Life in the Living Room

As I was organizing all of my ramblings into those handy dandy tabs above, I realized that I've never done a proper before and after of the living room. The reason? It still needs something. I figured I'd stumble on it eventually and all would be sorted but so far, no luck. Acknowledging its not really finished, here is how it went down.

We started with this:
Living Room BeforeLiving Room Before
Probably the least offensive room in the house. No brown smears, collapsed ceilings or missing windows. The mirror to got moved to the the dining room. And then there was the all nitty gritty stuff that had to go on like new electrical and heating and cooling, replacing the windows, repairing damage to the walls, etc.

After quite a bit of work, it was ready for some finishing. Extreme paint anxiety followed until I found the perfect shade of griege, Benjamin Moore Silver Fox.Then the floors got repaired and finished. Finally, the lighting.

After all that was sorted, months and months of waiting for furniture that never arrived and having to scramble to find suitable alternatives was in my future. There seemed to be a bad luck omen attached to anything I ordered for this room. I won't bore you with all those details again but ugh. A couch + chairs + rug + ottomans + coffee table + shutters + side tables + frames later and here we have it.

I am happy with what I've done so far but it needs a little more personality. There are some things I know I do NOT want to do. Specifically:

  • I don't want to add any pops of color. Monochromatic may not be for everyone but I definitely love it. It was always my intention to make this a very calm room (think a clean backdrop for whatever is happening here, etc). I wouldn't mind adding a little bit but it would have to be very subtle.
  • I don't want to add draperies. Even though I do love luxurious draperies in general, I dont want to lose the little light we get nor do I want to cover the moldings.
  • Plants: Indoor trees are not my bag. I'm not against smaller plants but this room doesn't get great light anyway. Don't even get me started on fakes.

Here is what I am thinking of doing:

  • Pillows: Maybe one or two more (we do need to have room to sit down). Struggling with the right fabric. Anyone have suggestions?
  • Mirror: Maybe a mirror top made for the round table near the windows. Its not perfectly flat though so Im worried it will break. Silver leafing the top might be an option.
  • Art: Part of me really digs the empty frames - its kind of an ironic twist - but I think some art would help. I'm on the fence. (I do still love this idea but the frames are impossible to find.)
  • Hanging out: I'd like to make a sculptural "grown up mobile" type thing to hang near the windows. In my mind it works but maybe I've gone off the deep end?
  • Sofa Table: If I can find a dresser the right height and width (30Hx72W), I'd love to paint it high gloss shade and send this wooden craftsman style sofa table to the hub's man cave.

Even with all that on my to-do list, I can't seem to get to the finish line. Something is stopping me. I know what I don't want to do but I'm struggling with what else can be done? Maybe I'm looking at it too closely? What do you think?


  1. You know what you want and that's a start. I love the empty frames, sometimes the frames are more interesting than the art inside of them.

  2. It looks beauitful - I love the monochromatic thing you have going on. I think a touch more big black things could work to make it feel finished - sofa table for a start. Maybe black inside the frames? They'd still be ironic but might balance the room to give that complete feel?
    I think the empty frames and the empty table stop it looking "done", but I think that's ok - you can wait till you find the right things.

  3. I vote on the "adult mobile" to hang near the windows. I think that sounds whimiscal and fun! I LOVE the pocket french doors!!!

  4. What a fabulous space, the architecture is just incredible and you have done a wonderful job with the design. I think you are on the right path to find an interesting dresser to use as a sofa table. You are right a few more pillows would "beef up" the sofa but in addition have you thought of a great textured throw? I add this to every client project and it gives that styled, finished touch! Good luck and I love the new tabs on the top!!

  5. I love your entire home! I really like the idea of the high gloss dresser in there. And I definitely think a large mirror would help to reflect some more light around the room.

  6. Mrs. Limestone, why are all your table tops empty? I feel you are missing some "stuff." Perhaps a cool bust or your travel scrapbooks?

    I LOVE the idea of a mobile.

    How do you feel about a throw for the couch? Lazily draped over an arm it would give the same feel as another pillow without taking up real estate needed for the tush.

