British Bridal Brunch: The details

So if you haven’t had your fill of the British Invasion Brunch after such a great feature on Hostess with the Mostess, I’m back to share a few more details.


Where to start but at the beginning – with the event ‘logo’. I’m not usually one for putting hearts on everything, it just seemed to work beautifully as a twist on the Union Jack, don’t you think? Once that was done, I created an invitation design as well as a coordinating striped pattern so KarmaKraft could print that on some lovely silky fabric. (Yes, you can print on silk. Who knew?) Using the two pieces of fabric I sewed them together pillow style and had a silky hanky invitation that fit beautifully into a box (and could double as a pocketsquare for the gents! I was very pleased with this idea.)


The shoot location was at one of my all time favorite party rooms – Ici Restaurant in Fort Greene Brooklyn. The room is stark white and lovely and just the perfect backdrop for an intimate and stylish event. (Ive been dying to throw my own real party there but I haven’t had any fancy occasions lately.)


And speaking of being over the moon, Denise Fasanello was the floral genius behind the flowers here. We had met and discussed the look and backstory and she worked her magic (even in the dead of winter when Im sure her options were more limited). On the day of the shoot she arrived with a arms full of the most beautiful arrangements in gorgeous reds and blues and purples that added life to the white room.


The table was set with some custom printed fabric table runners, matching menus and little red poof napkin rings.

After the flowers had arrived, sugar couture knocked on the door with this custom made beauty. It looked more like a sculpture than a cake – just stunning.

Tanya had come armed her boxes of goodies all ready to go for the dessert table and bar. Chocolate covered Oreos from Sweeties By Kim, Fudge Pops by Flour & Iced , Fondant Cupcake Toppers by Two Sugar Babies , Favor boxes + Straws by Think Garnish , Doughnuts by Dough a Deer , Truffles by Velvet Cream Bakery and Cookies by The Baking Sheet were laid out for a tempting buffet. And yes, I did do some taste testing. Purely for professional reasons of course.


Last but not least there were a few whimsical touches that were my favorite elements of the look. Those Queen Elizabeth embroidered pillows made by Slip Cover Your Life were fab. Then the boot umbrella stand (that is usually sitting in my hallway) filled with a spray of blue flowers as a nod to the ubitiquous rain boots across the pond. The clothes pin cake topper designed by Enchanted Belles was just darling. And Tanyas special mix of red and blue drinks (using jello!) for the bar were beautiful.


For those that care about the photography bit, I shot all of the images with my Nikon D90. Most shots were taken on a tripod. I used a gray card to get the white balance right (always a chance when shooting in white spaces) and upped the exposure a bit to get a clean bright look.

It was a lot of fun to work (but also so much work!) working with Tanya and styling the shoot. I’m really pleased with how it all looked – hope you enjoyed it too. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

credits: Shot at Ici Restaurant / Floral Design by Denise Fasanello / Queen Pillows by Slipcover Your Life / Custom Printed Fabric by Karma Kraft / Cake by Sugar Couture / Cake Topper by Enchanted Belles /Chocolate covered Oreos by Sweeties By Kim / Fudge Pops by Flour & Iced / Fondant Cupcake Toppers by Two Sugar Babies / Favor boxes + Straws by Think Garnish / Chair Signs by Our Hobby to Your Home / Doughnuts by Dough a Deer / Ring by Shimmering Schmooies / Truffles by Velvet Cream Bakery / Cookies by The Baking Sheet


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  2. Alandval201110:13 AM

    I love it - everything looks so beautiful!

  3. Kelly@TearingUpHouses10:22 AM

    well done!  i really like those invites.


  4. Helloloverofbeautifulthings9:17 PM

    Stefanie - it looks amazing!  

  5. MrsLimestone9:20 PM

    Thanks so much ladies.

  6. I can't get over those gorgeous floral arrangements....  Pretty sure I already commented on the original post - but I desperately want a piece of that beautiful cake!

  7. Gosh! Love the settings,I adore  your  shots and the way you  Photographs so divine!!!Lots of creativity stuff  Here! you post it well. very creative indeed!

  8. Those flowers are gorgeous!

  9. JamieHerzlinger.com3:44 PM

    Great post! Loved everything!
    Just caught up on recents posts! All wonderful
    Jamie Herzlinger

  10. cheryl7:35 PM

    looks amazing. absolutely lovely
    cheryl xox

  11. hschlotterbeck9:42 PM

    Wow - your photos are amazing.   The floral arrangements are so beautiful!   Great work!

  12. Fabulous photos!! The cake and table setting are amazing!!

  13. Rachel11:21 AM

    loooove the slipcover your life pillow!

  14. Wow! Those invitations are amazing! You always know how to get the party started, Mrs. Limestone! :) The whole event looks stunning, everything is just so perfect! I love Erin's Queen pillow! :)

  15. Where oh where did you find that boot vase?! Everything is spectacular but it really stood out to me


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