Shore files: Guppy Love Bedroom

Pardon the pun, I just can't get this guppy out of my mind. I've been playing around with other ideas for the shore bedroom but nothing captures me quite like this orange and aqua palette. I'm not even a big fan of orange but it seems like it might have to happen.

Thankfully, I've found a possible alternative to the goldfish painting (fingers crossed) which the whole room is based around. I don't want to go too crazy with the orange so I'll just add it in an accessory or two as well like a lamp and pillows.

cb2 palette pillow,home decorators garden chair, home depot bamboo shade

And it occured to me perhaps I can use the dresser (you know, the one that I was going to try an ombre treatment but chickened out) as is IF i bring in that reddish wood tone in with the window shades. I have these same bamboo blinds in the kitchen and they don't look too bad. Maybe they will work in the bedroom?

I'd love to bring in a striped rug but I'm having a hard time buying another rug when the one I have is perfectly fine. It just feels wrong (even though I would totally be telling anyone else to let it go.)

curtainworks sailcloth, ikea hemnes bed & nightstands, target shag rug

The one thing I'm having a problem with is the bedding. Of course I am - I still haven't found the right bedding for my master bedroom in brooklyn after 3 years of looking! What makes me think I'll find just the thing here overnight?

So what do you think?
Any ideas on bedding? Will this reddish wood look totally bizarre in here even with the blinds to match? Can I get a new look without having to do a whole lot?


  1. Lydia9:05 AM

    As a past goldfish keeper I'd like to point out that it's not actually a guppy. It's a bubble eye goldfish (cold water):
    It actually seems like a mix between a fantail and a bubble eye :)

    Other than that I love the palette of aqua and orange! Very refreshing and appropriate for the summer :)

  2. Love the colours! And I think the dresser & bamboo-y blinds would look great!

  3. Jaimie9:53 AM

    If you were putting the dresser by itself it might look out of place with all the white, but bringing in other pieces with the same color will help it be more cohesive. We have white and wood toned furniture in our bedroom, and you definitely need multiple elements of both to make them work together, otherwise one looks like a sore thumb.

    Also, I totally love that goldfish painting.

  4. I'm really feeling the reddish blinds with your lighter colored floors. That may be a bit too much reddish wood going on. For bedding the "gion organic" print from CB2 could look really cool in there and would work well with that cute fish print. Plus, the bedding is on sale!

  5. Have you tried tucking the comforter in under the mattress?  It looks a bit flat and wide/long.  Also fold the comforter down twice over itself  like they do in Pottery barn, this should create some height to the bedding.  You may also consider a larger lumber pillow.

    I think that the dark wood of the dresser and blinds will bring some weight to the room and add a sophisticated touch.  You may however have to bring in some more darker accessories to balance it with all of the white.

  6. Deanna Fox10:55 AM

    I think adding the dresser/blinds will bring a "English merchant in the West Indies" feel to the room (which still has a somewhat "Beachy" vibe). And like Suzanne said, definitely more sophisticated, which I don't think is ever bad in a Master bedroom. Good luck!

  7. Sell the rug on CL and you'll feel better when you put that money towards a new rug!

    Bedding - ugh, a constant thorn in my side for my own house too. I think I will keep our duvets simple and white and jazz them up with pillows and throw blankets and etc. Try that?

    I think you found the solution to your dresser with the blinds, that should work! They will look great with all the light colors already there in your room.

  8. I like the addition of the bamboo shades and bureau. I had felt the room was a little too light and airy and this is a very good option for grounding the space.

    Comforters are always a thorn in my side as well. All I can suggest is to keep on looking.

  9. Hschlotterbeck12:24 PM

    I'm going to agree on all points with Elisa.  You could sell your existing rug and put the $$ toward a new rug that you'd be happier with.
    I also think you could keep the existing bedding and add color with some pillows and a throw (possibly pull a few fabrics for the pillows from your CB2 inspiration pillow above).   Or if you were to replace bedding stick to white that you could jazz up - white with some texture would be cool.   West Elm has some nice options if you were going to replace or if you have Homegoods near you - I would recommend maybe checking there too.
    I think you'd be surprised what some colorful pillows could do in your room w/ your existing bedding. 
    And the blinds and dresser should be okay - they might bring some warmth to the room.   wow, I just realized how long this "comment" was.   Keep updating - I like seeing the transformations.

  10. I think the problem with the dresser is the formality.  You could just paint it white and call it a day, with the idea that you can do something else with it later.

    What about bringing in some cobalt blue and white?  There's such great stuff right now -- I'm totally in love with this bedding:

    But I've been eying this from Target:

    And I think it would make a nice counterpoint/grounding to the aqua with orange accents.

