Favorite Nook: Bijou and Boheme

Please welcome Christine of Bijou and Boheme - one of those blogs you can get lost in page after beautiful page of inspirational photos.

She also happens to be midway through a kitchen redesign so I wait with bated breath for that reveal. I'm so curious to hear all about her favorite nook. Let's take a peek.



First off, thank you to Stefanie for having me- so honoured! Brooklyn Limestone was honestly one of the very first design blogs I ever read so to be here now talking about my own home...quite a treat!

Trying to determine my favourite nook is a bit of a challenge....I like a lot of spots in my little abode but for now, I think I'll go with this corner of my living room.

My house really only has a foyer, kitchen and this great room on the main floor so I actually spend alot of time here.

I love this little space because aesthetically, it just completely feels like me.

To start with the walls are pink- Behr French Heirloom, to be exact.

And ps, I painted the entire room myself so it was a lot of work but I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

Truly, I can't be anything but completely delighted in a room enveloped by this divinely pretty shade.

And then there's the actual furniture.

The little peak of wood on the right hand side is actually a vintage rosewood credenza that was given to us from my mother-in-law.

I adore it because it hides the home theatre business and keeps the migrating play room toys at bay.

The wood on it is actually book matched so that when the doors open, the beautiful grain comes together- it's just beyond lovely.

Sitting beside this piece actually elevates my mood...it's pretty much a work of art in my eyes.

The large mirror is a HomeSense purchase.

I've wanted one of these beauties ever since I saw this photo in Style at Home.

I love how mine reflects the light from the wall of windows on the opposite side of the room.

I also love how I purchased it for a total steal.

A little chip in the top right corner (that you ps, couldn't see without a magnifying glass) meant that I paid a grand total of $350 for this pretty...high fives on that one.

The nook is really my favourite spot because of the chair.

I purchased the vintage Warner Platner beauty on eBay and had it shipped from California.

My husband drove down to Buffalo to pick it up from the Grayhound bus terminal and it's been true love every since.

It's hard to pick up on camera but the fabric actually has gold thread, which make the chair even more delightful in person.

The little cushion is made from vintage Kimono and I love the graphic but feminine punch it provides.

I'm not entirely sure what it is about this chair, but really I think it's just that it fits me.

When I sit there, I feel totally and utterly comfortable.

It's where I read, where I blog, where I sit to watch the kids play...it's essentially this mommy's little lookout perch;)

The rug underneath is IKEA and it grounds the rest of the room with a bold, modern hand.

It was actually one of the first things I purchased for the space and I love how it plays agains the more traditional elements.

So, there you have it- my favourite nook.

If I could change one thing about this spot, it would probably be the lighting. I'd love to add a pair of fabulous lamps to the credenza.

Something like these perhaps...

A Pair of Classical Modern Porcelain Urn Table Lamps


Or maybe these...

Pair Murano Pink Glass Lamps (GMD#2666)


Thank you so much to Stefanie for having me!!!



  1. Emily @ A Well Dressed Home9:04 AM

    Oh- My! The floor mirror is to DIE for!! Absolutely stunning!

    Emily Hewett
    A Well Dressed Home

  2. christine, i am in love with that nook! it is the PERFECT mix of modern and glam that i adore!
    and i am really loving this series! thank you so much for putting it together! :)

  3. modern_jane9:18 AM

    Completely incredible! I am enthralled by her sense of style! Plus, she's genuinely nice too!

  4. Great post Christine!! I love your little nook in your living room :)

  5. Wow- I love that nook, too! Wish it were in my house! I don't think I could convince my boyfriend to paint the walls pink, but I sure do love it! Nice work; you are an amazing decorator!

  6. Absolutely so perfect and I can see why you love it, Christine! And Stephanie, this is such a fabulous series, you are having some of my most favorite bloggers...it's so fun to see their homes!

  7. Sara Mueller10:29 AM

    Beautiful! And I am so jealous of Christine's steal - the fabulous mirror for $350 - she did good! I am going to try to have a duplicate made while I am living in Peru.

    Christine is so fabulous. Love her.

  8. So happy to be introduced to your blog. I love Christine's blog-she has an amazing sense of style. The credenza, mirror, and the Wagner chair are my favorite. How I would love to paint my walls the same shade of pink, but alas, I will have to leave that kind of soft pink to my blog. I'm outnumbered here 3 to 1 and I've put enough pink around the house through paintings, fabrics, and a rug to help with all the testosterone around here. :)

  9. P.S. Sorry, meant Warner chair. Got distracted with my little one running around with a huge block of cheese!

  10. Danielle Oakey Interiors10:40 AM

    The mirror is from homesense? what a t find. The whole space is just perfect.

  11. I absolutely love that sideboard

  12. recycledconsignanddesign11:05 AM

    I knew I would love it! You had me at "Nook" Thanks for the fun!

  13. christine, that mirror is STUNNING!


  14. Love this series and have enjoyed looking at everyone's favorite "nooks". That mirror is absolutely gorgeous!

  15. Stephanie thank you so much for featuring Christine!

    I love everything about this Nook, from the paint color the fab chair, the striped rug! That credenza, wow! I lwould love to see two lucite lamps on it!

    Art by Karena

  16. Michelle11:51 AM

    I love it!!! Especially the mirror :)

  17. Janell Beals12:17 PM

    Adore Christine's blog!! Janell

  18. pretty pink tulips4:08 PM

    What a perfect little nook!!! xoxo

  19. You know, I was all set to paint my studio black and white but after seeing that fabulous shade of pink it is back to the drawing board. I'd be mad if you people weren't so damn inspirational!

  20. I am always floored every time I get another glimpse inside Christine's beautiful home! It's just gorgeous. And I would definitely agree that is the perfect nook. What a fabulous mirror and what a deal! Well worth it :)

  21. Tamra@walkswithBella6:28 PM

    Lovely guest post, I am swooning over the nook!! So happy to have been introduced to your blog. Newest Follower!

    Best, Tamra

  22. christine {bijouandboheme}6:30 PM

    Thank you so much Stefanie for having me- I am so honoured to have visited. And thank you everyone for your sweet comments- does a heart good I tell you!!! xoxo

  23. carmel9:04 PM

    SO beautiful! I love her blog and her style!

  24. Casey1:52 AM

    Beautiful! I love the pink walls... just gorgeous.

  25. I officially want that Rococo mirror, seriously (that is Rococo right)?

  26. Rachel @ Little Bits of Lovely2:56 AM

    So wonderful to see Christine here, I adore her blog! Her nook is so delightful and I love her fabulous vintage Warner chair!!

  27. Oh, that Christine has such a gorgeous home, huh? She had me at the floor mirror.... love them! I will be back later to try to follow, Stephanie. Looks like your GF Connect is down, I am having problems with mine this morning too. I cleared my cache and it showed my followers but is not showing the blogs I follow. Anyways, your blog is lovely. xo

  28. MyChicRetreat1:34 PM

    What a great post by Christine and what a fun series Stephanie. Christine, I think your credenza is a work of art too. Beautiful. I also think you need those pink glass lamps. Maybe with black shades instead of white? Yum. Nice job......


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