Card Catalog Conundrum

Last Christmas, my closest girlfriend gave me this amazing card catalog. I've wanted one for ages but I never came across one. She managed to track this beauty down and bring it to my door. LOVE!


But here is where the 'trouble' starts (and I say that with full sarcasm since this isn't really a problem at all). I thought it would work perfectly in my office next to the door. And it certainly does fit but now that its here, I can see it makes the room feel very cramped. Its just not the right place for it. So now I'm wondering just where the perfect spot would be. I absolutely love it so it has to have a place of honor for sure.


My only other thought is to put it in a similar spot in my box room. I'd have to cut the door desk down to about half and rejig the gallery wall but I think that should work.

2011DSC_0336Vintage letter roman shade window treatment.jpg

My only concern is that room is even smaller than my office so I don't want to find out its feels too big for that room too after all that work. And there isn't really an easy way of telling beforehand. Hmmm....


Im dying to fill this bad boy with little bits and bobs and make pretty labels for the pulls so I'm tempted to just go for it.

What do you think?


  1. I'm just so jealous after seeing it I don't know what to say! LOL I'm sure it will look great anywhere but understand the spacing issue.

  2. Jaimie8:40 AM

    you have a piece of furniture that is similar in size to what you'd
    have to cut the desk down to? Or maybe you could use some cardboard
    boxes to stand in for the desk and make sure everything will fit in
    there okay?

  3. Janell Beals8:47 AM

    That is the most amazing piece of furniture! What a fabulous gift! I like Jaimie suggestion below, to get an idea of the scale and fit of things before you start redoing things. Janell

  4. I have a close friend who also received one as a gift very similar to yours. Her handy husband cut it in half, added new legs, and it became the most beautiful console table in their entryway!

  5. Could you put it in the corner where your dress-form currently lives?

  6. Kristen9:09 AM

    I'm a visual person - I'm constantly rearranging furniture before I discover the perfect placement. Could you move the desk out, move the card catalog in and then bring in something that may be close to the size of the cut down desk? I know it's a lot of moving - but it's easier than changing everything only to find out you don't love the location.

  7. Romantic Domestic9:32 AM

    What about turning it at an angle in the original corner?


  8. What a killer piece, I'd love to have something like that to store sewing and crafting supplies in style!

    I think it would be awesome in your box room. I was going to suggest using painter's tape to mock it up in the potential space, along with a piece or two of cardboard to get the 3-d effect of how far it would stick out.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do!

  9. Lori and Ethne (wom-mom)10:08 AM

    I have been wanting a card catalogue for some time. Actually--I found one for sale during a charity auction, but the price was WAY OUT OF my range.

    Personally--I think it would be GREAT storage for craft supplies, so wherever you store these supplies--make it work!

    LOVE IT!

  10. Ummm, I've been obsessing over finding the same exact thing and officially stalk craigslist! It really would be perfect in your box room for tiny odds & ends. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  11. Cassie {Hi Sugarplum}11:20 AM

    that is a seriously good friend!!! I'm so jealous I don't even know what to say. But like you, I don't have a single spot to put it...but I'd find somewhere!

    Hope the new job is going well!

  12. Adira Benklifa11:31 AM

    To see if you would like it in the other space, you could make a cardboard dummy the same dimensions and try it out in the space you want it. Good luck!

  13. I second this!!! The angle will hide the corner which makes the space seem bigger because, well you can't discern exactly how big it is.

    Also, @Jaime
    has a good suggestion.

  14. Layout the room by using cardboard "desk top" at the size required. It will give you a definite feel for how the finished room will look like. Although I would hate to see that door cut down!

  15. elizabeth@themustardceiling1:51 PM

    Beautiful piece! I am sure you will find the perfect spot. I think Janie's suggestion of turning it catty corner might work perfectly for it. Good luck.

  16. Scusseaux2:07 PM

    Ive been looking for a card catalog that I could afford for ages. I know you will find a spot for it, you always work it out!

  17. emilykate31302:13 PM

    I'm sure I could find the space for it if you can't, haha!!

  18. laura @ the shorehouse3:07 PM

    I think your BFF kicks ass, that's what I think! :-) What a lovely gift to show up on the limestone's doorstep.

  19. Ashley Stuart5:57 PM

    LOVE it. I found a smaller version in size, with larger drawers (CD case sized), beautiful gray metal... you're inspiring me to go back and see if it is still available at my fav consignment shop! Thank you!