    Have you considered doing the window table in mosaic? Little mirror tiles might be just the sparkle you are looking for without all the non-flat surface worry.

    I cannot wait to see what you come up with.

    Oh, and you are officially on my TiVo to-do list today. Wee!

  7. Definitely a high gloss sofa table! I absolutely love this room, as my living space, save for some lillies, is monochrmatic too! Maybe add some texture in your pillows so you have the print and pattern nailed down? Maybe rosette accent pillows? Definitely not the super frilly, fem kind..I don't get that vibe. But possibly toned down or unexpectedly placed monochromatic rosettes? Could be fun! And by all means, do NOT hide the beautiful molding!!

  8. p.s. I forgot to DVR..will you have a clip of you and Nate that you can post to your blog?

  9. I think you could rethink your no drapery policy. I would have a pole fitted above the bay and extend past the side windows and hang a pair of pale grey linen panels so that they frame the window and come to the edge, not to cover the glass. Simple and elegant!

  10. I love what you've done so far! I too can see a dark high gloss dresser for a sofa table, or even a mirrored one. I also think you could add the mirror top to the table, you could place small clear rubber bumpers underneath. It'll help even it out and prevent it from sliding and no one will no they are there. The mobile sounds interesting.

  11. I love it and I know what I want. I want you typewriter sooo bad. I'll be watching today. Yay!

  12. ur kidding right? - ur place is INSANE - the transformation DREAM! - looks fantastic - ok beyond fantastic!!!!

    PS - spreading the word - LAST DAY to *Enter Camille Beckman Luxury Give-Away Here* PLEASE come over and join!

    *kiss kiss*

  13. Anonymous8:54 AM

    I love the monochromatic look in this room. It is so classic looking. Great work so far...

  14. First, you did an amazing job like you always do. Your floors are to die for! I love the monochromatic so I'm wish you on the pops of color. You have lots of color they are just neutral. I agree on not covering those gorgeous moldings. I would just accessorize a bit. A stack of books (like the new collection of F. Scott Fitzgerald's from Pequin- all black and gold), candlesticks or maybe a tray. I don't like knick knacks but substantial accessories are my thing. If I come across anything I'll send it your way.

  15. Your home is soooo gorgeous- I would kill for those high ceilings and molding- you basically live in my dream house.
    I think a black and white graphic canvas would be great to offset the more feminine touches in the room- I'm also loving the idea of the adult mobile by the window- a little whimsy is never a bad thing in my books. Another thought is maybe adding a fur throw to the sofa.
    I'm sure whatever you decide, it will look fantastic! I had similar disaster stories with everything we ordered and did to our living room when I was designing it- it just makes for a more satisfying result when you are done:) xo

  16. I just love this room! I love the detail with the large, empty gold frame!

  17. Thanks everyone! For the record I do rotate in accessories and plants/flowers depending upon what is going on in here. A bowl of fruit, an orchid, a coffee table book, a vase of budding branches, that kind of thing. But Im not much of a clutter person so I can only have that for a short while before I want some clean surface areas.

    I do have a plush throw (it gets cold in here!) but I never leave it out for company b/c I feel like it looks too messy. Maybe if I had a posher looking one but Im kind of attached to the blankie i have now. haha

  18. I think the room looks great after seeing how far you have come. I think the little table would be ok with a mirror top, you would just have to put some soft shims where it is uneven, something you can do with a mirror but not a glass top. The mobil sounds like a neat idea. I like the empty frames, I did that once with white frames and mirrors on my stair wall, I loved how basic it looks. Have fun with it and it will come together.

  19. I applaud your braveness in going monochromatic. I feel like it is harder to pull off than it seems so texture is uber important. I definitely agree with the high gloss table and mobile and like the frames empty. May I ask where the great round table between the chairs is from? I love it!

  20. The room is wonderful, but I see what you're saying. But I think you maybe restricting yourself too much by saying no drapes, no tabletop clutter, no art in the frames. Maybe if you just went with one of those (I personally think some monochromatic art would be fabulous - I'm thinking gold and black and cream art would be so cool!). Some lamps would be nice one that glossy sofa table you're thinking about too! So, if it were me, I'd do the art, table and lamps! ;-) And what about a mirror tray or some dramatic-looking black books for the coffee table?

