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With summer around the corner, its time to go back to the shore for a summer of sun and fun (at least I hope so). Even though there is still loads to do in each space, I’m feeling a lot better about the shape of the living room and the kitchen. And I already heart the bathroom.

2011DSC_0237-2.jpg2011DSC_0105-2Jeremy Pickett Light Fixture, Painted Cabinets, Shore Kitchen.jpg
NearlyFinished32011DSC_0115-2Jeremy Pickett Light Fixture, Painted Cabinets, Shore Kitchen.jpgStumpSideTableinPlace

But there is one more room in our little hideaway that has gotten no love whatsoever: the bedroom.

This photo is very old but this is pretty much the gist. Snoozeville, and not in a good way.

Somehow this is the only photo I have of this room. Its probably my sub-conscious shame showing through! It’s a neglected hodge podge right now. Its serves as both office and bedroom so that adds to the problem. There isn't anything terribly wrong with but nothing is quite right either. First and foremost it needs some curtains (mostly b/c we can't sleep in without them!).

I thought I had found my color palette when I spotted this painting but it was already sold (and I have yet to find anything anywhere near as awesome).

The bed is from Ikea where we hastily chose it out of necessity and cheapness. I don’t love it but its not something I need to replace either. And on the not pictured side of the room there is a parsons knock off from Overstock that I think is great. Everything else is up for grabs but I’m always in favoring of reusing what I can. I think I’m going to order one of those Tolix like chairs in white for the desk.

Despite it being a bit of a uphill battle, I love having a mostly clean slate. Its a lot more fun this way, don't you think?


I’m torn about painting the walls. I think it’s a good idea but I’m kind of lazy about giving up an entire weekend to do something that isn’t strictly necessary. So I’m putting that off until I find all the other bits and pieces to complete the space.

So all this to say I’m not quite sure which way to go in here. What do you think? A friendly lighting bolt of inspiration would be very helpful.


  1. Lavenderandlilies9:09 AM

    Go to Williams sonoma home. They have a block printed medallion bedding that is a burnt orange. It's fabulous. If you like it you could build from there. The house looks great!

  2. I think you should start with curtains in a bold pattern. Something like these: - I'll "@" you on pinterest.  If you start with statement curtains you can either let them speak for themselves and do the rest of the room in neutrals or you can pull from them for easily changeable pops of color (pillows, artwork, desk accessories).

  3. I vote for keeping it white, light and super bright in here but adding pops of turquoise and orange to play off that AWESOME painting. I have a goldfish/koi painting hanging in my office (my real office, not my non-existent home office) and I find it so cheerful.

  4. MrsLimestone9:30 AM

    I would if I owned the painting but I do not. That's why I'm stalled.

  5. hzschock9:39 AM

    how about one of those large/cool/blurry photos of people on the beach that have been cropping up in design blogs recently. I'm sure w/ your photography skills, you could take a nice one of the beach near your apartment, and have some fun with it!
    And, maybe save the painting for a rainy day.

  6. I just spent the past 24 hours looking at beach rentals on the Alabama Gulf Coast and I cannot tell you how much I wish every one of those condo-owners put as much thought into decorating their rentals as you are doing with your place on the shore.  Most of the places I looked at looked like they had been styled by the set designer for The Golden Girls.... who has gone blind. 

    LOVE that goldfish painting as a color palate. 

  7. I would love to see the walls painted a pale aqua and add some orange based lamps.
    Bedding could be all white with some sort of fun monogram.

  8. I'm wondering about even LESS colour... white sheets, the new white bits of furniture you mentioned, with the warm wood floors and biscuity walls keeping it not tooo clinical - maybe a big fake plant (presume you can't have real) it's a look that's so hard to pull off in a real home but could make a lovely spa-like beach hideaway. 

  9. Ms_Bright10:40 AM

    It seems like you've mentioned not being into "feature" walls, but doing a single wall of a pop color would instantly help. That or play up the subtle stripe on the walls.  It might only take a few hours, instead of the whole weekend! 

    I found that same painting awhile back and never have forgotten it. It's just great.  I sure do like the idea of tangerine in here.

  10. I like this bedding for your room:,default,pd.html?dwvar_DT26_color=ORANGE&start=13&cgid=cs-duvet-covers-pattern
    Relaxed classic pattern, in the same saturated colors as the rest of your rooms, you can pull lots of other colors from it. Use orange as an accent color to all those blues. Love the gold fish idea, but you should go find a great Koi pond and take more fab pictures of your own. You can do it!

  11. Sarah Jane11:39 AM

    My first thought was also really bold graphic curtains. Maybe paint the chair a bright color to play off the other white furniture. And of course bright oversized artwork as everyone mentioned.

    And good for your for deciding to take advantage of a free weekend. I'm super jealous that you have that beach house (and completely confused how you find time for renovating, decorating, and traveling on top of a day job and beach house).

  12. The goldfish painting looks like something you can paint yourself on canvas, just copy it. I thought I remember you painted some artwork for your bedroom that came out very nicely.

  13. Mindy@FindingSilverLinings12:18 PM

    You should check out  You'll probably be able to find something very similar to the fish picture or something even cooler.  I've found the most amazing artwork on that site for a good price.

  14. I think getting a rug with a punch of color (even if it's muted color) and/or pattern would help a lot.  And what about taking a picture of the sky and blowing it up onto a really huge mounted canvas (I live in earthquake country -- I like light things over the bed).  Something like this:

  15. Hi, 

    I've just recently found your blog and I'm really inspired by some of your ideas/renovations/photos.  My husband and I are just starting to renovate our home so it's nice to find someone who's been there, done that.

