Quoth the Raven Dinner Party

Now that we are in October, the official Halloween countdown can begin. Hooray!

As I mentioned, I nixed a plan to have a pre Halloween dinner party in favor of our usual trick or treating event on Halloween proper. However, I kind of loved the concept so I just couldn't resist showing you a little of what I would have done if we had gone ahead.

RavenDinnerPartyBrooklynLimestone (6 of 12).jpg
RavenDinnerPartyBrooklynLimestone (3 of 12).jpgRavenDinnerPartyBrooklynLimestone (10 of 12).jpg
RavenDinnerPartyBrooklynLimestone (12 of 12).jpg

What could be creepier than a dinner party hosted by (ok, inspired by the ever creepy Edgar Allan Poe and his famous poem, The Raven) I even was inspired to create my own dinnerware just for the occasion (super easy - Ill show you the DIY later this week).

RavenDinnerPartyBrooklynLimestone (16 of 36).jpg
RavenDinnerPartyBrooklynLimestone (25 of 36).jpgRavenDinnerPartyBrooklynLimestone (17 of 36).jpg

Pay no attention to the fact that only half the table is set - this was just for show.

RavenDinnerPartyBrooklynLimestone (14 of 36).jpgRavenDinnerwareBROOKLYNLIMESTONEwm (5 of 7).jpg
RavenDinnerPartyBrooklynLimestone (2 of 12).jpg

What do you think? Anyone inspired to throw their own Raven dinner party and want to invite me?

Who is ready for more Halloween inspiration?


  1. Love this - and I want one of those crows! :-)

  2. Ms_Bright9:05 AM

    Stefanie! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! EAP is one of my all time favorites and especially The Raven. This is perfect! How awesome it would be to attend one of your dinner parties. Great concept. I totally get why the logistics didn't jive with your usual plans. 

  3. Nclakehouse9:30 AM

    Well, you've done it again! I am constantly amazed at your creativity. Every year I think, "She's got to be running out of concepts," and then you pull off something brilliant like this. I am so jealous.
    Don't be surprised if you're contacted to recreate this for some fancy, smancy magazine spread. Thanks for sharing this early so your devoted readers can adopt, oops, I mean "borrow" this concept for their own holiday entertaining.

  4. Amazing! I can't believe you made your own dinnerware! Madness. I always look forward to all of your Halloween posts. You are the Halloween Queen! Now I just need to figure out a way to get an invite. I make great desserts. :)

  5. That is so cool! I love it. You should have a dinner party and a halloween party just so others can enjoy!

  6. I wish I could inhabit your brain the next time I need entertaining inspiration. You are simply the best at coming up with and executing creative themes!

  7. We must be reading each other's thoughts this year! I'm completely obsessed with a raven theme (although I was thinking more Alfred Hitchcock than Poe) and have great plans for my new "pets" to take over the exterior and interior of our home. We even have a raven on our party invites this year.
    I can't wait to see how you made the dinnerware. Amazing stuff (as we've come to expect from you this time of year)! :-)

  8. Alandval201110:32 AM

    I LOVE the dinnerware!  I eagerly await that how-to! :)

  9. LOVE this! You really are incredibly inspiring,thank you! You should see if Woot still has their Raven T-shirt; my husband loves his. The front has the poem written out in the shape of a raven. Very cool.

    And I am totally ready for some more Halloween inspiration!

  10. rhorsley11:56 AM

    Well, that is some serious Halloween dedication there. You even managed to tap into my secret fear of birds! How could you?! ;) It does however have me pondering whether or not I'm up to hosting a party now that someone's provided me with such a fabulous theme... xoxo

  11. missneela12:07 PM

    Wow, this looks amazing! You did such  a great job :) 

  12. Maggie Rose12:20 PM

    I love that you whipped this together just for fun :) It is (of course) amazing!

  13. danielle12:36 PM

    Wow - you've outdone yourself!  Somehow elegant yet scary!!  Could you tell us (or does anyone know) what brand the paint pens are that you used on the mirrors?  I've tried this before but had a hard time removing the paint after the party... Thanks!

  14. This looks great! I have a crow on my bar guarding the candy and it is freaking my hubby out, ha! Love what you did and look forward to the tutorial! I'm still enjoying our inside decor. Wish I had the time this month to host a party, I would invite you! You could hope on a jet plane and come to Texas right ;) Hugs from Conroe, TX!

  15.  Ahhh! I love the whole theme. I went "crow" crazy and bought $20 worth at the Dollar Tree this year! lol. I want to throw a dinner party now. Although i don't think the Mr. will allow it... maybe next year! 

