Favorite Nook: 221 Vision

Today I'm welcoming back the creative duo behind 221 Vision (you remember their fabulous DIY'd striped bench right?).

Since 221 Vision is written by two fabulous women, you get two favorite nooks instead of just the one. Double the fun.


Thank you Stefanie for allowing us to share our favorite nooks with you!

Angie’s favorite nook: Other than the blogging fun I have with Carrie, most of the time I spend behind my computer isn’t as much fun. My day job requires me to blankly stare at financial reports Financial reports = no fun. Thankfully I get to work at home 4 out of 5 days a week. I make the most of it by working outside. This outside nook is my actually my home office.

On a lounger in the garden. I crunch numbers and analyze spreadsheets while taking in some vitamin D and fresh air! It’s a little slice of heaven.

I am never alone…I have always have my buddy, Arnold, sitting on his lounger chewing on his toys.

I made this nook my own by restoring these teak antique loungers. These loungers started out with a rotted surface and ugly gray colored due to mold that was infused in the wood. I spent weeks if not months tediously sanding between the slots, removing the rotted areas off making them new again. After staining (Early American) and sealing they completed my much loved outdoor office nook.

These loungers also mean something extra special to me because they were my very first furniture restoration project. Working on them actually started my furniture rehab addiction last year (an addiction I share with Carrie, which gave birth to our blog 221vision!) I gave warmth to my nook by adding Pier One pillows, my favorite rounded blue planter from Jackalope Pottery,

and always set the table with fresh flowers and candles.

The favorite part of my nook is that at the end of the day, it transforms into a relaxing reading space. I grab a book, light this mini outdoor fireplace and forget all about those spreadsheets.

Carrie’s favorite nook: My favorite nook is the place where I spent most of my time…my office/playroom/guest room. It definitely has multiple personalities which I love. I work here…write here…edit pictures…with best natural light in the house. At night, this room is insanely quiet and cozy and is often called ‘the apartment’ by my daughter and her friends.

I wanted a simple desk and a fun chair to play off Martha Stewart’s Vintage Map paint on the walls. The desk is from Target and the chair was found at Marshall’s. I am in love with the memo station above my desk. It was a Bombay Company (circa 1990) floral print with an olive green frame. I couldn’t part with it because it was my first adult purchase after marriage almost 14 years ago. When trying to fill the wall space, I had a crazy moment. Ran to the garage. Tore the print out of the frame. Opened a can of pink paint. And Ta-Da! It is by far one of the most talked about pieces in my home. Using dry erase markers, I make notes along with my children, friends, and guests.

My children are at home here too. An old shutter painted yellow displays their artwork.

A simple table painted with chalkboard paint for drawing, painting, and snacks.

And some of my favorite pictures along the other wall warm the entire room.

There really isn’t anything I would change…its simple. Multi-functional. And everyone is welcome. Even Bella.


  1. Love the outside nook! Looking for chairs just like that.

  2. Angie - the time spent sanding was more than worth it! Carrie - that memo board is fab! I could eat that color with a sorbet spoon.

  3. We have the same desktop computer... is your LT an Apple too?

  4. Angie@221vision7:42 PM

    Thanks Desiree! I was fortunate the the people we bought our house from left them here! They were moldy and had to be completely stripped but I love them so much now!

  5. Angie@221vision7:43 PM

    Thanks Janice! I love Carrie's memo board also. I should make myself one!

  6. Carrie@22111:32 PM

    Elle, we are Apple lovers! Everything we have is Apple.


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