Favorite Nook: DecorChick

A big huge welcome back to Emily of Decorchick.

You might remember she guest posted before about how she added staircase molding for less than $100 so naturally I asked her back to show us her favorite spot on the planet.



Hi all! I was honored when Mrs. Limestone invited me to share my favorite nook with all of you. It does happen to be in our home, and I visit it often. Here she is.

And it used to look like this...

Yowsa! We ditched the dining room and made it our home office, and it was the best thing we've ever done. Having a spot dedicated to all office/blog needs suites us much better than having a formal dining room. It's my favorite nook because I love everything in the room and it's relaxing while working in there. I also love the mixed-matched styles the room offers so it's visually interesting, at least to me it is. :) Usually there are spots in your home that you always want to keep changing up and redecorate, but I'm happy to say everything in our office has stayed exactly the same since the redo. You can read about the room makeover with all of the details in this post.

But, with all that said, there is just one thing I would change, and I would add these: Hardwood floors! And guess what? They were just installed last week and here's a preview of the new floors.

Thanks so much for having me Stef, you're the sweetest!


  1. Emily's office is beautiful!! And, I love her new floors.

  2. Angela10:10 AM

    The room is beautiful!!! I was honestly thinking about doing the very same thing yesterday, but my dining room is open :(

  3. Summer10:42 AM

    we did this in one of our houses, and I loved it then and I love it here too!!!

    looks great!!!

  4. Ckanenwisher10:43 AM

    I like that idea too.
    My only problem is that I LIVE in my home office and have piles and projects going on so it wouldn't be good for me to have a room like that right off the front door!

  5. A' la mode12:57 PM

    I am all about usable space and I think you did a great job! The houses in my area tend to have very formal spaces and we are not a 'formal' family, so I took the formal dining room, coffered ceiling and all, and put a farm table with a dining bench- best thing I ever did....now it is a room we use frequently! I did the same thing with the formal office, painted it blush pink and made it my monogramming, blogging and girl chat room =) Thanks for sharing! xoxo Shelli

  6. Gorgeous room. What a difference that flooring makes!!!

  7. christine {bijouandboheme}6:50 PM

    Sigh..how I would love a home office- this is gorgeous!!

  8. Emily@Decorchick10:15 PM

    Thanks so much everyone, and thank you again Stef for having me today!

  9. Accordingtomoi2:14 AM

    The floors look AMAZING!


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