Ghoulish Guests: Nest of Posies

Hello my little pretties.

I'm Kellie from Nest of Posies. Where I blog about all sorts of crafty/diy/handmade things & share my tales about life with my 3 little kids.

I can't believe I'm over here, you know at the Brooklyn Limestone. Because let's face it, she's the diva when it comes to Halloween decor & parties. So to be sharing our home where I try to design with my kids in mind is a big highlight for me.

So come right on in. We live in a small 1920's Sears Catalog Home. Where every inch counts & the teeny tiny closets are packed to the gills.

With a little help from Martha & some revamped vintage clipart, our entry way sets the tone for this season that I can never get enough of. You can see & print out the rest of the Halloween clipart with posies by going here.

Nothing is off limits from having a silhouette placed on it in my house. I stole the bird idea from Country Living this month & placed them on our plate wall in the breakfast room.

And speaking of silhouettes...

They just seem to be the natural choice of decor for Halloween. Plus, I love the vintage chic vibe it brings into your decor without being too spooky with young kids in the house.

The stairs & our hallway with the chalkboard wall is the kids hang out of choice these days. To be honest, I never know what the pumpkins will spell out from day to day. But that's the beauty of those faux pumpkins painted white. They wont ever break.

We've been known to throw a Block Boo bash in our yard. Full of traditional Halloween & Fall faves: chili, cornbread, caramel apples, candy & even pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. This time of year, there's nothing like outdoor entertaining with a firepit & plenty of marshmallows on hand.

I guess you can say, I'm just as much as a kid at heart as these 3 are. Halloween is such a carefree holiday. There's no commitments & it's all play. What could be better?


  1. rhorsley9:07 AM

    I love the silhouettes idea. Very creative kid friendly decorating. Happy Halloween!

  2. What fun Halloween decor ideas!  Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the Halloween clip art! Running over to Nest Of Posies now to go get it! 

  4. goagainstthegrain11:21 AM

    love how you customized the prints with posies! The mention of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins has me drooling!

  5. I think your decorations are so cute and still a bit scary. I am assuming that the mice on the stairs are decals, right?

  6. I love what you did on the staircase with the white pumpkins

  7. Love it - love you because you love Halloween so much too! I never knew there were so many Halloween lovers out there until blog world introduced me to like souls! That's a great way to describe Halloween - it's just plain fun!!

  8. Itsoverflowing@blogspot.com11:50 PM

    Your stained glass looks so beautiful next to the silhouettes!  Thanks for sharing your ideas for Halloween!

  9. Chyeah poop5:02 AM

    AH so awesome! I love the bird plates hung on the wall! You made the food right? Because they look fantastic! 

  10. I love all of these decorations! Makes me want to throw a Halloween party! Those caramel apples look amazing.

  11. @TheNextMartha2:06 PM

    I love all the decor.  I like how you found how to decorate appropriately with kids around.  


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