  16. MrsLimestone5:30 PM

    I use these: http://www.amazon.com/Liquid-Chalk-Works-Marker-Classic/dp/B00251G48E (I dont have the whole set though - just a few colors). They work like dry erase markers.

  17. MrsLimestone5:31 PM

    Well in fairness I already had almost everything out already so I just had to arrange it. I figured it wouldn't take long. I figured wrong of course but that time it was too late :)

  18. MrsLimestone5:34 PM

    I was thinking those Martha Stewart crows would have been great for this shot but then I didn't want to buy anything new I wasn't going to use. If I only I could buy these crows wholesale or I'd cover my house in them one year :)

  19. MrsLimestone5:36 PM

    You might find my Halloween parties kind of tame. Just some old friends and their kids coming over to eat and drink (and help me give out candy to the hoards of TorTers) but you are welcome to stop by anytime. Now if only I could rewind time to parties from 10 years ago - a lot more debauchery at those :)

  20. MrsLimestone5:36 PM

    Thanks! Its such an easy look, Im surprised I haven't seen it done before although Im sure its been done somewhere outside of the blogging realm :)

  21. Its too coincidental, but i am dressing up as a raven and my husband as Edgar Allen Poe. What's even better is that i am in baltimore for a conference and i will be visiting his graveyard for the second time in 6 years.

  22. Raccoonstudios5:44 PM

    love it all...  I have to ask...did you dye your cheesecloth?  how?  :)

  23. So impressive!

  24. MrsLimestone7:54 PM

    No I didn't die it.  I bought this black holey cheese cloth in a package years ago.  I can't remember what it was called but I know I've seen it every year at Party City.  I think its meant to hang up in the doorway but obviously I use it for lots of other things.

  25. MrsLimestone7:56 PM

    I love that costume.  I kept trying to get the Mr. to do it with me but he isn't into it for whatever reason.  Have you seen this image on flickr?  He totally nailed it: http://www.flickr.com/photos/madamamoothia/1794624728/in/pool-902904@N20

  26. Pat Taveras8:06 PM

    you are a genius! I want to see more

  27. Amanda8:10 PM

    Question about your parties. Do you have people dressed up? And do they have to dress up in your theme? I'm just being nosey. :D Haha. I absolutely love your Halloween parties & their themes. (And would love to throw one!) But I would never know where to start! (Wanna give me some tips? I'll take as many as you wanna throw my way, haha)

  28. MrsLimestone8:41 AM

    Back in the day when our parties were nightime affairs that involved drinking and bad decisions, I insisted everyone wear a costume. It was a costume party after all.

    But now that they are more open house family type events, I don't force the costume thing on anyone. I prefer when people come in costume and Im sure people know that but not everyone is into it. The best costumes always come from people who enjoy it so I just let people make their own calls.

    The last few years we dressed up with the theme but its not a must for me. The first year we had the party, we didn't. Its really whatever strikes my fancy that year.

    Hope that helps.

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  30. I featured your party over at Lemon Drop Life! Check it out here: http://www.lemondroplife.com/2011/10/08/best-in-show-3/

  31. Superb,i love this.I can't imagine how creative  human being can be.I can't believe you made your own dinnerware.Its really cool.I would like to see your more updates.Keep sharing with us in future too.

  32. Bedlamensemble10:55 PM

    I did not know you were a Poe fan. You may be interested in coming to see my theatre groups show THE DELIRIUM OF EDGAR ALLAN POE in NYC (for decorating inspiration if noting else)
    All profit from ticket sales go to saving the Poe house in Baltimore from being closed.

  33. Liisa_f4:24 PM

    absolutely bloody fantastic luv!!! i've just discovered your blog and i really love it, i'm doing a Vintage,Gothic, Theme halloween Tea party for me and Mr snipps and a few friends..Will post a pic if you want when i'm done!!
    cheers liisa

  34. I am actually having my raven/crow& Poe themed wedding on Oct. 29th, with similar decor. I can't wait!!

  35. I LOVE what you've done!  Down here in Charlottesville, we are Poe addicts.  Though he never graduated from the University (word is he gambled his tuition money away), we keep his dorm room intact.  We even have a faux raven in there.  :)

  36. Cat Martin7:10 PM

    I just found your blog, and this is right up my alley, I have the hardest time finding holiday .dinnerware. I should have never found this out!!!! Great job on the Raven theme, I think it's awesome !!!

  37. Stefanie - it's stunning!  The table looks perfect without being too overdone. I can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the house!


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