  21. Just gorgeous! The room has such beautiful architectural detail--you are right to keep things monochromatic, drapery-less, and serene to let the details shine. I am in love with your empty frames but could see adding pillows to cozy up/interest the sofa and I like the idea of a high-gloss pretty table instead of the wood one behind the sofa. In love with your room. You have inspired me. Silver fox? May have to try...

  22. I agree the room is fabulous, and your "room that is lacking something" is our dream room! For some reason empty frames, now matter how beautiful they are, make me feel a little sad. I bet you could score some gorgeous smaller frames for a collage on eBay, and mix them with some modern ones. All your ideas are just perfect, perhaps a shorter sofa table or some metallic glam on the table in the window. Keeping it monochromatic is brilliant-- your room has such beautiful features and that will let them sing!

  23. Wow, what a great canvas to work with....
    Large 20x20 feather pillows in animal print....adds texture and pattern. Pretty pedestal table in window...but could be bigger...mirror...OR silver leaf as you suggested with glass top (if the mirror OR glass dosen't extend too far beyond the edge and it has some should not break). Art in the frames...YES, but small and black and white, canvas.. for bit of tension. Would love to see what you come up with in the MOBILE department. Yes to the high gloss're not going to like... but with colour...Other than that a few special pieces..books, flowers, collection... on all the flat surfaces....makes it YOUR space.

  24. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Your floors are to die for!!! I love love love them. I am completely with you on the drapes. You have beautiful architechture details on the windows that dont need to be covered. I think some small upholstered chairs (ie slipper chairs w/o upholstered feet) for the table at the window, plus some photos, books, and a small plant for your table tops. Also, please put some artwork in your frames. It will only enhance, and an empty frame is just empty. Love your house and keep up the blogging.

  25. The transformation of your floors is stunning! I love the idea of mirrors and some art - you've chosen some sensational prints for other parts of your house! The mobile - yes! I like to keep big containers of branches here and there, they soften the room, add a natural element and last a long time in water. The drapery ban. Liking the shutters but could you consider lightweight panels that would just frame the windows and not take up a lot of room or impede the light??? Rooms without window treatments always look sort of cold to me.....


  26. Since you spent all that time with Nate, why didn't you ask him for some ideas?
    Personally, I think it looks great as-is.

  27. Gorgeous! I totally respect your monochromatic soothing. But the window area needs some oomph. What about doing a leading and a texture on the windows? If you don't want the hassle and cost of real leading, google "faux lead windows." My mom did a similar affect on her front door and it has lasted for years and has looked amazing (and my mother is a perfectionist!). Combine that with a window seat with an awesome (and even monochromatic) fabric cover and you've completely warmed up that area without getting rid of any light or even needing to add color. Bonus: storage in your window seat.

  28. Anonymous10:34 AM

    I would cover the table in front of the window with a very rich satin/silk material, possibly a maple cream color or toffee, let it flow down and puff it up just a little around the bottom, I might opt for a bigger round table in that space too, put some beautiful coffee table books on the top of it and I think it is crying out for some white orchids,what do you think ?

  29. enjoy your fame!! hoe frickin exciting!

    your living room is so unique and gorgeous!!!

  30. i like it the way it is. It makes me happy.

  31. You should write a coffee table book on your home renovation and blog posts and then put that on your table. Perfect!

  32. What a great room!
    I agree that "pops" of color wouldn't be right for this space. It's very beautiful as monochromatic.
    But I kind of disagree with you on the empty frames. Empty frames make me feel a bit sad...:(
    They're just hanging there, endlessly waiting to fulfull their purpose... I think some art would really make this room shine!
    Great work!

  33. Anonymous11:01 AM

    I like the frame idea. You must be able to find some at thrift stores or even Homegoods.

    On another note, have you seen Apartment Therapy today? They made a cardholder with an empty frame. Looks great.

