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I've done some searching myself but nothing that is blowing me away so I figured I'd ask you lovelies for some help. I'm on the hunt for pretty vintage painted wooden signs (all or mostly text please) for some inspiration. Ideally a stationery store but it doesn't have to be that specific. I don't want the actual sign - i just want some for inspiration for a project. Have you seen an fabulous vintage signs in your travels? I'd love to see. Add your links below.


  1. I spotted some fun vintage signs at a General Store with clever sayings.
    I bet you could make them!

  2. liz @ bon temps beignet11:52 AM

    Hey Stephanie,

    I don't know of any place that has actual signs, BUT I found a shop on etsy that makes gorgeous vintage style destination prints that have a great mix of lettering...

    and if anyone wants to buy a CHEAP destination poster as a printable file they can visit my shop here ;)

  3. I don't have any personal resources but doing a general search on flikr for 'vintage wooden sign' turned up some pretty cool results, you may have already tried that though.

  4. Mlaforge_200012:12 PM

    Have you checked out Etsy? One of my favorite sites is :

    good luck!

  5. Both of my links are for metal signs I have come across in my travels- but I figured they might inspire you a little. I have a few more retro sign photographs if your interested- just let me know! -V

  6. Alyssa1:47 PM

    I've loved Letterhead Fonts for quite some time and use it often for inspiration. It is actually a font site, but they show some examples of vintage signage using their fonts. Each font has different examples.

  7. MrsLimestone1:48 PM

    Thanks for the suggest Liz. Those aren't really my bag - im not really into faux distressed signs but rather Im looking for the way old signage was designed. Not sure if that makes any sense but thanks anyway.

  8. MrsLimestone1:50 PM

    Thanks Michele. Im looking for actual old signs rather than new signs that are distressed but I do appreciate the suggestion.

  9. MrsLimestone1:50 PM

    Thanks Loren. I heart flickr but Im not finding much that works but Ill keep looking.

  10. MrsLimestone1:51 PM

    Thanks Victoria. I'd love to see!

  11. laura @ the shorehousechic3:09 PM

    I kicked in a pic of a sign my friends bought -- I love the dark colors, the all cap font, and most importantly the Greek key border. Simple but super cool.

  12. Trista3:22 PM

    Miss Mustard Seed makes a lot of hand painted signs and then distresses them. Check out her blog.

  13. MrsLimestone4:36 PM

    Love her!

  14. MrsLimestone4:38 PM

    Wow - love that site. Did you know I was a font addict?

  15. Zuleika10:01 PM (under home decor) has some great ones. I was there the other day (it's locally owned/operated) and would have gotten one if they weren't so spendy. I love your blog, BT dubs.

  16. Just made a Flickr set for you from some of the signs I have seen in my more recent travels.

    I know I have more in some of my other Europe picture files, but I don't have time to go through it today.

  17. Hello There!
    I just spotted this site/store on Bright.Bazaar with lots of vintage signs -

  18. Been out of the blogging "groove" for a bit - but popping around blogs tonite to see what people are up to. Saw your post here on hunting for a vintage shop sign for inspiration - so posted a snapshot from one of my flickr sets. I could see you recreating the style into your own - hope it helps! (Window Sign)

    :D Lynda

  19. Have you searched over at Funky Junk? Donna has some posts with a TON of vintage signs. I can't remember exactly where, but using Blogger's search ought to do it. Hth!


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