Favorite Nook: Love Meagan

Generally I stick closely within the realms of the home and design bloggers but I somehow managed to stumble upon the amazing fashion centric site Love Meagan and was hooked then and there.

Its been more than two years since that happy find and it just keeps getting better. And yes, she has loads of fashion DIYs that are genius! So I asked her to stop in and share her favorite nook.


I have two favorite nooks in our house where I spend a quality bit of time ...this one happens to be in our Master Bedroom, underneath the window looking out to our backyard.


I absolutely adore this spot because when I look out into our backyard pool, through the palms, I imagine it to be a tropical vacation retreat. I've decorated our Master with a nautical/beachy/tropical vibe so it would feel exactly so and I think it has worked. The afternoon sun shines through brilliantly, reflecting blue on the ceiling from our pool. I love it. {I also use it quite frequently as a backdrop for my accessories for my outfit shots and DIYs}


The bench seat is actually an antique cedar chest that my mom has owned since before I was born. She's saved it for me over the years because I've always loved it so much. My mom has always used it to store mine and my brother's "special" baby clothes and I remember when my mom was pregnant with my brother, going through it with her searching for possible hand-me-downs. Most of my brother's items have been passed down to him for his baby girl, my niece to enjoy. It is still full of my baby clothes as I have not been able to have kids yet. To make it more comfy I've added a furry throw as a cushion and two Barclay Butera pillows.


I'm not sure I'd change anything about this specific spot decor-wise ...though I do wish I could go through all my old baby clothes looking for possible hand-me-downs for my own child. But until then, it remains half full :)



  1. christine {bijouandboheme}11:41 AM

    I love Meagan- she has such fabulous style. Her nook certainly doesn't disappoint and I love the story behind her chest. I have a similar one that has been passed down and there is something so special about an old chest- full of memories:) Great post! xo

  2. Kelly@TearingUpHouses5:57 PM

    I started reading her a while back. So envious of her closet. Great style.


  3. Divine doggy.....and gorgeous cushions too...xv

  4. I bought 10 yards of the pillow fabric at WalMart for $2.00 a yard....I had no idea it was a designer fabric! Great post and very informative.


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