Forget Me Not (John Derian Inspired) Reminder Tray

You might remember this little mail & display center I added to our hallway last year but I still needed some kind of tray or dish to catch those items that I am always misplacing! So when I stumbled onto some gorgeous decoupaged plates from John Derian while shopping and thought I should give my own version a try to serve that purpose.

This is hardly a new idea but this particular project was one of the easiest DIY projects I've ever done so I just had to share. I'm tempted to make an entire wall of them or make some variations as gifts but this version will do for now.

JohnDerianInspriedGlassPlatebyBrooklynLimestone (3 of 16).jpg
If there is one thing that I'm not, its organized. So if I can work in some reminders for myself into decor, that is always a welcome addition. I designed the plate with an image of the brain from Gray's Anatomy and got to work.

JohnDerianInspriedGlassPlatebyBrooklynLimestone (1 of 16).jpg

I printed the image on an inkjet knowing it would get a bit faded and cloudy from the water and glue. (Using a laser printer would avoid this issue.)

JohnDerianInspriedGlassPlatebyBrooklynLimestone (2 of 16).jpgJohnDerianInspriedGlassPlatebyBrooklynLimestone (9 of 16).jpgJohnDerianInspriedGlassPlatebyBrooklynLimestone (11 of 16).jpgJohnDerianInspriedGlassPlatebyBrooklynLimestone (10 of 16).jpg

After watering down my modpodge (2 parts glue, 1 part water), I spread it on the back of my plate. Then a very quick dunk in a water bath for the image, before turnning it face down on the back of the glass.

JohnDerianInspriedGlassPlatebyBrooklynLimestone (12 of 16).jpgJohnDerianInspriedGlassPlatebyBrooklynLimestone (16 of 16).jpg

Using wet hands, push all of the airbubbles out of the paper. The objective is to get the paper and glass in complete contact. You'll probably have a few imperfections in terms of paper creases but don't worry about it. Perfection isn't the goal. Then let air dry.

JohnDerianInspriedGlassPlatebyBrooklynLimestone (14 of 16).jpg

I thought I would need a coat of paint on the bottom of the plate but that doesn't really seem necessary. I may add a layer of shellac or sealer at some point but its pretty well glued on there now.

JohnDerianInspriedGlassPlatebyBrooklynLimestone (15 of 16).jpg

Voila! I also made one with a laser printed black and white image (a paris opera house postcard from the Graphics Fairy) just so you can compare the crispness of the laser to the inkjet.

What do you think? Have you decoupaged with good results?

If you'd like to see my other tutorials, click over to the DIY.


  1. missy sanchez9:35 AM

    that is so cool. I may have to try that.

  2. Amanda10:32 AM

    Looks great! Any pictures of it in the space?

  3. DeeAnna Soicher10:45 AM

    Where did you find the glass plates?

  4. DeeAnna Soicher10:46 AM

    I was wondering where you found the glass plates?

  5. Ahiggins8211:02 AM

    Sorry if this was already mentioned in your post but what did you print the photos on... regular paper? card stock? Love this project!

  6. MrsLimestone11:11 AM

    Ordered online from

  7. MrsLimestone11:12 AM

    I used regular copy paper. The thinner the paper, the better.

    1. I've had better luck with business letter paper. The rag content of the paper seems to make it easier to work with and less prone to air bubbles.

  8. This is beautiful!!! I'm with the other commenters - where did you get the glass plates? Craft store?

    I plan to decoupage a couple of glass jars for the kitchen... we'll see if that turns out well!

  9. MrsLimestone11:13 AM

    No sorry. I photographed it late in the day as it dried on my kitchen counter.

  10. ok now this is just too cool!  Off to find something fun at the GF!  Thanks!

  11. Pamela Alexis Magana-Britton11:42 AM

    Looks gorgeous! Thank you for the detailed instructions! and like others have mentioned, where did you get the glass plate? And not sure if it's just me but the plate looks flat in the first picture but in the completed pictures it looks like it curves at the ends? 

  12. Alandval201111:44 AM

    I love it!  I don't know that I feel I fully understand the DIY to make it but I love it!

  13. Bucki0411:50 AM

    where ever did you find such a perfecly shaped glass tray??? 

  14. This is genius! I must buy some of this modpodge stuff I keep reading blogs about it!

  15. MrsLimestone1:01 PM

    Plate is from  The edges are a bit upturned - makes for a nice place to hold keys and the like. Exactly like the ones John Derian uses.

  16. MrsLimestone1:01 PM

    Do you have a question about one of the steps?  Happy to clarify. Its really easy.

  17. MrsLimestone1:05 PM

    You can use plain old elmers if you don't have mod podge.

  18. I had no idea that watering down the paper was part of the process - I hadn't tried that before. I'm a bit of a Mod Podge novice, but this looks so easy! Love how it turned out.

  19. Alandval20111:22 PM

    I think after re-reading it, I have an understanding now.  I just need to find the right glass tray and then just go for it!  Thank you for the tutorial!!

