Come Scream with Me on the Cyclone

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of seeing your life flash before your eyes as you whip around at lighting speed on a 84 year old heap of creaking wood and rusted metal, watch the video below. Welcome to Coney Island. And yes, that is me screaming.

In case you are having trouble viewing the video click here.

The video doesn't do it justice. Its really thrilling ride despite its age (or maybe because of it.) Unlike the smooth polished and clearly safe rollercoasters found elsewhere, this ride makes you wonder who paid the insurance bill last. And that ultra creepy homemade 'remain seated' sign at the first drop is unbeatable for making you question your own judgement.


While we were there we made a couple of other stops including a spin on this new swing ride at Luna Park, a hotdog at Nathans and a roll around the Wonder Wheel. No better way to start the summer season in Brooklyn.


  1. Have you seen the cool furniture a Brooklyn furniture maker fashions out of  recycled wood from Coney Island? It's amazing (I'm not affiliated with them in any way, just a fan):

  2. DIY Newlyweds10:54 AM

     That looks like fun! I'm happy to see Coney Island is still running.  I thought I heard that it was closing down?

  3. MrsLimestone10:58 AM

    Very cool.

  4. MrsLimestone11:00 AM

    One of the amusement parks (astroland) did close but a new park (luna park) sprouted in it's place. Coney Island is the neighborhood where the beach and rides and original Nathans is.

  5. You are very brave...Ha! I know it was a lot of fun!

    Art by Karena

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    You will love it!

  6.  Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Mrs. L.  When I was a kid, my family used to go to Coney Island whenever we "made the trek" into Brooklyn from LI to visit cousins.  For some reason, my Brooklyn born father despised going back to Brooklyn except when forced.  Maybe it was because he commuted daily by LIRR and subways into Manhattan and it took a toll on him.  Who knows.  I on the other hand,  loved our trips into Brooklyn, infrequent as they were.  Last rode the Cyclone as a young teen about 30 years ago.  Scared the heck out of me then and sounded just as rickety back then, but there is still nothing quite like it anywhere else.

  7. Janette@the2seasons.com7:24 PM

     I did a great bicycle ride in NYC put on by Transportation Alternatives a few Septembers ago.  The route took me right past Coney Island, and I had my first Nathan's hot dog  Yum!  Even though we visit New York a few times each year, I haven't had the chance to ride that famous roller coaster.  Good for you!  (By the way, we have you on our blog's sidebar.  I enjoy your posts.)

  8. Angela9:34 PM

    You take the best pictures ever.   I look forward to them.

  9. eeekkk... Oh Mrs. Limestone! You dare devil you! I'm sooo not a roller coaster rider! I am however a fabulous jacket and drink holder for those daring thrill seekers! :) Watching that I admit was fun, but woooo I wanted to grab a drink! ;)

  10. Hilarious! But the CREAKING! Scary!

  11. Daniellemarks1012:30 PM

    When my Nana was a teenager she was a ticket taker for the Cyclone. I love thinking of her taking tickets there in the 1930s.


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