  34. Well of course the first thing I thought of was to add a pop of color! The room is beautiful, and I love how you complimented the rich architectural details with rather traditional furnishings. I think maybe you need to add some kind of INTEREST to shake it up. I feel as if I can take in most of the room in a glance or two, so add something different and unexpected that will make your eyes linger. Things that come to mind are texture and shape: a fur throw on a chair/couch; an interesting sculpture (in white/black ceramic or even better - marble/raw stone); perhaps a deer head can be mounted from one of the empty frames ( Or try using something graphic with pattern - the ottomans are a good start, but some complimenting pattern (imperial trellis?) somewhere may be fun.

    I like the empty frames a lot as it is, but I also think the idea you linked to would serve as interest also.

    Lovely lovely lovely room!!!

  35. It's SO beautiful as is! I, however, vote for art but also keep your empty frames as well. On the television wall, could you add clusters of small art mixed with more empty frames to mimic the large ones on the other side of the room?

    And a fresh batch of white tulips on your coffee table would be magical.

  36. Great new look for the blog!

    I personally think the empty frames are perfect! What if you left the empty frame and maybe put a smaller framed print in the middle of them?

  37. Anonymous11:37 AM

    I'm new here, and perhaps you've addressed it before, but how is all your "extra" tv stuff stored? Do you not have a dvd player, and is your tv all set up through wires? (We have a modem that is for our internet and tv). I hate clutter, too, and I'm always struggling with how to hide that stuff!

  38. Maybe some cream pillows for your couch? Even leaning towards pale yellow. It might pick up the golds and creams you have going already, but be a little different in color flavor. Something with texture?

    Maybe the issue with the window area is that it looks a little naked. I love the idea of a mobile — it would add a lot of visual interest. I agree with Amy above that curtains flanking the windows would look great and wouldn't obstruct the light. Perhaps a small bench or daybed would look nice by the window.

    I can appreciate what you are going for with the empty frames, but to me, they look like they're waiting for something. To keep the spirit of the irony, maybe put one small thing in the center of the fames, like a tiny canvas. This way you still get all that wall showing inside the frame and it looks intentionally done. Anyway, whatever you decide, I can't wait to see because the room is stunning already.

  39. Watching the Nate Show now and it looks like you got moved to tomorrow.

  40. What do I think? I think this very well be my dream room. I never thought I'd meet her, but there she is, TV and all :)thing

  41. The room is gorgeous MrsL, but I see what you mean about almost getting to the finish line. I know you love the monochromatic look but I can't help but think a little dose of colour will uplift the room.

    Like in this post Bijou & Boheme wrote:

    See that red dress on the statue? It picks up on the subtle reds in the artwork above. I think a little, very tiny, colourful something, maybe something on the table by the windows to draw your eye, and coordinated with a bit of colour in some new pillows, will finally get you over that finish line. You can always try things out and live with them for a while too.

    Its always that last 5% that's the hardest, isn't it!

  42. Just saw you on the Nate show! Congrats... you have a wonderful blog! :D

  43. I've been looking forward to your appearance on Nate and it was great! Really good segment!

  44. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Just saw you on Nate and you did amazing!!!

    Here are some ideas I have to add a little dimension to the room (although it is beautiful already):

    -What about doing some sort of pattern on the windows similar to what you did in the office? It would add a little something to the window without taking away from the molding or blocking light.

    -What about doing a square of decorative wall paper behind the empty frame? You can do it in your existing color scheme so it won't add any color but it would add a little more visual interest.

    -I agree with what was mentioned above (a throw on the couch would be nice).

  45. I love the arrangement of the furniture in this space. Also, I love that you're sticking with neutrals. As mentioned above, a throw on the couch would be nice!

  46. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Always love your design Mrs Limestone!! I think it'd look beautiful to have a gallery wall of art - I found 9 inexpensive black frames at Joann's (not sure if they have those in NY) and found a book from an artist I adore & cut the pages out to fit in the frames. I hung them 3 by 3 and it takes up a lot of space but is not too busy at the same time - just my 2 cents! :) Again - love everything you do. Can't wait to watch Nate tonight! - Jenna from Minnesoooota :)

  47. Anonymous2:14 PM

    This room is really beautiful! Although I love pops of color, I definitely respect monochrome. I really think the walls look bare though and are in need of some art! Those gorgeous frames would look really cool with some black & white photography... a nice modern/traditional blend. Also, I agree that a few more black pieces would really bring the room together. Perhaps a black Louis Ghost beneath one of the frames?

