Guest Post: Kathleen's Red & Blue Pop Home Office

Today's guest post comes from a familar couple (you may remember them from such guest posts as their kitchen reno or their favorite nook), the ever stylish, Jeremy & Kathleen. I've been a long time reader and always love how they put an outfit or a room or a stationery suite together with signature style. Let's take a peek at where Kathleen gets down to business.


A huge thank you to the always fabulous Mrs. Limestone for letting me do a guest feature while she is surely jet-setting across the world on one of her many adventures.

When I decided to leave my 9-5 job as a Senior Art Director to go full-time freelance out of my home I became most excited at the thought of designing and decorating my very own office.

I knew that I wanted this space to feel a little different from the rest of my home in order to create visual boundaries between work and home. My goal was to create a space that is calm yet productive, as well as stylish and fun, yet functional. Because I had to by new design software, a computer, printer, scanner and Pantone books I didn't have a whole lot of money left over for decorating. So what I want to share with you all is how I designed my home office on a budget.

A lot of these items I already had and pulled from other areas of my home - so I had very little costs all at once. Here is the breakdown:

+ Walls: Sherwin Williams Blue Sky (SW0063) in flat finish & black chalkboard paint - $75 for paint and supplies
+ Desk: Vintage metal desk found at a used office furniture store - $65
+ Desk Surface: Self-healing cutting mat - $58
+ Desk Chair: Garage sale find - $5
+ Rug: Hand-me-down from my sister (FREE)

+ Mid-century Modern Chair & Ottoman: Hand-me-down from a friend (FREE)
+ Sheepskin: IKEA - $25
+ Side Table: Acrylic table from Target - $30
+ Light: FADO table lamp from IKEA - $20

+ Cork Tile inspiration board(s) - $24

+ Shelving: Industrial Chrome Wire Shelving Unit from Lowes - $75
+ Vintage locker bins: birthday gifts from my husband
+ Neenah Paper Calendar: Promotional item (FREE)
+ Books: Existing collection or hand me downs from designer friends

+ Potted plants: gathered from around the house - terra cotta planters and IKEA planters are super affordable at just dollars a piece - $30ish total

I love working in my new home office and am comfortable spending my entire day in here.


  1. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Oh, I just had a design break through!

    Thanks for the inspiration, Jeremy & Kathleen!d

    And thanks for hosting this guest blog, Mrs. Limestone!

  2. Love the color choices!

  3. there's already been one office with a chalkboard wall - now another? i love them! i have to get to painting mine so i can stop all the jealousy ;)

  4. Love that chalkboard wall!

  5. love this retro look! the blue walls are beautiful with the red accents.


  6. Love the colors and retro 50's look. Especially like how you've painted the old metal desk to make it look current.

  7. This one makes me want to work at home too!! Much better than sitting in the family room with my feet on the coffee table!


  8. Thanks for the sweet compliments! I'm glad you guys like it.

    Naz - the desk came that color - I knew it was perfect the moment I laid eyes on it.

  9. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Love it! Aqua and red is such a great color combination!

  10. Anonymous3:37 AM

    So creative and fun. Nice that the mid century chair and ottman were free. xx Emily at ELVintage

  11. Wow, I never would have thought to pair that blue with red, but I love the combo so much I can't picture your office any other way. And what a great score on that chair/ottoman!


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