Hello again.

Hellloooo out there - its me again. Did you miss me? I hope you all loved and were inspired by the conquered closet series. Click over to any that you may have missed:

rambling renovators adorable dress up closet / old town home retro hallway closet / wild inks romantic laundry room / kara paslay handmade media cabinet / plain & fancy's basement shelving / 5 days 5 ways marvelous master / mustard ceiling's cloffice / bees knees so clever launderette / centsational girl's boutique like master / welcome to heardmonts stripey master / neat method's free standing master / my very own pantry raid

A giant huge thanks to these lovely bloggers who shared their clever ideas on how to tackle our messes.

5 days 5 ways * Welcome to Heardmont * Centsational Girl * Bees Knees Bungalow * The Mustard Ceiling * Plain & Fancy Living * Rambling Renovators * Kara Paslay Designs * Wild Ink Press * Old Town Home * Neat Method

I'll be back tomorrowy with a DIY project just in time for Valentines Day!


  1. I really liked this series. Thanks for organizing it!

  2. Plain & Fancy Living9:08 PM

    Thanks so much for having me! So many great ideas. This was a great series. 

    Amy R.
    {Plain & Fancy Living}

  3. Fabulous series, thank you!

  4. A big "Thank You" for inviting us to attend and contribute. The best part of the whole guest blog thing is that we now have a great "coat closet" that we can actually use!


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