  48. I love your room and agree with a few others that just a small pop of color would be great! I however would be just fine moving in to that room as it is, hehe. hugs from Conroe, TX!

  49. I can't wait to see what you add!!

    In other news, can I please fly to NY next Halloween...I just love what you do with your parties! You are so amazing!

  50. Turned on the Nate show to listen to while working, and guess who is on the screen at this very moment! Had to stop over and say you are just adorable...and your house is STUNNING, as I've gone on and on about in previous comments!

  51. Although I wish your segment was longer I did enjoy it anyway. I thought you and your husband holding hands at the end was adorable.

    I'd add more black to the room and a couple of lamps.

    What is the difference between a Limestone and a Brownstone?

  52. Just saw you and your husband on "Nate." You both did a great job! I live in Connecticut now, but I am a born-and-bred Brooklyn, New Yorker, so I enjoy coming to visit your blog. Again, great job and congrats on being on the show!
    Best regards,

  53. I love the direction the room is going. You need LAMPS! Several of them. Love the coffee table with the typewriter and camera underneath. You need some item on top too. And something on top of the sofa lamps. I do like the idea of a frame collage inside the big frames. I spent a couple of years collecting ornate frames for a project I was doing. It is hard to find just the right ornate frame but I'm sure some could be found on ebay. i was trying to keep cost down and only shopped discount.

    Love your blog and love your home.

  54. Just saw your segment with Nate...very cool!

  55. Anonymous6:57 PM

    I love your house! I've been a quiet fan for such a long time. However when I look at this room, I do feel like it seems like your either moving in or moving out. How about on the sofa table some sort of serving tray? Candle sticks?
    Or maybe a warm furry throw over the big couch?

  56. Just saw you on Nate! Great job!

  57. The room is great. Maybe what you are missing is a focal point. Without being in the room it's a bit hard to tell (although I am willing to stop over and say hi :). I don't think you need more color but maybe the TV is hogging the focus and that's the problem. What about an interesting built-in around your TV (or something to hold your TV) which would distract the idea from the TV but would add some extra interest to the room. You know I love a good built-in. Planning one for our bedroom TV as I write this! Here's my post about de-focalizing our own TV (but I still haven't done anything) -

  58. The rooms looks absolutely gorgeous! Totally in love with the coffee table!!

  59. it was so fun to see you and hear your voice today!

  60. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Saw you on Nate today and you rocked it-- you looked and sounded great! WOO HOO.

    I hate when people say, oh that needs a pop of color. Your home is gorgeous.

  61. I DVR'd you today and was really excited for you. I would have been so nervous. You looked great, your man looked great and you did an awesome job. I thought that was funny when N. B. was like "why are toilets always black in the before of a bathroom makeover?" Your response was so funny. How did it feel to see yourself? I wish I could meet David Bromstad. I love his show, and would love to have him check out my homefront.

  62. First of all, I have to say this room looks amazing, and you have done totally awesome things with your home. Also, I wish I was at this stage with my own home, I am most certainly many leagues behind you.
    That being said, and since you are asking for advice. The main thing I notice in this room is that all the furnishings are at the same table/couch height. There's nothing above that height except empty frames and the television. I think adding such objects as the mobile to the ceiling, artwork in the frames, etc can help draw the eye up and add layers to the room.

    The other thing is all the table tops are empty, and I am just as skittish about
    clutter as you are, but if you just add a couple of items - something silhouetted against the windows for instance. And something interesting along the back of the couch.

    The next comment I would have is that, at this point, everything looks perfect and expected. If you could add something unexpected and almost "wrong" looking. Something super modern (like the Louis ghost chair, or a modern lamp against the back of the sofa) or something weird (like a strange painting, or piles of old crumbly books) or something out of place (like an irregularly-shaped raw wood table) it might push the room over the top from being a really nice room, to being
    a really interesting room.

