Kenya Continued...

Had enough of Brooklyn for a minute? Let's flash back to Africa for today.

If you didn't catch my first installment of the Kenya trip, read it here. Picking up where I left off, we left Amboseli and took a short white knuckled flight to the Masai Mara.


If you are expecting wild animals in this post, I'm sorry to disappoint. There will be none today because I have to share with you some of the details of where we called home for 3 amazing days: Bateleur Camp at Kichwa Tembo.

I love a good hotel but even the nicest ones tend to be a lot of the same stuff. Its easy to get jaded. Not here. I was completely enchanted from the moment we touched down (and completely depressed when we had to leave). So who else would better appreciate it then my fellow decor porn addicts?

Imagine having an incredibly cosmopolitan friend who lived in the African bush who offered you her pad for a few days (while she jetted off to some other amazing place like Antartica, no doubt) complete with her staff and fully stocked bar. That is what staying here is like. Really. Hats off to the designer, whoever you are.

The commons space decor is on a raised wooden terrace overlooking a huge plain. Its a balanced mix of collected vintage items, bits and pieces of the local materials and a bit of whimsy - set against a backdrop of natural beauty.
I've never wanted a collection of Ostrich eggs before - now I'm dying for one! And who would think a ceramic pug would work in a colonial setting? Genius. Just goes to show you that being unpredictable in small doses adds a lot to a space.

Then we were escorted to our "tent". Bwah! If all camping were like this, none of us would live in houses!
Stone, rich woods and canvas walls. And yes, there was a ceiling fan that made perfect sense. Well done.

Just great design - functional and luxe and all out in the middle of nowhere. Great food and service surrounded by the most incredible wildlife. I can't imagine this experience will ever be topped so I can't help but rave about it.

And because I know you are curious: Yes, it was really expensive (but included everything) but so worth it. Staying in Kenya for just a week (one of most used travel strategies) help kept the total damage down but it was still a big number.

Ok, enough with the decor stuff. Next Kenya post will be all about the animals!


  1. Beautiful - You should do a post just on your favorite hotels around the world. I love telling my friends about my finds in my travels!

  2. Anonymous10:51 AM

    OMG, it's GORGEOUS! I can see why you want ostritch eggs now-- very cool. And yes, if camping is like that sign me up!

  3. Anonymous10:53 AM

    The common room is jaw-droppingly gorgeous - but my first thought when I saw the pug was 'bait'...

  4. My hubby has been trying to get me to go camping...I wonder if this is what he had in mind??? Lol!
    Just Beautiful!!

  5. Now this is my kind of camping. Actually it's called GLAMPING and I'm all for it. (Read about a place in Montana that is doing something similar.) The hubby and I also want to plan a trip to Africa. This so reminds me of the "Out of Africa" set. Absolutely stunning, Mrs. L. Well worth the price for what you received. Tricia's comment about "bait" had me ROTFLMAO

  6. I am a sucker for ceiling fans. :)


  7. Darlene2:00 PM

    I think I'm in love!

  8. Now THAT is what I call camping!

  9. I seriously want to cry, this is a place I just have to experience. It hits all the right elements in my book. Janell

  10. Wowsa!! What an amazing place!! Gorgeous is an understatement.

  11. Myparents-in-law have a ceramic pug that they keep threatening to give to us. I'd certainly never even considered it as a style icon! Just shows what you can do with a bit of imagination and flair. That is totally gorgeous. Where did you hear about the hotel?

  12. Do you really want a collection of Ostrich eggs? I'm not sure how to empty them (I'm told you can make 16 omelettes with one egg), but they are sold in abundance near the Wild Animal Park, about 25 miles from my home in San Diego. If you really want some, I'm sure I can get my hands on some for you!

    As an aside, that place looks AMAZING & I will definitely be referencing this post when it comes time to book our trip to Kenya! Awesome!

  13. Hey there! Love your blog. Why don't I ever comment? I'm lame.

    I'm turning 30 this year and am planning to do something huge and fabulous and wonderful and....anyway, THIS is what I want to do. I went to South Africa a few years ago and spent a day doing safari goodness...but that one day simply doesn't compare to your amazing trip. Any chance you could email me some info on where to start booking? I'm happy to pay you for your time! I would love some direction and assistance planning my big 3-0 in Africa. :)
    Thank you!

  14. It looks amazing!

  15. Now that our trip to Japan has been cancelled, we've been scrambling to find an alternative. Just tonight we decided that Kenya might be it. Looks like we'd fly into and out of Nairobi (in on a Saturday night, out on the following Sunday morning). We are likely to book two 3-day trips with a travel group: one visits the Amboseli park & we stay in a luxury lodge and the second to the Sweetwaters Game Reserve where we'd stay in a luxury tent. Perhaps we'll have an experience like yours!

    I do not have my Yellow Fever or Hep A & Hep B vaccines yet though, so tomorrow I'll have to call my Dr. and see what is possible in the short time we have (we'd leave in 12 days). I did have 2 rounds of Hep A a few years ago, but 3 rounds is necessary for lifetime immunity, so I bunked on that one. What did you have in your vaccine arsenal before visiting? Did you bring anti-malarial drugs with you?

  16. MrsLimestone9:27 AM

    I emailed you but if you need anything else, feel free to email me at bklimestoner at aol dot com.

  17. MrsLimestone9:28 AM

    I left a comment on your blog to answer but if you need anything else, feel free to email me - bklimestoner at aol dot com

  18. MrsLimestone9:28 AM

    I read a lot of travel mags and sites - I'm not sure where I heard about it exactly but its not hard to find if you enjoy researching hotels as much as I do :)

  19. Whoaa! this the Masai? Going there next month! Would love to get some tips from you- did you get this on a package deal or book on your own? Looks FANTASTIC! and your photos of the animals in the previous post-uh-mayyyy-zingggg


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