  20. I LOVE LOVE card catalogs. I'm so jealous! If it doesn't work in the box room what about somewhere funky like dining room? That is pretty much my all time dream!

  21. Your post reminded me of another blogger who had to transform their card catalog. It's pretty rockin'. See it here:

  22. Janette@the2seasons.com8:00 PM

    I love that old card catalog. I am crazy about old file cabinets of all sorts.

  23. As a librarian, I'm melting over this one!!! I've been secretly dreaming of finding one at a thrift store or flea market for awhile. Okay, sorta out of the box, but... what about putting it in the beach house you blog about? Then you can fill it beach treasures or soaps or trial-sized bottles of things for guests, etc.

  24. MrGWHunting8:55 PM

    No matter where you place it...its a CARD CATALOG!!!

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  25. goagainstthegrain8:55 PM

    OMG so jealous you have one! I die!!! I have no suggestions.. I'm too jealous haha!

  26. Coastaldesigner8:56 PM

    That is a very awesome piece! What if you put the card catalog where the mannequin is and move the mannequin to where the hanging birdcage is located? It's hard to tell from the photos but that may work... hopefully. Good luck!

  27. fl_connie9:44 PM

    I think you are never going to find the perfect spot for it and you should send it to me, lol! It's gorgeous and I know you love it! You'll find a spot!

  28. Megan {Honey We're Home}11:29 PM

    What a great girlfriend!! I see you've got lots of suggestions, so I'll just say that you will love using it- I have a tall "jewelry stand" in my office for all my small crafty things. I love how it keeps all those little things organized!

  29. What a fabulous girlfriend!

  30. What an awesome friend you have- that is an amazing present! And yes, I think filled will bits and things would be perfect in that room!

  31. Kerry Leedy5:37 PM

    I have no advice as to tell you where to put it but just wanted to tell you that it is AWESOME!!!!

  32. MrsLimestone10:05 PM

    @Jaimie thats a great idea. Now why didn't I think that?

  33. MrsLimestone10:06 PM

    No, the room is too small to have anything in a corner. Really talking very small rooms here (both office and box room)

  34. MrsLimestone10:07 PM

    I wouldn't mind putting it in a non traditional place but I also don't want to keep all my crafty things too far away from where I use it. Even if I did, I don't have the room anywhere that I can think of.

  35. MrsLimestone10:08 PM

    Yes, I love that and her blog! Ive been drooling over her card catalog since she posted it.

  36. MrsLimestone10:08 PM

    I could probably find a spot for it there but Id have to paint it and I kind of love it in its current old school shade. Not to mention I don't store anything down there so it would be empty.

  37. MrsLimestone10:09 PM

    It wouldn't fit in that spot - there is less than a foot of space to the right of the window.

  38. Ms_Bright10:18 AM

    Such an awesome piece! Such an awesome friend for gifting that! I think the ol' box room is perfect for it. But really, you could use it anywhere...

  39. Oh I can't wait to see where you put it! What a glorious piece to have.

  40. Debra Malone1:00 PM

    I think I would live with it in the office for a month or so and give yourself a chance to share the space . . . it seems the best place for it . . .
    I love the idea, too, that someone had of cutting it down in size . . . I've seen that done as well . . .
    Can't wait for the decision!

  41. Julianne @ Repurposed Life1:17 PM

    What an absolutely gorgeous piece of furniture! I think it would look good just about anywhere, and I can't wait to see what you do with the labels!

    I just started a new blog, and I'd love for you to come check it out!

  42. I'm not sure how techy you want to get, but Google has a free 3-d program - Sketch-up. You could "build" your room and your furniture in the computer and see if you like the massing.

  43. Lindsay H2:07 AM

    You are so lucky! I had been wanting a card catalog forever since 2001 or 2002. I searched and searched the internet and couldn't find one. Luckily, my hubby found an antique apothecary cabinet in 2008 for me!

  44. Very jealous. I'd love one of those to keep all my odds and ends. Never can find any here in the UK though. Must be an American thing.

  45. Sabrina7:37 AM

    I have one of these that I've been using as a bedside table: there are little "desks" that pull out right in the middle, and I have one pulled out beside my bed.  It's large enough to fit a small lamp, some books, etc.  I then use the drawers for socks, underwear, cosmetics, etc.  - Sabrina

  46. Too bad it's just too big for the space. But it definitely looks gorgeous :)

  47. Bodymagicshapeup5:51 PM

    I love you card catalog.  My hope and dream is too find one for my home one day.  What a great friend. I love it.


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