Favorite Nook: Creature Comforts

Kicking off the next installment of Favorite Nooks is a blogger I have had a serious crush on for ages. She is none other than EZ of Creature Comforts.

Its one of those blogs that thrills me day after day with inspiration, design and DIY. So I'm so happy to have her here to share her favorite nook today.



My favorite nook in my home is definitely my studio/office. ez-pudewa-lo-res-5

Since I work from home as a full-time blogger I spend the majority of my time in here.


Creating a room that is bright and serene has been really valuable to me on an emotional and creative level, and I can honestly say that I look forward to waking up each day and going into "the office." How great is that?!


When we moved in last Spring, this was the first room that I wanted to unpack and make homey. Since we rent (and we can't paint), I decided on a whim to add color to the room by applying a strip of patterned wrapping paper to the wall behind my desk (I just stuck it up there with poster putty). The paper ended up really brightening the space and helped to make the ceiling feel taller than it is. Next I hung up artwork and strung an inspiration wire behind my desk to hold an ever changing selection of images and finds — I love my inspiration wire!


I loved the green patterned paper I hung last Spring, but I'm ready for a change and am on the hunt for a new paper to hang this season. I'm thinking that it will have to include my current favorite color: coral. The best part about using wrapping paper as a decor element, is that it's ridiculously affordable, and takes only minutes to change. Perfect for someone (like me) whose tastes are constantly changing!



  1. Such a bright and sunny space! I could be so productive here :) Love the vintage elements too.

  2. What a great idea!!! As a fellow renter, I am constantly trying to figure out ways to get color on my walls without painting... White/Off-white does not help get the creative juices flowing for me, that is for sure!!!!

  3. christine{bijouandboheme}10:02 AM

    I love how creative and warm this space feels- the wrapping paper is a brilliant idea!!

  4. Cynthia, Beach Coast Style10:37 AM

    wow! I want to work in there so neat, organized and pretty!

  5. mysocalledhome11:01 AM

    Heyy I used to have that wrapping paper! Great idea for changing up a space on the cheap.

  6. Thank you so much for including me here on your lovely blog Stefanie! And thank you guys so much for your sweet comments too! I am tickled pink. xox

  7. elizabeth@themustardceiling12:59 PM

    Beautiful space, it is so airy and whimsical. I'm off to check out her blog.

  8. Poppy Cottage2:46 PM

    Wonderful nook and love the secret hideaway!

  9. Absolutely love the photography here...that Yashica camera is awesome and you studio area is awesome, I'm so jealous!!!

  10. I love your nook too!:)

  11. So much fun reading your quest series... I'm a New Yorker as well, but now I'm an expat... permanately, but I have such an affinity for brooklyn.

  12. Michelle7:50 AM

    I love this space!!! So bright and cheerful and inspiring!
    xo~ Michelle

  13. EZ is on of my favorite blogs to go to for inspiration! She's super sweet and has beautiful taste. I adore this space!!!

  14. I really love the look and feel of your blog, the design is quite unique and the blend of colours is just perfect! Those pictures are amazing and gives this warm kind of feeling inside. Thanks for sharing this :)



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