Guest Post: Right Bank to Left Coast Then & Now

While I do love where I live, I am always impressed when I meet someone who has moved around to experience other lovely cities. So it should come as no surprise to you that I was thrilled to hear from Alek of From the Right Bank to the Left Coast when called for guest bloggers.

If her backstory isn't compelling enough, her blog features decor porn from all over the globe. What more can one want?

Hello, I'm very happy to be guest blogging here today. I started my blog when I moved from Paris to Seattle as a place to organize the thousands of design ideas I had collected on the web and to document my progress in setting up a new home.

When we first moved into our house, I wondered about making the pieces we had in our Hausmannian apartment work in a contemporary Northwest house. But I’ve always liked mixing styles and eras and as it turns out, that approach is serving me well.

(left: Paris dining room, right: Seattle dining room)
We had a pretty unique dining area in our Paris apartment which was round and that just called for a round dining table. When we moved to Seattle, the table moved with us and it's working out well in our new dining room. We also bought two antique chandeliers in Paris which we brought over. Let me tell you, that was no easy feat! But it was worth it because they instantly added a lot of character to the brand new house. In our apartment the crystal one hung in the entry and the Murano one in the dining room. In our new house, they've switched places.

(left: Paris Living Room; right: Seattle Living Room)

A couple of other things that made the transatlantic move are an orange "Pop" chair and a pair of Louis XVI chairs. The Louis chairs are now in the dining room and the Pop chair sits in our living room. As you can see, they are two entirely different settings but I think these pieces work equally well in both. Now if I can just find a spot for the rest of the pieces I've got hanging around . . . I hope you enjoyed this little peak into my homes. Thanks for having me, Stefanie!

I hope you've fallen in love with Alek's homes as much as I have (can't take my eyes off that murano chandy!) If you want to see more, travel over to her blog.

And that brings us to the end of this guest blogger series. A tremendous thank you to all the wonderful women who have taken time out of their busy lives to help me take a blog break!


  1. Great fun to see the comparisons from Paris to Seattle. Such a sharp contrast moving from France to the Pacific N.W. (being a Seattle girl myself). Alek has fabulous taste & she'd make living in a box under the "Freemont" bridge look fabulous. Her blog is equally as great, as is yours. ~ deb

  2. pretty spectacular.

  3. Fascinating! Two such different locals and design styles, just adore the mixing of it all!

  4. Alek is definitely awesome! Love her style sense! :D

  5. Alek has gorgeous style...xv

  6. I love Alek's home and style!

  7. I really love that orange chair. Looks just as good in Seattle as in Paris.

  8. I love that the Seattle dining room has a little Paris flair by using the more ornate chairs.

    I'm definitely going to check out more on Alek's blog.

  9. I love Alek's blog and I love her style.

  10. Just goes to show, when you buy items you love they will always find a place in your home. Where ever that home may be. Beautiful digs, Alek!

  11. Makes me want to move - just to see my furniture in a whole new light!

  12. I just re-read the post and much to my horror, "peek" is misspelled! :-[ Oh, well. Thank you so much everyone for all the kind comments and thanks again, Stefanie for having me as a guest.

  13. Gorgeous, gorgeous home!


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