No Sew Grommet Drapes

After weeks of pushing it off, it was time to face these shore kitchen windows head on.

2011DSC_0112-2Jeremy Pickett Light Fixture, Painted Cabinets, Shore Kitchen.jpg

I was on a deadline - we had company coming and I didn't want to be working on this while they were there. Without further ado, here are the no-sew grommet curtains I whipped up on Saturday.


I started with the usual tools - fabric, scissors, fabric glue, tape measure, an iron and some curtain grommets. I should have had 12-16 grommets but I only had 8 - I figured I'd make do and add more later. BIG MISTAKE #1 (more on that later.) The width right off the bolt worked perfectly for these decorative panels so I only had to cut once to make sure there was enough fabric for two panels that reached the floor. I cut so that there would be plenty of room at the bottom to hem in place.


Using the marked ends of the fabric as a guide, I folded over twice (ironing for each fold as I went) to make my left hem. When I was happy with how it looked, I applied a bead of glue to hold it down. When I had completed one side, I flipped the whole thing over and did the other. Technically you should wait until the glue is completely dry before moving on but I didn't wait and it didn't seem to be an issue.


At this point I had one big rectangle with two unfinished sides (top and bottom). Now it was time for the curtain header. I made another simple 1 inch hem with the glue but when that was dry I made a large 5 inch fold and glued again.

At last it was time for the grommets. Here is where I got tripped up. Somehow I didn't realize that I needed an even number of grommets until after I had completed the first drape. DOH!! MISTAKE #2: YOU MUST HAVE AN EVEN NUMBER. I added another grommet right next to the center one and that worked to make them functional but it will be a lot harder to add more now. Oh well, live and learn.



I hung them via the rod I installed a while back (its a closet rod!) and hemmed them in place to get a perfect fit. I was worried the glue wouldn't look as crisp but it looks great.


A very easy (yet extremely tedious) project complete. I think they add a lot to the room in terms of looking more finished and makes the whole seating area much more cozy. Excuse the droopiness - more grommets are on the way.


This room isn't quite done yet but I think its summer ready. I just need to find that marble cutting board several of you sugested (great idea!) and maybe something on the walls. What do you think?

Room Details:
Fabric is
Waverly Cross Section
Light Fixture is custom made by
Pickett Furniture
Walls are painted
Restoration Hardware Silver Sage
Cabinet bottoms painted Martha Stewart Wrought Iron
Countertops painted with custom tinted Rustoleum Countertop


  1. Inspire Me Heather8:50 AM

    What a difference! Sooo much better. I like the fabric you choose too - not heavy at all.  Perfect!

  2. ChanelD10:18 AM

    whats the source for your bamboo blinds>?

  3. MrsLimestone10:24 AM

    Ah, forgot those. They are from home depot. These worked well but the one I purchased from HD that I hung in the living room are a nightmare and already falling apart.

  4. Wendy McKenzie10:25 AM

    It definitely sounds like the Shore House is shaping up... when I started reading this blog I got the impression the place was kind of like a thorn in your side (with that kitchen, I couldn't blame you for that), but it's beginning to sound now like you're much more enthusiastic about tackling the challenge of the place!  As an avid reader of your blog, I find this exciting.
    Also.. I really love that fabric you used for the curtains.  It fits the window setting so perfectly!
    I think you should add some yellow to the room to make it pop if you ask me... with all that gray, a little bit of yellow would be beautiful.  Maybe a painting or a picture (or a few) that adds a little bit of contrast to the room?  

  5. This is great! I love when no-sew projects look finished and crisp. You nailed it! Love the fabric, too. The kitchen is looking great! xoxojess

  6. whistlerpotpie10:33 AM

    The fabric is terrific. I think it would hang better lined, though.

    Please repost when you have added more grommets - thanks for inspiring!

  7. Why do you need an even number?  Are you talking about an even number so each grommet has a backing or an even number across the entire length for some reason?

    1. Even number so your ends can face/fold towards the wall on both ends. Hope that makes sense!

  8. MrsLimestone10:39 AM

    Well I always enjoyed being down here but the interior was never up to snuff. I feel a lot better about it now. Good point about adding some color.

  9. LOVe those! and that fabric- one of my faves!  (im a little partial to gray)  :-)  thanks for the tutorial -I have seen grommets in my local craft store but was never bold enough to try them!

  10. MrsLimestone10:41 AM

    I think they will look a lot less odd once I've finished the grommets. Of course lining is always nice the fabric is heavy enough that it doesn't need any extra weight to fall correctly (I didn't even have to add pennies to the hem!) Plus I like have a little sun peeking in.

  11. MrsLimestone10:43 AM

    It's hard to explain but essentially you need to have an even number so the fabric hangs in front of the pole on both sides. Otherwise one side is in front and the other is in back. Never thought about it before but it's clearly wrong once you see it hung.

  12. Jill Stigs11:03 AM

    Fantastic!  Wonderful job, they look great.

  13. They do a nice job of softening your little dining area, and the fabric is awesome! Great diy job!

  14. elizabeth@themustardceiling11:34 AM

     Your drapes turned out beautifully, love the fabric!  What a difference they make to the space.

  15. Reinvented Rooms11:37 AM

    I second the need for lining the drapes, but give you kudos for DIYing the grommet installation!

  16. Rachel Baddorf11:51 AM

    Looks awesome! How difficult are  the grommets to install?

