30 Sucks Bouquet

Last week I came home to find a surprise box filled with martha stewart craft supplies. As someone who spends far too much time fondling craft supplies (I'm kinky like that), this was pretty much a dream come true.

Of course I wanted to try them right away and I had just the project. Completely inspired (or stolen!) by this project from sisters stuff that I ran into on pinterest, I got to work.

30SucksLollipopBouquet (15 of 17).jpg

I started with two Martha Stewart colors (cloud and holly berry), these fabulous Martha Stewart paint dauber tops (that meant I didn't need to use any paint brushes - yea!), a small clay pot, some floral foam, 2 inch helvetica sign stickers purchased at Staples and a mix of tootsie roll pops and dumdums.
30SucksLollipopBouquet (1 of 17).jpg
30SucksLollipopBouquet (2 of 17).jpg30SucksLollipopBouquet (5 of 17).jpg
30SucksLollipopBouquet (6 of 17).jpg

I did a very quick and rough first coat of the lighter shade on and let dry. Considered how little care and time I put in, I was happy with how it covered the clay and the color stayed true.

Using the sign stickers, I laid out the "30 sucks" around the clay pot.

Then switched the dauber from the blue color to the red and covered the pot in this bright shade. I let dry and then removed the labels to reveal the blue underneath the leters.

30SucksLollipopBouquet (9 of 17).jpg30SucksLollipopBouquet (8 of 17).jpg
30SucksLollipopBouquet (13 of 17).jpg30SucksLollipopBouquet (14 of 17).jpg

And there we are - a fun little surprise that will be left on a friends doorstep this week.

30SucksLollipopBouquet (17 of 17).jpg

Shhh - don't tell her!


  1. SO cute!  What a great idea...turning 30 did suck, but tell your friend that 32 is fabulous!

  2. MrGWHunting10:13 AM

    That is rather kinky...lol 

    but...That's GOOD stuff!Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. Michelle V10:16 AM

    LOVE IT!

  4. MrsLimestone12:03 PM

    Hee hee - our minds can linger in the gutter together;)

  5. robynpurdie12:29 PM

    so cute- love it! Have bookmarked it!

  6. How funny! But 30 really isn't that bad. :)

  7. Um - such a freaking fantastic idea!!!! 

  8. Teresa10:32 PM

    Love it! Glad to hear 32 is fabulous: I'm there as of oct 15! I'm hoping it is a good year:). I want to try this project: maybe for my own little candy pot :).

  9. www.astove.co.uk3:49 AM

    so cute!! must very happy when see this gift!

  10. www.quictents.co.uk3:50 AM

    what a sweet idea!!

  11. Jordan@the2seasons8:15 AM

    How cute and easy.  I have some friends hitting the 30 sucks so this will be a perfect something to make for them.  Thanks!

  12. Alandval20113:14 PM

    That is too cute, I hope somebody will think to give me that for my 30th next year!  If not, I'll make it for myself!! ;)

  13. Gosh, That's really cute!

  14. This is a super cute/funny idea. 


  15. Sunbun9994:18 PM

    Oh, honey, 30 sooooo does NOT suck! Ask me...I'm 59!

  16. MrsLimestone5:29 PM

    Ha - I actually had a great 30th birthday. It was more of a joke.

  17. Heather Goodwill6:29 PM

    I received a gift like this last year however it was filled in a mason jar! Your bouquet idea is equally as cool! Awesome blog!


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