Conquered Closet: Kara's Storage Wars Won

Welcome back Kara of Kara Paslay Designs whose talents seem to know no bounds - when she isn't merchandising some gorgeous display at Anthropologie, she is working with her husband on one fabulous DIY after the next (for example their her dining room and scrap wood busts?). If you have somehow not already devoured her blog, pencil that into your schedule because its so very worth it. So I knew she would have some clever storage solutions for those of us not so blessed with lots of closet space.


Hello! I'm Kara Paslay and that handsome fella in the photo below is my husband, Tim. We write the blog Kara Paslay Designs, and we are super excited to be here today!


I have to admit when Mrs. Limestone told me the topic of discussion for this series of guest posts, I was a little bit bummed. . . mainly because the couple of closets that I do have in my home are nothing special. They are somewhat organized, but definitely not worthy of a blog post. So I started to think about an issue that I'm guessing many of us have.
Living in an older cottage style house, our storage space is pretty limited. This style of house was built with small closets that are few and far between. Because of this, I have found ways to conceal a lot of my clutter necesseities. Today I am going to go over one of those ways, but you can pop over to my blog to see more storage ideas- both hidden and exposed! :)

Buying or building pieces of furniture that have lots of drawers provide you with instant organization! Below you can see the media console that my husband and I built with a bunch of old drawers we found at flea markets.

In order to build this piece, we gathered a bunch of mismatched drawers from a local flea market. Then Tim (my husband) built boxes for each drawer to fit in. We also bought a few metal files and a mirror for a special project!
After the individual drawer boxes were built, Tim built one large box to hold all the drawers. Here are a few pictures we took as we were trying to figure out exactly how things would fit together.

We designed the piece so that the overall feel was a structured and clean even though there is a lot going on. The whole project took a lot of planning, figuring, and refiguring but in the end we were happy with the result! :)
We not only love the look, but we love that each drawer or space is used to organize/hide a different thing, like this drawer which fits our DVD's perfectly.

And like this mirror that rotates to reveal our DVD player on movie night, but conceals it the rest of the time. You can watch this this video of us showing how it works on The Nate Berkus Show.

We also designed the piece to have an opening that perfectly fits a collection of our magazines.

One drawer is used to store all my design consulting materials: graph paper, current catalogs, paint fans, and more.

So that's our 1 stop shop for clutter concealing! We hope that you've enjoyed reading about it and might be inspired to built something similar for yourself!

Thanks so much to Stefanie for having me!


  1. Kara,  Bravo to you and your husband!! This piece is so unique! I adore the mirror that flips open for your DVD player!

    Art by Karena

  2. I loooooove that media console.  Fabulous, and what a clever idea and way to upcycle unwanted flea market finds.

  3. Thanks Karen! It is our new favorite piece in the house.  :) I've always wanted our TV elements (DVD player, ect) to be hidden and we finally figured out how to do it! :)

  4. I'm so glad you like it!  :) Having all that hidden storage is a major help in a house like ours! Thanks for your comments! 

  5. Kayla@Your Day Simplified11:26 AM

    I've never seen anything like this before. This is what blogging is all about! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  6. Kara,
    What a great design, I love all of the different style drawers mixed together!

  7. That is pretty fabulous.  I love the mirror that conceals the dvd player...very clever.

  8. Absolutely Kayla!  I am so thankful to Ms. Limestone for always sharing such wonderful ideas from all over the blogoshpere! :)  We can all inspire each other! :)

  9. Thanks Kristin! We are happy with how it turned out looks wise, and we're especially happy with how functional it is! 

  10. Your comments are much appreciated Tiffany!  We love to come up with things that are unique and interesting. :)

  11. Oh good heavenly days.  Most Clever Couple Award!  Love it!

  12. Now that's thinking outside the box :) I love it and will now be on the hunt for random drawers.

    A few times a year I get to the NYC area...can you recommend some flea markets that you like?

    Thanks so much!

  13. How creative! I love this.

  14. Ahh, thanks Julie!  We'll take that award any day! :) Glad you liked it! :)

  15. Hey Carin! 

    Haha!  Thinking outside the box- very funny! :)  Unfortunately we do not live in NYC, that was just a photo we took while visiting a few months ago.  It's our favorite place on earth! Sadly, I have no idea about flea markets in the city either. :(  Hope you'll stop by our blog!

  16. Well thanks Jen!  We love creating things that are just a little bit different than what you see everyday! :) Thanks for commenting! 

  17. hundgestrickt1:58 AM

    LOVE this!

  18. The placement of the tv here is genious! Love it. Great way to incorporate art and entertainment.

  19. Wow that is brilliant ! Amazing sense of style and great combination of different materials. I love how it could go anywhere with the mix of old and new. It's one of those things where you think 'I wish I had come up with that'. Congratulations on a great job

  20. Hi!!! It looks very nice!
    I have a question: How did you make those shelves?
    Any tutorial/tips?

    Thanks a lot!
    You've got a very nice home.


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