Here fishy fishy.

So excited to be sharing a new addition today. It all started after I shared my fixation on that goldfish painting (mentioned often but most recently here), I was contacted by independent artist, Kelly Duvall, to see if I would be interested in her creating a similar piece for my very own. Naturally, the answer was yes!

Kelly dabbles in a variety of mediums including sketches, watercolors and oils on everything from stationery to canvas. She creates inspired pieces like this but also event paintings and dog portraits. A kind, talented and generous artist, you definitely should check out her etsy shop!

Have I gushed enough? Ok, lets get on to the main event shall we?

Goldfish Painting
Goldfish PaintingGoldfish Painting

I waited until we were at the shore to unfurl the canvas. It took a lot of self control to wait that long - I was dying to see what was waiting for me...

Goldfish Painting

Ta-da! Love. A bit different than the original in terms of the technique, shading, coloring and shape but a beautiful piece - I am smitten!

Goldfish Painting

Now that summer is almost over, I can really start designing the bedroom with this as a centerpiece. I'm so in love with it, this is my new phone screensaver!

Goldfish Painting

Isn't it great? A huge thank you to Kelly for doing such a beautiful job.

On the downside, how am I going to make the whole room as striking as this painting? I'm wondering if I should just go ahead and repaint the walls? Or change up my concept a bit to stray from the pale tones I was planning to use? And where am I going to find the perfect tangerine lamp? More on that later but I'd love to hear your thoughts in the meantime.


  1. Love it! Knew you would get something inspired by that fish painting sooner or later! Love the way she interpreted it and made it her own! Can't wait to see what you do with everything else in the room.

  2. I love it even more than the inspiration piece!  Beautiful!

  3. oh wow!   that is beautiful!!!!

  4. Janette@the2seasons.com10:16 AM

    That will definitely be the WOW! factor in the room.  You have to give it a name!

  5. susan starkey11:43 AM

    Great Painting!
     Will it go over the bed? 
    You could do a white/cream whatever the color is in the painting on the walls, and use that orangey tone as accents...or even a chocolate brown wall with white trim- that deep color would set off the artwork as well.  The orange will have to be spot on to belnd well, but hey-isnt that what paint is for? :) Enjoy your new art piece!

  6. sharingourpath.blogspot.com11:47 AM

    Dark navy walls, white trim, orange accents...

    White walls, pale blue ceiling, orange accents...

    Chocolate walls, white trim, orange accents...

    White walls , white trim, pale blue ceiling, orange chevron stencil on the wall the art hangs on...

    have fun no matter how you make room for your new art!

  7. I think a lovely dove gray would look great on the walls. As for a lamp, I would find a great white ceramic base and then cover a drum shade with some fabric like that used on the Thomaspaul Rene Hummingbird fixture.

  8. Alandval20112:25 PM

    If you can't find any tangerine lamps, that white bed frame (in the shot) might look good as your pop of orange?

  9. Marianne5:12 PM

    Hi! Just found out about your blog, and loved it! Greetings from Brazil! =)


  10. Kendallsimmons27:31 PM

    Precious! I love it for the beach!

  11. If you can't find a tangerine lamp, maybe you could pant one tangerine.

  12. Jordan@the2seasons8:46 AM

    Great painting! 

  13. Christine G.11:42 AM

    Love the colours!


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