Painting Paralysis

Thank you all soooo much for your input on my painting indecision.

To paint or not to paint? That is the question.

Lots of good points raised - the biggest being that because there aren't enough drawers so there isn't going to be enough variation in the shade to get the look I want. So I think I'm off the ombre plan.

Several of you were concerned about painting a piece in good condition. I hear you and it is in good condition but the reddish stain just doesn't work for me. That said, Im going to finish working on this room and then see how I feel about it. I'm kind of itching to paint it NOW but maybe I'll have a new plan for it by the time the room is read.

A bright coral maybe??


  1. I really like the curves of this piece and coral is a beautiful color.

    I saw you and Mr. Limestone on a repeat Nate today. He had on numerous bloggers and even Ms. Oprah herself.

  2. Bright coral would look beautiful and would be special for a room you only stay in occasionally.

    I also saw you today on Nate!

  3. Bright coral gets my full support!

  4. Oohh! A bright coral would be fab!

  5. That is a gorgeous piece. I whole-heartedly support any decision to paint if you don't like the finish (I am sure you were waiting for that ...).  Yes, the finish is lovely, but if you don't love it, what's the point?  Can't wait to see what you will do with it.  Coral sounds fab.  :)

  6. Caroline6:37 PM

    It cracks me up when people get all worked up over painting wood.... it's not like painting completely ruins the wood underneath. :P  Plus -- it's YOUR bureau, not theirs!

    Bright coral sounds fabulous. The existing hardware would look especially nice on a coral background!

  7. Janie7:33 PM

    I love Coral myself but I agree, this is a nice piece and the finish looks to be a satiny smooth perfection from the photo. It would be a shame to change it.

    Janie at Romantic Domestic

  8. SuzieQ9:18 PM

    I just came to this discussion and all the opinions about painting this piece. Sometimes, I see pieces and I have to bite my tongue and I remember the adage, if you can't say something nice...but I wanted to throw out the observation that having a discussion should be O.K. We are all adults and entitled to our feelings and opinions. Personally, I love the hardware, shape and color of this piece, but ultimately, the decision is yours. Some friends love to redo and redecorate and that's fine, others, can be easily satisfied with things staying basically the same. At times, I feel that fads come and go and in a few years, some blogs will be hating all the painted, distressed wood. I have seen pieces that were painted that I wouldn't have touched in a million years, but that's my opinion. And, even though I might not have painted certain pieces, I have liked the end result. That's what I love about blogging, I learn and experience things I would never, ever think of doing or would never have known about.

  9. yoohoo...I'm the girl in the back raising here hands with the paint and brush in them! PAINT it girl!!!! Coral is going to be the BOMB on that piece;-)

  10. Oh my gosh this is a great idea, I have lots of antiques that needs retouch, I have got them from my grandma who passed away and I have seen how great you have been with decorations, thank you so much for inspiring me. 

  11. Just wanted to add that Mrs. Limestone asked for opinions and we are aware she can do whatever she pleases.

  12. Rochelle10:48 AM

    What if you paint the top the first color and do each of the following three layers in the other three colors? Or even use the very bottom (under the last drawer/where the legs are) as a layer?

  13. Linton2211:04 AM

    how about a mixture of paint and wood finish? you could paint the drawers OR the sides and top. leaving the rest wood.

    you could buy some decals of something you like, adhere, paint, remove decals to expose some wood. i did this recently with ginkgo leaf decals. looks awesome.

  14. Susan Ator11:16 AM

    Oh god, now I want to see it in coral. You should definitely do coral!

  15. Carissa Rasmussen11:26 PM

    I agree...go away red! pink or blue or coral is FABULOUS. I think it would be pretty to do the drawers a different color than the top and the sides. Miss Mustard Seed does that all the time and I love the chic look

  16. I was always indecisive about painting good condition or antiwue pieces when I first stared painting furniture. Nowadays I've realised, It's my furniture, so who cares if it's an antique. I paint it how I like it, not to please the antiques roadshow crowd.
    I think that coral would look great on this dresser and will really brighten up what is a beautiful, yet slightly boring (in terms of colour) piece.

  17. This is nearly the same dresser as yours painted


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