the lack of TP in the public is almost more horrifying to see what they DO consider toilet paper.


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