Favorite Nook: Jones Design

Remember Emily of Jones Design Company?

Yes, the very same that hand painted an entire room that you would swear was gorgeous wallpaper. As soon as I started following her blog, I was hooked. She was kind enough to share her favorite nook with us today. Let's take a look.



I have a favorite spot in our house.

the spot

While our kitchen, Audrey’s nursery and my office are really wonderful spaces, for some reason this little hallway just makes me happy.


It lies between our living room and the front parts of the house and is the half wall of the stairway. If we would have purchased our home just a few weeks earlier in the building process, I would have asked for an open rail staircase. But the walls were already framed and dry walled and the builder wanted something like $3000 to tear them out and add a railing – as you can see, we opted to keep the wall as it was.


One of the very first things I did to ‘customize’ our house when we moved in was add the book pages to the wall.

IMG_9671 ripped-paper

I just tore the pages out of an old book then used my tape gun with double stick tape to adhere them to the wall. They’ve been up for nearly five years and still look great … other than the spot nearest the edge of the wall where an unnamed baby who lives in our house takes great delight in pulling the paper off the walls.

I like to change out what is on the table – but a tray to hold my keys and other random things is a must. Most often an assortment of hair clips, ponytail holders and stray bobby pins can be found there {do you wear bobby pins? If so, do you find them all over your house? Not sure why I take them out so often and leave them in random places …}. My Stella & Dot flower ring usually lives on the tray too. It is just too pretty to hide away.



Lately I’ve been in to collecting things with the number six on them {because I have six people in my family}. I really love anything with a graphic number or letter on it.


I popped a new art print in an old frame without glass and love the hint of color it adds.


Other favorite collectables are old books and {particularly} bibles.

old books


bird house

I posted the space last summer {you can see how it was decorated for the summertime here} and at the end of the post asked this:

Do you have a favorite spot in your home that best represents your design style?

I think it’s a pretty fun question.

This spot is a good representation of things I love – old books, vintage silver, fresh greens, natural baskets, a slightly modern table with feminine and meaningful accessories. I have no idea what to call my style, but it is represented pretty well with this little spot. I think that is why it is my favorite.


  1. Ms_Bright9:14 AM

    How can you NOT love Emily, her blog and her entrire home?!?!
    She is so sincere and it totally comes through in the way she decorates!

    Happy Friday!!


  2. Janell Beals10:05 AM

    I really enjoy reading Emily's blog, but for some reason have never seen this wall! Genius Emily! Janell

  3. Michelle10:08 AM

    I love Emily's blog and her space!
    xoxo~ Michelle

  4. Mr. Goodwill Hunting11:06 AM

    This is such a great little area. I enjoy her many tutorials and the tours she takes us on in her home. I wonder what information she may have on that glass tiered table.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  5. lilliedale11:19 AM

    I have that same French Grammar book! Everything looks so great. I love the glass table.~ Merrilee

  6. Thanks all for the compliments! The glass table is a few years old from Potterybarn. I think it was called the Juliette {or something like that}. Its a good one!

  7. Simple dwellings9:31 PM

    Great series and amazing nook! I had no idea it was book pages at first- what a wonderful way to think outside the box! I am definitely off to check out her blog. :)

  8. LOVE that silver cake-plate giving height to your fern!
    :D Lynda


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