Hola Costa Rica!

Ding ding ding for AliyaP for correctly guessing Costa Rica right off the bat. Impressive. (You didn't leave your email so please contact me for your prize.)

So now you know where I've been, you know what that means - trip recap!

This trip was one of those last minute things that got planned very spontaneously. Costa Rica is quite large and has lots on offer but we were only going for a weekend so we picked a location at random. (More random than intended as I wanted to stay near the volcano area but due to a mix up on my part, I booked a hotel by the same name about 2 hours away.)

2011DSC_0333Costa Rica.jpg

It pretty much rained non stop when we were there. It went from drizzle to torrential downpours. That did put a bit of a damper on our fun but there is no question Costa Rica is a beautiful place regardless of weather.

2011DSC_0335Costa Rica.jpg2011DSC_0342Costa Rica.jpg

We were there on Valentines weekend so the hotel put this little surprise on the rug.

2011DSC_0345Costa Rica.jpg
2011DSC_0347Costa Rica.jpg
2011DSC_0405Costa Rica.jpg2011DSC_0413Costa Rica.jpg

Sadly this was the only view of the volcano we got on our trip. I was hoping for glowing red flows of lava but I just got a cloudy mountain. Oh well - a reason to return.

2011P1000645Costa Rica.jpg

2011DSC_0429Costa Rica.jpg2011P1000752Costa Rica.jpg
2011P1000749Costa Rica.jpg
2011P1000771Costa Rica.jpg
2011P1000761Costa Rica.jpg

2011P1000819Costa Rica.jpg2011P1000796Costa Rica.jpg

I think you can tell the theme of the trip was green. Its a very lush landscape. And despite the wet weather, it was a lot warmer than NYC so that was a nice break from bleak winter we've been having here.


  1. Gorgeous pictures...You should definitely visit again.

    Confessions of a Purse-a-holic

  2. Beautiful! Glad you had a good time, even if it was rainy!

  3. I just went to Costa Rica in the beginning of the month. We stayed in Punta Leona (near Jaco, on the Pacific side). The weather is fantastic. The food, not so much. Where did you guys stay? Glad you had a good time.

  4. Jill Stigs9:24 AM

    Great pics! I would take warm and rainy over cold and snowy myself right now.
    Hope you are feeling better!!

  5. Beautiful! Reminds me of Hawaii.

  6. You always take such beautiful pictures! It looks like a stunning place to visit! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Great pics, as always! We were in in the middle of January for a few days (Pacific side, in a town called Playa Flamingo), and fortunately the weather was fantastic while everyone back home in Boston got another blizzard.

  8. Oh, so jealous! That looks gorgeous! I'll have to keep it in mind for our vacation possibilities for the future. But a weekend getaway? Absolutely incredible.

  9. Wow, beautiful! The thought of going to Costa Rica is a little bit crazy for this Idaho girl (but I imagine flying out of NYC is way easier) - super jealous!

  10. Ashley4:26 PM

    I was going to guess Belize! We went there this summer and it was beautiful. It looks very similar to Costa Rica. I want to explore that part of Central America next. Hope you enjoyed your trip!!!

  11. Lavender & Lilies4:40 PM

    So that's where you were! I have never been to CR but so many of my friends went there on their honeymoons and loved it. I definitely need to make the trip.

  12. Ajayhawksgirl5:25 PM

    I'm just about to go to Costa Rica for my honeymoon. It will be rainy season while we are there. Can you give any pointers from this trip? Other than to book the right hotel which is so something I'd do! ;)

  13. Marnie6:53 PM


  14. Mrs Limestone9:34 PM

    We stayed at a place called El Silencio Lodge - about 2 hours from the Arenal volcano. Very nice place but too far away and the weather seemed worse in that area than an hour away so I probably wouldn't stay there again.

  15. Mrs.limestone9:36 PM

    We were only there a couple of days so I don't know enough to give tips other than I wasn't crazy about Tabacon hot springs. It was more like a bunch of hotel pools than a natural wonder. I would skip that if I were planning a bigger trip.

  16. S! You lead such a crazy fun lifestyle! I can say I'm friends with a jetsetter! ; )

  17. Awesome! When I was there we actually rented a two bedroom house for about $50 a night with front views of the volcano. The house was actually really nice with air conditioned rooms.

  18. and kathleen8:30 AM

    Oh fun! I've had my eye on Costa Rica...

  19. Endlesscoast9:39 AM

    Next time you're in CR let me know! We have a design studio on the Pacific Coast with a mix of eclectic locally produced pieces! Endless Coast Design Studio. (as well as endless insider tips for enjoying this amazing country). Pura Vida...

  20. laura @ the shorehousechic2:23 PM

    Costa Rica's definitely been on my travel to-do list. Thanks for the teaser. :-) Pics are gorgeous as always!

  21. It looks gorgeous even with the rain! Love how lush and green it is. Huge bummer on the hotel though.

  22. artemis6:11 PM

    If it makes you feel any better, we were there in January and had some crystal-clear views of the volcano---but there wasn't much to see! Locals said it's been quiet since last fall, so no glowing lava to ogle, even without the cloud cover.

  23. Kirsten8:21 PM

    Such prettty photos! I visited Costa Rica a few years ago and you captured it beautifully:).

  24. I'd take rainy weather anytime over snow! What gorgeous greenery

  25. Rmonschein064:44 PM

    I am planning a trip to Costa Rica and would love to know where you stayed Blanca Garcia! Would you mind replying back with the name of the rental?

  26. MrsLimestone9:38 AM

    We stayed at a place called El Silencio Lodge via a good deal found online. It was a nice resort but kind of far from everything (I booked it by accident) so I don't know if I would recommend it.

  27. I am excited that you went to Costa Rica.  I was born in nearby Panama.  Costa Rica is very similar to Panama. 

  28. Aliettagordon11:13 AM

    Beautiful pictures,  I've been to Panama and always wondered if it was too similar to Costa Rica to "bother" going there yet. Did you guys do anything while you were there?


  29. I've never been to Panana so I cant compare. CR has a lot to offer - from beaches to monkey reserves to hot springs. We only got to see a tiny bit of that but while we were there we visited the hot springs, hiked, took a coffee plantation tour and got rained on. We had planned to zip line but the rain kept me away.

  30. Costa Rica looks beautiful. I'm getting ready to go for a super extended vacation. Your pictures have me even more excited now. Thanks for sharing.



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