    This would be awesome there, too:

    With More Aqua, this is a fun duvet cover, in turquoise:

    Or this quilt:

  11. I was having trouble find just the right bedding for our guest room.  Since the bed was on risers, everything I saw wasn't big enough to hang down the sides & foot of the bed correctly.  Even the next size larger.
    So I ended up sewing a coverlet myself.  I got to chose the fabric I wanted & it turned out great.  If you can sew a straight seam, you can do this.  And for extra weight so it wouldn't look wimpy, I lined it with drapery lining.

  12. Kristen1:15 PM

    The rug is fine!  Just leave it...  Bring in your blinds, and the dresser.  Get some really cute ceramic lamps for night stands in either orange or turquoise (I always see them at Home Goods)  add matching orange and turquoise throw pillows (or blanket) to the bed.  And get some cute orange knobs for the dresser - like from Anthro, or Hobby Lobby.  and you're good to go!   Just a small change will get tide you over, and give you a taste.. and get your creative juices flowing!

  13. That palette pillow is gorg! And I vote yes on the striped rug.  It would be a nice modern pop.

  14. You know you can do no wrong in my eyes.  Orange is good in pops, think Hermes (classic).   Can't wait to see the reveal.


    Miss B.

  15. MrsLimestone2:53 PM

    Ah - i never knew that guppies aren't the generic term for all goldfish.  I stand corrected :)

  16. Nichole@40daysof8:14 PM

    I love all of the bedding that Kate found.  Especially that last Lily Pulitzer.  I have absolutely no clue if it would work, but so cute!  What about John Robshaw?,2,4,5,1

  17. I second the notion of the John Robshaw bedding, it could work.

    I have recently encountered the dilemma of the reddish wood. I bought a vintage Milo Baughman credenza and had only seen pics online. When I unpacked it, the wood was shockingly red, I even thought pinkish on the top.  My husband and I had a major panic attack.  We were about to ditch this amazing piece, or at the very least have it refinished. But after a bit, it started to grow on us, and then we installed a painting above it, and now we don't even notice the red. Even my interior designers agreed that it totally works.

    I bet your dresser and blinds will be perfect once everything is is place.

  18. I love the dark brown with the light blue, and I've been craving orange accents lately myself. Have you tried Here's a coupon code for 10% off if you find anything - JUNEART 

  19. Dana Amos12:38 PM

    i just want to throw in a "woop woop!" for leaving the dresser as is. i think with the blinds it will really add some weight to the room. it's such a great piece, and upon entering the room it will definitely give off a peaceful, sophisticated, put together look.

  20. Megan {Honey We're Home}11:18 PM

    I love the orange and aqua color combo. And so funny about the rug- I hold on to things like that too!

  21. I have the hardest time finding bedding that I love, so I feel your pain.

    If the current rug feels wrong, I say replace it. Maybe sell the old one?

  22. I think the dresser could work as is if you bring in other pops of brown like in the window treatments...I actually think it would look great and "ground" the room with the other light and bright colors.  I am using orange and aqua in my current nursery and I am finding that I need to keep bringing more brown in there to make it not feel so bright.  I am using more orange than you will most likely since the space is totally different, but the brown is making the room in my opinion.  Who would have thought?  No matter what you do, I am sure it will look fab!

  23. I love this dresser!  I need 2 of the exact same thing!  Love the curves and I need a reddish brown dresser!  Where did you find it?  Do you mind sharing your source!   Great piece with a great shape it will look awesome painted!

    ~ Ali

  24. Where did you buy that awesome dresser!?!  I'm hoping its not an antique and that I can purchase two of them for my bedroom!  I've been searching high and low for a piece just like that!  Perfect!

    ~ Ali

  25. There's is a gorgeous bedding set by West Elm called Island ikat that I recently posted about! I think it would look amazing in that room!

  26. MrsLimestone5:04 PM

    Sorry to disappoint but it's old - purchased from craigslist. But I'm sure you could find other similar ones - this style seems pretty common.

  27. Sherry1:17 PM

    Now you have me fixated on that goldfish painting.  I recently added orange to my blue living room and it really needs that painting.  However, i did find this one which is super cute too:

  28. Kelley10:20 AM

    Your colour scheme reminds me of some photos of Casey Green's house that I saw in Design Sponge.

    Her bedroom has the same sort of colour scheme and has a bit of a beachy feel to it.

  29. Have you tried tucking the comforter in under the mattress?  It looks a bit flat and wide/long.  Also fold the comforter down twice over itself  like they do in Pottery barn, this should create some height to the bedding.  You may also consider a larger lumber pillow.

    I think that the dark wood of the dresser and blinds will bring some weight to the room and add a sophisticated touch.  You may however have to bring in some more darker accessories to balance it with all of the white.


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