Favorite Nook: Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Do you know Mr. Goodwill Hunting?

Of course you do! Not only did he make a fab appearance on the Nate Berkus Show, he has been featured on loads of blogs for his secondhand skills, personal style and swagger. Well guess who is contributing a favorite nook today? Mr. GW has put a very special twist on his guest spot. See for yourself.



A nook is that place where you may be able to find a few breadcrumbs from your favorite slice of cake. This small area may be where the ambient sunlight pierces through the window, making the need for a artificial lighting irrelevant. Wherever small piece of heaven is we called them our nook. When Stefanie sent me an email asking me to reveal my nook, my mind immediately when to my pal and for-legged friend Mr. Benjamin. Although he is between haircuts and looks rather scruffy I wanted to share his nook.


Mr. B is a two and a half year old standard breed Yorkshire Silky Terrier. He is non-judgmental and offers free kisses to anyone who will accept.


After rearranging my living room, my sofa now faces my kitchen.


When I am sitting at the bar in the kitchen using my laptop, Mr. B often goes into the living room, curls up on the sofa, in the right corner. This is is his nook.


I often wonder what he is thinking as he is laying relaxed and chill. He is never really asleep, but he seems so at peace. I can be hammering away on a small project or singing at the top of my lungs and he will still be curled up, peaceful. Now he will bark and run throughout the house when the Ally Bank commercial comes on when the dog is say, “I love my bank.” This one thing sends him in a tizzy.


I know some people don't allow pets on furniture, but I am not some people. There are several spots in my apartment that he can call and make his own. However, day after day. Night after night, you can find him here. Dreaming. Yawning. Waiting for a belly rub.


My sofa. Mr. B's nook.


  1. Emily @ A Well Dressed Home9:39 AM

    I just discovered him myself! Love his blog....and I love doing soem Goodwill Hunting of my own! :-)

    And yes, we allow our pets on our furniture as well...our dogs actually match our decor, so I like to think of them as little accessories :-)

    Emily Hewett
    A Well Dressed Home

  2. oh my gosh this is the cutest thing ever and just made me miss my howard (my little dog) SO much :( he has a favourite nook on my sofa too - the left side! & does mr b. ever have good taste! his nook looks quite comfortable!

    the nerd in me sees mr b. and howard being great friends - one on each side of the sofa :)

  3. I love Mr.GWH and his little doggie!

  4. Is that mirrored coffee table? I would love to see or hear more about that fabulous piece!

  5. christine {bijouandboheme}1:41 PM

    Ah I just LOVED this- such a perfect spin on the idea of a comfy nook. Love Mr. Goodwill and his fabulous blog! xo

  6. I want to pack that little puppy into my purse and take him home with me. So friggin' cute! And Mr. GWH's sofa is grand!

  7. Everyone - even dogs - need their own special spot.

  8. What a sweet lil' guy!! I'll be sure to ck out Mr. GW's blog. Clearly he has great taste in cute roommates, so I'm sure I'll love his site. Thx for sharing!!

  9. What a sweet lil' guy!! I'll be sure to ck out Mr. GW's blog. Clearly he has great taste in cute roommates, so I'm sure I'll love his site. Thx for sharing!!

  10. Maillardville Manor6:04 PM

    Oh Mr.B I loves ya!!! You too Mr.GWH :)
    Lots of love

  11. That sure puts a smile on my face.. what a sweetie!!

  12. Just discovered his blog this morning, love it!

  13. courtneyvelasco9:51 PM

    I ADORE mr B!!!!!!

  14. What a cute pal.. I have two fur babies myself, and my life seems to revolve around them.

  15. Kirsten1:43 AM

    such a fun post...and that couch is divine!

  16. Love it Mr GW! My dog is too big to go on the furniture but he loves my shag area rug. Can't keep him off of it, even after I made him a b&w striped fashionable dog bed!


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