Halloween Freebie: Condemned Sign

Now that you have seen this years Halloween invites and decorations, time for a little freebie.

A condemned flyer of your very own. Even if you don't have a stitch of other decorations, I promise you'll create an aura of spookiness with just the suggestion that the authorities want to board your house up. Print a few (or a few hundred) copies and wallpaper your house, yard or fence with these bad boys. Cheap and easy way to get into the spirit.


If you use it in your haunt, I'd love to see / hear all about it. Drop me a line.

If you like free, check out the collection of free downloads I have listed here.


  1. This is great- as are the rest of your Ghoulish Ideas. So happy to have found your blog!

  2. Cathryn @ Caro Interiors10:10 AM

    What a great sign! It looks pretty convincing. I may have to use them to play a Halloween joke on my husband at his office...

  3. I am SO!!!!!! using this! However, I am on the West Coast. I would like to think that the neighbor kids aren't smart enough to know that New York has no juurisdiction over us here. Hmmm. I may try to insert a local health department. May I ask what font you used? Such a great grungy paper you used!

  4. Joanne2:12 PM

    Thank you!  This is wonderful!  You are so sweet to share.  Of course, no matter what any one did, I doubt if they will top your party!  I think I'm going to do a scaled down version of this for next year.  Thanks again!

  5. Allison8:56 AM

    What a great idea!!! Certainly is spooky!! so creative!
    xo AllisonSpicer + Bankwww.spicerandbank.blogspot.com

  6. MrsLimestone9:51 AM

    Sorry I don't remember. Something plain obviously but Im terrible around remembering font names for the san serif fonts.

  7. Alandval20117:58 PM

    Would love to use it but I'm not from NY.  Mine would need to say Texas Department of Health. ;)  It's great though!!

  8. LOVE this.  Thanks so much!
    Happy Halloween!

  9. Alaina8:59 AM

    I just wanted to say thank you for the Condemned sign.  I used many copies on both my front and back door.  The party guests love it.  You can see a picture at my blog arborhouselane.blogspot.com. 

  10. Dreena11:48 PM

    I'm putting it on my daughters' bathroom!  Then we'll see about Halloween.  Thanks!

  11. Hullwatson8:15 AM

    I tried to download it and it appears to be a broken link.. Am I doing something wrong?

  12. My downloads page blew up a few days ago. Ill fix it this weekend so if you want to check back then, you should be able to grab it.

  13. Suzanne3:46 PM

    What kind of paper did you use?


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