    I'm just making a few suggestions, once again, I think your house is awesome.

  63. oh my goodness, I think I've just died and gone to heaven! I love it!!! Maybe if you add a HUGE mirror leaning against the wall...It'll make the space even larger. Great job!!

  64. Hello,

    I just saw the episode on Nate Berkus show. How awesome is that! I enjoy your blog and hope it's ok that it's on my inspiration blog roll. You have a beautiful home. Congratulations!

  65. One of my favorite design books (which I gave as a gift and who's author I have regrettably forgotten - Egads!)... had a brilliant design principle: "Bring the outside in". To me, that's the one thing missing in this room. The monochromatic is beautiful, but to a certain extent, sterile. So how about a beautiful potted orchid on the coffee table or on the round table? Or a low maintenance fern, vase of pussy willow branches, or eucalyptus branches. A small, subtle touch to introduce freshness.

    Also, from a staging perspective? If it were a magazine spread, there'd be a bowl of neutral colored fruit (pears? lemons?) on one of the tables too. Again, that freshness...

    So there are my two suggestions. And lovely room, Mrs. L - it's always delightful to see what you do!

  66. DVRed it and finally got around today to watching it. You two are adorable! Your rooms are stunning!

  67. Wahoooooo! Congrats on your big Nate debut. We're still so sad we didn't get to share an episode but we'll get over it. Someday.

    Sherry (& John)

  68. Could you post a picture of the sofa from the front? Maybe on your Flickr? I'm looking at the Loring and would *love* to see it in real setting (as opposed to what's on the website). Please and thank you?

  69. Gorgeous is everyone in your home!

    I didn't read through the comments. Here is my take. LOVE the idea of a grown up mobile...or some other mod and funky art (but then...that is probably more me than you) also could see a big skirted round table in that back corner...loaded with some books or travel pix. Maybe with a ghost chair...making it a makeshift desk/sitting reading spot.

  70. Frankly, I'm OVER even the phrase 'pop of color.' Ish!

    I LOVE your monochromatic room. Have you said what paint you used? It is lovely.

  71. I really like the room but there are a few comments above that I think said what I was feeling without being able to put my finger on it- the TV seems to draw too much attention and everything else is at the same low height (which I suppose is why the tv seems such a focus...) I definitely think that some lamps would be a great addition. I think that instead of color, add sparkle, like you have in the chandelier. Crystal lamps, for example. I like the neutral palette with the gold accents so I think that rather than putting in more black and white pattern (which seems quite harsh against the soft grey tones everywhere else) maybe look for fabrics with either a metallic sheen or a subtle gold pattern. I think that this room lacks a bit of personality, but what I found when i moved from a studio into a family apartment is that my special things, stuff that I love that I have collected over time, suddenly was spread so thin across the house that you hardly noticed it. I think over time, you will find bits and pieces that you love and that mean something to you to fill in the blank frames, to set on the table, etc and then the room really will feel finished because it finally has your personality stamped on it. Sometimes I think it does just take time.

  72. Anonymous7:30 AM

    I'm also a first time commenter. I love what you have done with the space. With your high ceilings and the fact there aren't any people in the picture the scale is off with the room. Right now everything is at same level as the backs of couch and chairs. It's probably not as noticeable when there are people in the room. Perhaps you just need to bring some things to bridge that gap and accentuates the height of the room.

  73. I think someone else mentioned this, but I think a chair (or a pair) by the window might be nice...a little reading nook, perhaps?

    I could see some modern art looking fantastic on the left side of the room, but I like the empty frames, too.

    I LOVE the mobile idea, though. I've become a big Calder fan (since someone planted a Calder statue right outside my office window!) and I bet you could find a reproduction or DIY something along the lines of his mobiles pretty easily.

  74. Thanks so much for the feedback.

    As I mentioned above, I actually do rotate items like orchards, bowls of fruit, coffee table books, etc. in here. I just took a photo of it more bare so I could focus on the more permament items.

