Guest Post: Casa Brasi's Bedroom

Wrapping up this guest post series, please welcome Amanda of Casa Brasi. Her blog is one several I've found from chatting with her on twitter and I'm so glad I did. She is here today to share a little bit of her home. After you've read all about here, go check out what other goodies she has in store for you over at her place.

Hello Brooklyn Limestone Readers! I have been reading Brooklyn Limestone for a long time and to get an opportunity to be a guest poster is a huge honor. Today, I am going to show you how I transformed our master bedroom.

For most, the master bedroom is the last room on the list. But when we purchased our house I promised myself that it would be one of the first. The one thing that was set in my mind was the bedding so I started there. I've always loved the simplicity of Restoration Hardware bedding, but I have never been a huge fan of their prices. Thank goodness for SmartBargains! There I discovered a white duvet set with triple chocolate stitching (identical to Restoration for around $40) and a chocolate brown quilt set (also $40). (Unfortunately, SmartBargains no longer carries either bedding. SmartBargains is a lot like Marshall's....once you see it, buy it or it will be gone.)Here are some shots of my room in the early stages with the bedding in place, but not much else (WARNING! It's gross):

(cream drapes belong to previous homeowners)

Next phase was trying to figure out what sort of accent I wanted to add with the chocolate brown. I decided on a smokey blue when I spied these drapes at at Bed Bath and Beyond. Lined and interlined, they provide total darkness. A benefit that works for us. There was also a brief period of time when I thought I wanted to paint the room blue. Here's a shot of the drapes (hanging WAY too high) and a glimpse at a terrible shade of blue:

So after I decided to keep the existing wall paint color, I lowered the drapes, added a poster bed, nightstands, fluffed some pillows, found some art and it is today:

Simple Chandelier (much better than the ceiling fan)

So, that does it for my master bedroom transformation. If you have any questions, please e-mail me by clicking the e-mail button on my site. I would love to answer your questions.

Thanks again, Mrs. Limestone, for having me.


  1. looks so great. i love it. very elegant now. so bachelor before

  2. Wow! I can't even believe it's the same wall color! I have a very similar color in my family room and it reads very differently depending on how I dress the rest of the room. This is a fabulous transformation - kudos to you! I can't believe the art is from Marshall's... I was going to ask about the artist but now I'll just try to run out and snag my own. :)

  3. That room looks so elegant now! I love the quilt, ahh just want to curl up in that bed :)

  4. Nice room- it has a very classic, masculine feel- I like it- warm and cozy!

  5. Just fantastic!! What a difference!!

  6. I like the lamps a lot. I think I almost bought those a while back...


  7. Anonymous1:41 PM

    It's amazing how the bed pulled together the whole room. I love it! Can you imagine how awesome it would look with a geometric pattered rug?!

  8. Love it, Amanda (as always)! Congrats on the guest post. Mandi

  9. Wow, I love it!!!!! and I'll be back to look through the rest of your site!

  10. That is a beautiful pulled together room. Classic.

  11. The room is so beautiful, and I am struck by how well the drapery color works with the wall color. I would never in a million years have put those two colors together, but it is just gorgeous, as is the entire room.

  12. It's so warm and beautiful. I love the change that the chandelier makes. It's so much more elegant!
    Lila Ferraro

  13. Very elegant! Why did you add carpet? Was the wood floor damaged?

  14. Very elegant! I love the painting and love chandeliers in bedrooms.

  15. I like how you hung the makes it possible to get curtains at a big box store and still have a semi-custom look. Stealing! :-)


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