Shore Files: Tear Down those Mini Blinds!

Even without planning it that way, the theme of the week is curtains. Not only did I make and hang some DIY drapes in the kitchen but I finally got around to hanging some ready made ones in the bedroom as well. I know this is not a monumentous occasion for most but getting rid of the mini blinds in this apartment has been a lofty goal for some time. Mr. Gorbachev, tear down those mini blinds! (The crowd goes wild.)


The curtains are the very same I hung in the living room last year. Specifically these Sailcloth 96 babies in Tan from Curtainworks. Super affordable, come in long lengths, and just the trick in here for now while I figure out what I'm doing with the rest of the room. Speaking of the rest of the room, I took a few more shots in here. Pretty lackluster but I'm working on it thanks to your suggestions and some readers emails.




But at least it looks better than when I found it. Take a gander at this!


  1. Laurie8:56 AM

    Love the color of the curtains and how they blend in with the walls.  I also recently hung curtains in a color similar to our wall color too.  I used two panels for each side of the window to add fullness.  I also put two of the grommets on the outside of the window rod bracket so they would go easily down to the finial.   You can try it out by moving one of the existing panels to the same side as the other one and see if you like the fullness.  Love all your furniture too and the art over the bed.

  2. MrsLimestone9:22 AM

    Good suggestion about moving the grommet to hang outside the bracket - I'll try that. There are 4 curtains hung here so I'm using the same double wide method here.

  3. emilykate31302:47 PM

    Love that painting above your bed!!!!!!

  4. oh my god, my in laws have that same exact chest of drawers (in the last photo) :\ I love what you've done with the room. It really looks like it's a room in a beach house.

  5. Jaimie6:28 PM

    Yikes, those blinds were pretty awful. Looks so much better than the before.

    I think those nightstands would look killer in an ocean-y blue.

  6. Wow! Love the transformation of the windows and the entire room!

  7. Your picture of how you found the room...who let's people see their place like that when they are trying to see?

    Have you thought of a pale blue window treatment for your bedroom?  It would bring out the blue in your duvet & add some soft color to the room

  8. There is something about adding curtains to a room that makes it feel like a true room. We lived with a messy curtainless guest bedroom for many years until just recently. Even after painting the room and getting it setup, it didn't actually feel like a place you could be comfortable until we hung some curtains.
    The room still deserves a proper renovation, but the curtains sure do help for now.


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