    I do have a throw blanket I use a lot but Im not crazy about the look of throw blankets tossed over

    Those of you who mentioned adding height are totally right. Its mostly one level which is not ideal.

    I realize the TV is a big eyesore but I watch tv in here every single day. there is zero point in me hiding so Im not going to try to. Its like the toilet in the bathroom :)

    Looking at this photo I can see why lamps are being suggested on the sofa table but there are no plugs in the floor so they would be non functioning. Add that to the fact I already have plenty of light fixtures in here, I don't want to have pretend lamps. (Although maybe a lamp like vase would help)

    Im still on the hunt for a dresser to paint to put behind the sofa. Its a lot harder to find a 30 inch high dresser than I would imagine.

    Devon: I do have some photos of the front of the sofa on my flickr acct. Just looked in the living room set.

    Deborah: Its Ben Moore Silver Fox.

    Krista: The table in between the chairs is a cheap knockoff of a French Director table I found for cheap at Not sure if they still sell it but im sure it can be found somewhere.

    Anon: The tv wires are run behind the wall with the cable box hidden in the bottom part of the bookshelf in the next room.

    Naz: Its kind of a long explanation but a brownstone can be a general type of house as well as a specific style. In NYC most people would consider my house a limestone b/c its has a limestone exeterior rather than a brownish stone exterior...but technically you could also call it a brownstone in the generic sense b/c that term refers to the style of that is old, made of brick, has a stone exterior,etc. Clear as mud right?

  75. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Mrs. L. I love your style and you obviously know what you're doing. So I think you should go with your gut and do what you think will look best. But since you asked, I would nix the no curtains idea and add floor to ceiling curtains, hung high and wide (maybe white or ice blue sheers) and leave them open so that they don't hide the molding. I would also put something in the empty frames, maybe a picture within the picture frame. But you have the goods my friend, trust yourself!

  76. Love your blog, love you.

    I have been on the hunt for months for the perfect living room armchair. Where, may I ask, did you get yours? They are EXACTLY what I am looking for.

    All the best,

  77. Hi Stefanie! I loved seeing you and all of your projects that I've followed for so long on the Nate Show!! Congratulations! And you looked beautiful! xoxoNicole

  78. You guys have done a fabulous job! I too like the empty frames. What about candles and flowers? Or some vintage books in a stack? I agree with you about the curtains...that gorgeous trim and moulding shouldn't be covered. Would love to see what you're thinking for the mobile. In the end it's your home...go with your gut. And if all else fails, try something you think you'd like and see how it goes.

  79. I think your living room is fantastic, so -- even though there is more you want to do -- don't be so hard on yourself! It looks amazing. And I LOVE the coffee table!!

  80. Christine6:40 PM

    Hello! I have carted around my lovely mobile through several moves, and never had a spot for it until my current place. My office / sunroom has a modern, color-saturated palette set against stark b & w furnishings, and I replaced the former chandelier with my brushed aluminum mobile beauty. I did a bit of research and found it was made by Joel Hotchkiss ( While the rainbow-colored numbers aren't my bag (or yours, I'm assuming), there are some metal and monochromatic ones to look at. Perhaps this will help you in your quest; your living room is so lovely!!

  81. looks great thus far. I would consider adding lighting and accessories. Lamps/lighting on the end table between the chairs would really add a little something something. Also, rather than a pop of "color" you might incorporate more solid high gloss black accessories to further the theme.

  82. Hi, my first time doing this, so forgive any gaffs. I have a suggestion about your artwork. If you can find some art or hand-colored photo with the blue in it but are afraid of framing costs, I did a very inexpensive frame for my "artwork". First, I painted a canvas a neutral color and then glued some inexpensive botannical postcards to the canvas. At Home Depot I found some thin 1- 1 1/2 inch wood strips which I cut and painted with craft paint from Michaels. Then nailed or tacked it on the canvas edges. Looks like a nicely framed boho piece and it sits near a much more expensive real oil plein air work in a 'gold' frame.

  83. Theyokers9:53 PM

    I'm dying to know where you got that coffee table. I've been looking forever. Please, let me know!!!


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