Favorite Nooks are back!

Its that time of year again - the Favorite Nook feature is back!


If you don't remember prior sessions, its really quite simple. I ask some fabulous bloggers to pick their absolute favorite spot on the planet and ask them 4 simple questions:
1. What/where is it?
2. Why is it your favorite?
3. How have you made it your own?
4. If you could change one thing, it would be...

This round is a mega sized bundle chock full of variety - both in the spaces shared and the individual style of the owners who share them.

I hope you'll enjoy this round of the series. Stop by each morning for a peek and if you like what you see, please leave a comment and/or visit the wonderful bloggers who are sharing a little bit of themselves.

Want to know who is stopping by? Giant thank you to:

While I know some of these bloggers are already on your must visit list, perhaps a few of them will be new to you.

And if you just can't wait until tomorrow, feel free to stop by some oldie but goodie favorite nooks of blog posts past.


  1. christine {bijouandboheme}9:03 AM

    Excited to see all of these nooks- great series!!! xo

  2. Ms_Bright9:15 AM

    Yay! Love this series!

  3. Cristin @ Simplified Bee10:33 AM

    So excited to be a part of your series!


  4. Yay! So excited to be included ... and see everyone else's favorites!

  5. Lavender & Lilies11:40 AM

    thanks for the mention (again). I can't wait to see the series pick up again!


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