  20. Heidi @ Show Some Decor3:09 PM

    Such a cool project! I haven't decoupaged anything in a while-- makes me want to break out the mod podge! :)

  21. Holly3:23 PM

    Absolutely snazzy. I love it. 

  22. Thank you for the great project idea!
    Do you think this would work with an old ticket -- I have a few that I have been holding on to . . .
    Many thanks from a fellow Brooklyn-ite!

  23. nicolarandolph3:49 PM

    Thank you so much for this!  I love John Derian, but not his prices and had been thinking I could make a similar product.  Thanks for the how-to!

  24. MrsLimestone4:11 PM

    Thanks Catherine. If the paper is thin, it would work. Anything on cardstock or heavier paper would be harder to work with.

  25. Oh! I love this!  I have a console table in my den that is begging for a beautiful tray. Thanks for the DIY! 

  26. Terri9:31 PM

    Love it Stef.  Brilliant.  John Derian's prices are insane for what one is getting, although I do love his designs!

    xo Terri

  27. Janette@the2seasons.com7:42 PM

    I did a great decoupage project last week and will be posting a blog about it soon.  Your plates look great, and my fave is the Paris Opera House, of course.

  28. Eileen Cassidy8:01 PM

    amazing!  I will have to steal this idea--one day.  Maybe when my kids get back to school...

  29. 豊美 北山11:48 PM

    It is very beautiful!!

  30. Ricki DiCola11:09 AM

    I love this idea.  I just recently received an beautiful wedding invitation.  Since it is on cardstock, do you think it would work better if I scanned it or just copied it on regular paper? 

  31. MrsLimestone12:02 PM

    Yes, I think so. Thick cardstock would be hard to smooth down to the glass. You could try but it's easier on thin paper.

  32. Deemas12:43 PM

    Thank you so very much for sharing step-by-step instructions and source of trays! Do I push the limits if I ask if you would be willing to share your template for the Remember tray? I would so very much love to re-create that! Apologies if in ask too much. Love your blog and your unending creativity! Ciao, Dee

  33. Wendy - www.oldtownhome.com3:06 PM

    Wow! Fantastic job. I'll definitely have to give this a try as a personalized Christmas gift for friends.

  34. nicolarandolph3:07 PM

    Can you tell me where you found the glass tray?  I am finding simple glass tray surprisingly hard to find!

  35. MrsLimestone5:38 PM

    Sure.  Email me and I'll send you the file.

  36. MrsLimestone5:38 PM

  37. nicolarandolph1:40 PM

    Thank you soo much!

  38. what font did you use for the plate?

  39. I have tried and tried to do this but I keep getting shiny spots - am I doing something wrong?  I have looked at some plates on sites and they too have the shiny spots, but Deria does not.  Does he do something special to keep from getting them?  I have used modge podge, liquitex, tried more glue, less glue, fingers, sponge brush, thin paper, rag paper and every combination you can imagine.  Maybe I am a perfectionist - but I think the shiny spots look bad.  HELP!!!  Thanks - and by the way - great tutioral!!

  40. MrsLimestone10:03 PM

    Not sure if I know what you mean. Shiny spots where? Are you using plain copy paper and regular glue? Is your page sticking completely to the glass when it dries? For me the whole thing is shiny because the glass is but the image behind it is not.

  41. Tml16568:41 AM

     I am using regular copy paper with either modge podge or liquitex and have tried Elmers Glue All which some people recommend.  The shiny spots are between the glass and the artwork - sometimes squiggly lines, sometimes blotches.  Does that help to know what I mean?    I wasn't spraying my paper so I tried that last night and it seems to help but I think I used too much because the colors ran.   Thanks so much for responding so quickly!!  I apprecaite it as I want to make a birthday gift for my sister which is this week!

  42. MrsLimestone5:31 PM

    It sounds like those are air bubbles between the glass and the paper. You have to get those completely out by smoothing the wet paper on the wet glass (with wet hands so you dont tear the paper) before it starts to dry.
    If you are using an inkjet printer, yes the ink will smear when you get it wet. I liked that effect for the remember plate but if you want a more crisp image (like the black and white I photographed as well) just use a laser jet printer. If you don't have access to one, an office supply store can do it for you.

    In a message dated 8/28/2011 8:41:43 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:


    Tml1656 (unregistered) wrote, in response to MrsLimestone:
    I am using regular copy paper with either modge podge or liquitex and have tried Elmers Glue All which some people recommend. The shiny spots are between the glass and the artwork - sometimes squiggly lines, sometimes blotches. Does that help to know what I mean? I wasn't spraying my paper so
    I tried that last night and it seems to help but I think I used too much
    because the colors ran. Thanks so much for responding so quickly!! I
    apprecaite it as I want to make a birthday gift for my sister which is this

    _Link to comment_ (
    IP address:

  43. Jeannie Gilmore12:37 PM

    could you email me the file you used for the graphics fairy design?  i'd love to have it.  your blog is great and i read it daily

  44. Lisahonda11:36 AM

    Thank you! Very nice -  Where do you buy the plates? 


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