    Thinking of diy-ing my own curtains, but figured I'd need to get a professional to do them to get the holes... maybe not now!

  17. MrsLimestone12:07 PM

    The grommets are super easy to install. Takes about a minute each and no special tools needed.

  18. The curtains look amazing.  How did you learn to do this?  I swear you've totally inspired me to get off my butt and start being more creative.

  19. MrsLimestone1:10 PM

    Thanks Tiffany. Nothing to learn really - just make a simple hem on each side and glue down. It's more time consuming than you would think but not at all difficult.

  20. Julianne @ Repurposed Life1:40 PM

    These look great! I may have to attempt some soon. Where did you pick up the grommets?

  21. I love the fabric.  I used it to make a tablecloth for New Years.  Maybe I should make some curtains with the leftover?

  22. emilykate31304:07 PM

    Loooove this little kitchen, functional and totally cool!

  23. Catboot7:11 PM

    Love the curtains! The grommets look awesome - every time I tried using them I either end up with a mangled misshaped mess or they come apart in two seconds. What's the trick?  

  24. Hi Sugarplum10:43 PM

    I love that fabric...I have it in pink/white and can't wait to get to the project I have planned for it! Great job on the fabric with the woven shades!

  25. I love this idea!!! BTW, off topic, where did you get that round white table?

  26. Carmelraye1:54 AM

    That fabric is stunning- love it!  Thanks for the tips.  I've never done grommets before

  27. MrsLimestone6:31 AM

    It's from jc Penney.

  28. Ms_Bright6:54 AM

    It's really looking great, Stefanie!

  29. It's shaping up very nicely indeed. Glad you will be adding more grommets and artwork.

  30. Great job!  The fabric and the blinds give your nook a fun, fresh look!

  31. Those curtains are great. Never tried fabric glue before but I'm willing to put the sewing machine away after seeing this.

  32. Aimee@ the Functional Space4:14 PM

    Curtains look great!  I have to ask how the painted counters are holding up.  My M-I-L is constantly scheming on how to get new counters but she's unwilling to pay for or endure the installation of stone (F-I-L hates change too, which makes me think this is all moot!)  She keeps asking me about painted counters and I'd love to be able to give her some first hand knowledge.

  33. MrsLimestone4:36 PM

    It's holding fine but we dont use it a ton so it's not a great test case. It certainly seems sturdy but keep in mind our counters were wood, not laminate.

  34. Lisa Rozario2:36 PM

    I have recently discovered your blog. My 'to do' list includes "home-crafted" drapes and now I feel more inspired to do undertake this project. Thank you! I have discovered fabric fusion a while ago...amazing product!
    Please do stop by and take the poll on 'A Room with A View' on which rug to pick...
    Thanks so much!

  35. That is a lovely room, and the pattern on your drapes? Gorge!

  36. I love these no-sew curtains.

  37. wow those curtains look so cool, Great job!!!

  38. Susiequski12:36 AM

    Take some of your fabulous pictures of purple fruit and explode them on your wall...

  39. Pril Lara8:25 AM

    This is great. I love that you posted detailed pictures for the better understanding of your readers!

  40. Love this method for curtains. I too can't sew a bit and I've used this process for curtains in my living room and bedroom. Good for you for going for bonus points with the gromments....I used curtain clips to hang my fabric from the rod.

  41. But, wait, how do you put the grommets in?  I've been dying to know how to do this because I need to make some outdoor drapes and I need grommets! I'll go google it, but could you perhaps do an update? Thanks! LOVE the curtains!

  42. MrsLimestone2:14 PM

    The grommets come with directions but its very easy. Just rough cut a hole in the fabric where you want the grommet to go (the grommet package even has a little template) and then the grommet snap/locks into place.

  43. OOo thank you! I had no idea it was that easy.  I really appreciate the reply.

  44. gaylenny1:39 PM

    What size grommet did you use?  Did you end up using 6 or 8 on each panel?  They came out looking AWESOME!

  45. Marycronin1811:34 PM

    Lovely! But how do you get the grommets on, and do you have to cut a hole or does it sort of punch the hole out for you (like a hole puncher of sorts)? 

  46. MrsLimestone7:15 AM

    There are directions on the grommet pack but in short you cut a circle out of the fabric using a template provided. The cut can be rough because it's covered with the grommet anyway.

  47. I'm just finding your blog -- oh lucky day :)) -- and I love the curtain idea, but I'm sure to be hunting around to see how you painted your countertops!!

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  49. ciara1:03 PM

    How did you install the grommets? Do they snap in place?

  50. Yes, they snap in. The directions are on the package.

  51. Are the grommets plastic or metal and where did you find them. The only ones I've been able to source at a local fabric store come with some bad reviews.

  52. Sharonchen62:38 PM

    I love this project and I love the fabric. May I know where you got the fabric?

  53. Got it from but I'm sure there are other sources for the same fabric.

  54. Waseem2008467:10 AM

    look so beautiful...I had no idea it was so it.
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  55. Sheiladt2:48 PM

    Please can you tell me where you bought your grommets? They are lovely.

  56. I'm sorry... but they look horrible. Glue is NEVER a good idea for making curtains.

  57. Nice idea! But it still looks like you need to hem the bottom edge... Maybe if you recut the drapes and lowered the curtain rod slightly it might work out better. 
    Much easier! Fife Roofing

  58. David John4:16 AM

    fabric choice is really wonderful. Innovative ideas with new concepts.


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