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Today Im mixing it up a bit and have invited a non home decor blogger into the mix (gasp!). I don't know about you but I always wonder what the homes of my favorite non decor bloggers look like. Ok, so Im nosy - I admit it.

So please welcome Kelly of Design Crush - an all around inspiring design blog that thrills everyday with what is good, fun and beautiful in the world of design. If you like pretty things, Design Crush is for you.


Design Crush_1

My favorite nook is my bed, in all its white Egyptian cotton sheets and down comforter glory.

Design Crush_3

I've always been sort of an infamous napper, but what I really love is the coziness of it all. It's the perfect place to curl up, but I also love propping some pillows up against the headboard and reading for a few hours. I write letters, cuddle with my pets, and draw. I think this quote sums it up best:

Design Crush_5Design Crush_2

"My bed is the place where it all comes together. Here is where I think naked thoughts, daydream, make love, worry, plot, argue, get my back scratched, speculate, talk about growing old, and finally, cut the mooring ties and drift out with the dream tide. The bed, the place where we are born and die, is our primeval place." Laura Green

When I first moved into my house two years ago I was obsessed with finding the perfect shade for my bedroom. I'd seen this gray-lavender hue in a shelter magazine and was set on replicating it, it just looked like relaxation to me. Also, a few years ago I received a set of Egyptian cotton sheets for Christmas and now I can never go back. They're luxuriously soft and only continue to grow more so with use. I also prefer to have all white bedding, it just feels so crisp and clean to me.

Design Crush_4

Like I said, I've lived in my home for a little over two years. For that entire time period I've been on the hunt for a pair of goldenrod colored curtains that won't break the bank. Once I can track them down my room will feel complete in my mind.


  1. How cozy! What a great wall colour. The cat loves the bed as well!

  2. Brendakula8:06 PM

    I sure do like the looks of that pretty cat all cozied up there!

  3. Thanks so much for her opening her home and sharing with us!

  4. So relaxed and restful...loving your bed (!) and those lamps must be gorgeous lit up at night!

  5. The furniture is terrific but the cats steal the scene!

  6. Mccrary77111:34 AM

    Love it! What color did you use to paint the walls?


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