Imaginary Shopping

Its been more than 2 months since my last imaginary shopping trip - want to join me for another? Don't worry about prices, my imaginary purse is stuffed to the brim with crisp thousand dollar bills.

I know the mercury is still high and I'm insane to be thinking of Halloween but I can't help it.

Wouldn't this Glowing Cloaked Woman look really fabulous in my front yard as part of the Halloween display? I have a plan of attack for this year but I'm not quite sure if it will pan out so I wouldn't mind a little premade backup plan in the form of this spooky thing.

I'm completely smitten with the Oddfellows Orphanage series from the black apple. I've yet to see an original painting up for sale so I don't know the costs of one. On this fantasy trip, I'm going to buy all the originals and dedicate an entire wall to them.

A large, fabulous bust to hang some necklaces from. I've been looking all over for the perfect one and can't find anything that fits the bill. Suggestions?
So what is on your shopping list? (real or make believe)


  1. I'm looking for a bust as well...a friend has one that she uses to display necklaces and it adds such interest! Good luck on your hunt...

  2. I saw that catalog. Lotsa scary, fun stuff!
    Very intriguing painting.
    The Black Apple paintings are by Emily Martin.
    she is posting new originals oon Friday August 28.
    You can find out more on her blog:
    You can buy her works at:

  3. I've been looking for a petite bust. I found a beautiful large one at @Alchemy_Deana's shop. Tweet her and see if she still has it. It's divine!

  4. I want a bust too. I really want some new cookware but that's definitely on the imaginary list right now. A new pair of black pumps and subway tile are on the real list.

  5. What a great idea, like the bit about your wallet being stuffed to the brim! Ha! Wouldn't that be fun...what is on my imaginary shopping list? Funny, nothing comes to mind...but you can bet I'll be thinking about it today!

  6. Filled-to-the-brim purse? Now THAT'S my kind of shopping!

  7. Oh... I love the Black Apple. I bought DH one of those for an anniversary a couple of years back. I can pick her work out immediately!

    I can't wait to hear what you come up with for Halloween. I am SO excited that Halloween is on Saturday this year- makes planning the annual party so much easier!

  8. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I would completely splurge on the "Glowing Cloaked Woman" - go for it!

  9. The cloaked woman would scare the begeezes out of my kids...I'd never get them out the front door. She might work wonders for a certain toddler who refuses to eat. ;) I say go for it!!

    I'd LOVE to splurge on a bunch of Fall plants, but it's just not in the budget right now....

  10. Love the bust & especially the necklace.

  11. The cloaked Halloween lady is way too scary for me. At least it will keep the neighborhood kids from messing with your decorations! HeHe! :)

  12. Monica3:50 PM

    I'm so glad you mentioned Emily's work! I've been following her for a couple years now and have made a purchase or two. I love her work, and I agree the Oddfellow's Orphanage is my favorite so far.
    I'm super excited about her next theme, though... :)

  13. I have also been having a really hard time finding a large (life-size) bust. They are all so expensive; even the modern reproduction ones!

  14. That bust idea is awesome. What a romantic way to display your necklaces...

    I've seen Emily's largest paintings sell between $400 and $700, I think. Largest, is key. Most aren't so expensive. I could be remembering incorrectly, as the prices are only up for a few minutes usually before somebody snatches them up!

  15. Right now the list is endless....especially with our new house. I could spend money like crazy b/c I'm wanting to do so many different things.

  16. I love the idea of hanging necklaces on a bust, just found your blog and am thrilled with it!

  17. I'm wondering is the cloaked woman a painting or a graphic? the bust was so elegant its an beautiful place to put in an elegant necklace as well.


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