    Anyway, concerning your shore bedroom, if you're doing things on the cheap I would start with bedding and build from there.  I think it's harder to find bedding that goes with curtains unless the curtains are neutral( or vice versa)  or you're going custom.  Either way I think the room should be light and bright.  I bet whatever you decide it will look amazing.  Have fun!

  16. I like the idea of matchstick blinds and white curtains. Also, above the bed what about some sort of driftwood sunburst mirror?

  17. I like the idea of matchstick blinds in the windows. What about some driftwood art over the bed? Or a rustic/natural sunburst mirror?

  18. Desiree @ chic coastal living10:44 PM

    I love your beach home! It's so comfy and cozy! I may have to blog about it, soon! :0)

  19. Bearrate11:06 PM

    I just discovered your blog last night - LOVE IT!

    I really like the start you've made to the room, but it does need some love.Pottery Barn has blackout lined silk drapes in porcelain blue (or white) that would be lovely. I'd hang them from a bronze rod. Porcelain blue is similar to your kitchen color and would look great with the fish if you ever catch a painting like it! Here's a link: "view in room" picture also shows a striped slipcovered chair that would look great. 

  20. Bsullydfw2:56 PM

    I agree with this idea, warm wood blinds, airy white curtains, maybe a willow floor basket for books/magazines.  I also think that a sea grass rug topped with a striped navy and white throw rug would add texture and subtle color.  Nothing like classic navy and white!  I would keep the bedding all white with maybe a vintage quilt or Pendleton blanket. This would all be neutral enough to work with whatever artwork you decide on. Also, that navy paint on your kitchen cabinets would look great on the bed, although I love white also.

  21. i'm originally from NJ and have alot of friends stil living there. I noticed on Facebook that alot of people were posting DTSFMDM. I had no idea what this meant so i asked my younger sister who said it stands for Down The Shore For Memorial Day Weekend. enjoy going DTSFMDM!

    And I vote for a bold curtain choice (maybe in the blue or gold of the goldfish photo) to bring some much needed color to the space. Enjoy!

  22. MrsLimestone10:17 PM

    Love that Dewberry fabric but I don't know if I can handle quite so much pattern and color in here. I get sick of things fast and buying enough fabric (and investing enough time to sew them!) is kind of an investment.  But good point on getting the curtains done first.

  23. MrsLimestone10:18 PM

    I don't think Ive seen that.  Do you have a photo?

  24. MrsLimestone10:18 PM

    Thanks Rebekah.  Although in fairness I would not be putting anywhere near the effort in here if I weren't my own home. 

  25. MrsLimestone10:20 PM

    I'm not sure if I can overcome my distaste for feature walls (mostly b/c I did one about 10 years ago so it feels like it must be dated, no?) but i might be able to if it means I can avoid repainting the whole room! 

  26. MrsLimestone10:21 PM

    I love the Chevron but I've sworn off duvets.  Have you ever seen that in a comforter?  I don't think I have but I love the look.

  27. MrsLimestone10:21 PM

    Thanks Renee.  I am considering that.  Feels a bit weird to copy someone elses work though.  But I do love this color palette so maybe I can get over it.

  28. MrsLimestone10:22 PM

    Good point.  The bedding is always so hard.  Im still looking for the perfect comforter for my bedroom at home.

  29. You could contact the painter and see if they will do a special edition painting for you.  they might be very honored.

  30. Ms_Bright9:20 AM

    I know what you mean. Possibly a very subtle wallpaper on the wall behind the bed? If the ground were matched to the wall paint on the other 3 walls...

    Here's another idea -which you might consider totally crazed but just hear me out- !!
    I have seen it and it can be awesome, if done well...lattice. Cover that back wall with white lattice. Your wall color will show though, it will add texture, without a crazy pattern and it has a beachy feel without being over the top. Oh gah, you're probably gagging now, aren't you? Crap. I'm sorry, I swear it can look amazing.

  31. I am going to add my two bits. I think you should paint, more specifically stripes! Either horizontal or vertical, in black and white or navy and white. Or a subtle wash of muted hues. But with navy and white and a print like the one you like, it has a pop of orange, would look fab. Then use simple white bedding and drapes. Add colour through the throw pillows {tons on etsy!} and then use this knob for the end tables
    Then change those lamps - find something at a thrift store and paint burnished gold with a clean white shade. 

    But just to have a place at the shore - nice in itself! Have a wonderful long weekend :)


  32. Seeing your bedroom makes me want to paint it Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage!  I love that paint color!  It's so soothing in a bedroom and it compliments everything.  :) I can't wait to see what you do!

  33. Oh please do something interesting with the bed! I have that bed as a hand-me-down and every time I start a project, I hope I will come up with inspiration.  I've woven ribbons through the slats (and taken them out soon after) and contemplated stenciling something on the foot board.  If you come up with ideas, I would be so very grateful!

  34. MrsLimestone7:40 PM

    I'm actually pretty happy with it the way it is. It's not great but adding anything to it would just draw more attention to it in here and I definitely don't want that!

  35. I'm loving the vibe of your place. I'm working on a beachy cottage feeling master bedroom myself. You're room is already nice an bright so I would just add pops of color if you're really not into painting it. And from the picture it looks like it's in some need of vertical interest, I think it would make if feel larger. Which might help if you have to share it with the office. Do you have anything to define each space so that aren't invading each other so much? P.S. Love that bathroom


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